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DNews -The Quest for Peace - October 30, 2006
Feature: The Service in Economy

I know from personal experience that Conservatives have been promoting fear and chipping away at our rights, since the 1950s. The truth is that they want to keep Americans in fear of criminals, communists, terrorists and anything else that works to repress our awareness of the looting of our community that the rich have been doing since at least the beginning of civilization. Thatís what conservatives are really all about. They want all the products of our work for themselves. They fear our freedom to think for ourselves. If they use fear for our security to talk US into letting them undo the bill of rights, it assuages their fear that weíll overcome our stupidity. If we stay scared at this time we wonít unite to do anything about the most dangerous threat we face. The greed and avarice of the rich are causing more pain and suffering in our communities each day than all the tyrants and terrorists since the beginning of the iron age. It doesnít really matter how much evil theyíve done or who among them did the most. If we let it continue, it will kill US. Look around. The signs are there for all to see. Itís getting closer every day.

DNews Feature: The Service in Economy, by Carlos Marques
      Iraq is about looting the treasury for Halliburton and other proxy parasites incorporated by rich investors. What treasury you say? If we borrow the money from China, the poor and middle class taxpayers are still liable for that debt. The only manifest purpose for the war, then, is to loot the futureís treasury. The service economy is looting our real economy and pillaging our entire country. Usury dissipates productive economy, which is the manufacture and sale of real material goods. Products are purchased with the wages of the consumer/workers who made them. That is a complete economic circle that requires equilibrium [a zero sum equation] to be sustainable, once the limits to real [finite] growth are reached. Usury/finance siphon off wealth from the system by creating money that doesnít represent goods. Of course we can inflate the money supply without regard to finite bounds. That dissipative practice is fraudulent, because it takes from the community but gives nothing substantial in return. Money is only words and paper; usury creates only inflation. Finance upsets the economic balance by taking from the community to make a few wealthy at the expense of the many who do real work. That tilting of the economic table is what they use ďleverageĒ to do. Inheritance assures that the wealth taken from our community by the fraud of finance is never returned to US.
      Outsourcing is the sale of manufacturing ability to China and the rest. The booty of corporate investorís profit, predicated on the impoverishment of middle class Americans, is stashed in the Cayman Islands. Now even engineering and accounting services are sent to India. GM is attempting to add to its mostly offshore profits by having its subsidiary parasites dump pension liabilities onto our government through the bankruptcy courts. Airlines, who outsource maintenance, may have been the first to operate the bankruptcy fraud. Other corporations, if not already, will follow the leader and our pensions, health care and whatís left of our wages that the unions of the 1950s and 60s won for US are up for grabs.
      The looting is aided and abetted by the neo con Congress and President, which includes all the Republicans and most of the Democrats. The perfidy of our ďDiebold electedĒ president and congressional majority includes: capital gains tax cut to 15% so that the richest Americans pay less than the income tax that the rest of US must give up; bankruptcy reform that punishes the poor and winks at the rich corporations, who get pension, medical coverage and contract relief so that investors can live ever larger off the sweat of our brows, while compensating US less so they may grow even fatter; an energy bill that subsidizes the poor oil companies with $10 billion in post Katrina subsidy to increase refinery capacity, while theyíve been raking in record windfall profits for more than two years; with a drug bill that forces Medicare/Medicaid to fatten pharmaceutical investors by paying whatever their greed demands and forbids the government to shop around(1); all of this and more while $100s of billions are given to Halliburton etc. in Iraq and nothingís rebuilt because they stole every penny even feeding our troops MREs, while charging for steak and lobster; building a $2 billion 700 mile wall that wonít stop employers from hiring migrants or stop anyone who is determined to get in. But that and the planes and electronic surveillance equipment that waste even more money will fill the pockets of the old boy investors in government contractors and vendors that are private addendums to and parasites feeding on our public bureaucracy. Itís been said this Congress is lazy. Whatís worse is: everything that they have done has been wrong. Itís hurtful to US, the American people, while it fills the pockets of the corporate investor parasites who rule the country and act in our name.

(1) - this legislated inefficiency will later be pointed at to show why our government should be further subjugated to the rich investorís corporations and social security should be privatized. Conservative hypocrisy knows no bounds. But that assumes they are self aware enough to be hypocrites and arenít merely projecting the evil thatís in themselves and that they are too stupid and cowardly to face.

      Many Americans still think the greedy morons who are looting our country and stashing the cash in offshore accounts are perpetrating their profitable criminal wars of aggression to defend US from terrorists (or whatever the latest boogeyman they invent or exaggerate and exploit) may be. The fools believe that the destruction of the economy, which supports our lives, and the negation of the Bill of Rights, which protects our freedoms, increases our security. And the even bigger fools who destroy US and themselves for their personal enrichment take advantage of their thralls inability to see more than one facet of anything at any time, in order to steal from them wherever theyíre not looking at the moment, which is almost everywhere. The irony is, while they instinctually sense the weakness of their followers, the rulers can see no farther than their growing net worth. That is: no farther than the idiots who are fellating them with approval for their parasitic dissipation of America.
      Our rulers tell US their dominance is natural. They say thatís why they have all the money. They used to say itís what God intended now they say itís survival of the fittest, evolution, when their not trying to court the Christo Fascist voting block. No matter what rationalization they employ, itís nothing but a means to obscure a sophisticated fraud, which is perpetrated by a few parasites. The con (in conservative) is designed to hoard the goods made by the entire community. If we grant that abomination of Human Nature by corruption of social instinct to misleading the community for personal gain is what Godís Nature intended, inheritance, which assures the irreversible concentration of wealth, still cannot be said to be natural. No silver back can assign his harem to his progeny. No buck can will his territory to his favorite yearling. They have to win it for themselves. Maybe their genetic material will be an advantage and maybe not. In any case they have to fight their own fight and win their own right to breed the next generation of their society. Inheritance is not natural! It threatens the future of the entire community.

DNews Factual:
      Theyíll never win the war on drugs, because thereís too much money to be made fighting it. Theyíll never win the war on terror, because thereís too much money to be made fighting it. Theyíll never win the war on migration of workers across the southern border, because thereís both too much money to be made fighting it and too much money to be made hiring them at slave wages. All three funnel billions of our tax money or our childrenís future that weíre borrowing from China and Japan, to rich investorís in high tech equipment and other contractors and vendors that support government activities. These frauds by conservatives are filling their pockets while compounding the crimes and impoverishing US through outsourcing, lower wages, cut health care and pensions and looting our tax money even if it must be borrowed. Those abuses increase profits by dissipating the economy with inflation [creating money but no goods] that steals from taxpayers [the middle class and poor because the rich pay none] and moves US towards a disastrous collapse for the benefit of a few rich parasites. But the moron politicians, CEOs and economists like Greenspan and Bernanke wonít see it because they must live in denial or give up their grotesque profits, which come at the entire national communityís expense.

DNews Reprint [adjusted]:
      We canít afford universal health care! . . . Say, who are the ďweĒ youíre talking about? If the profit of the rich investors in insurance, corporate health care providers and the pharmaceutical industry are removed from the cost structure then we will be able to afford coverage more easily. If American business and industry canít afford health care, and pensions by the way, then their owners have failed the American people and must be replaced. They havenít earned the privilege of their leadership. The industries may be deprivatized and given to the workers, who deserve a chance to run things correctly and fairly for themselves, to make decent wages, necessary benefits and good products, including health care, right here in America. Without the superfluous superstructure of investors and the burden of their profits, the proper compensation of employees will be easier to accomplish. Profitability and competition are the excuse given for the crimes of outsourcing (and the resultant downsizing), wage repression, health care withdrawal and pension looting. But the only ones who profit by such illicit activity are the criminal rich investors. And theyíre the ones who are the unnecessary expenses in the economic formula. This twisted and warped theory of profit and immoral practice of looting the economy cannot be allowed to continue. Itís fundamentally the investors that are the costs that we canít afford. Oh, you say these things Iíve referred to as criminal investors, crimes and illicit are not illegal? In a sane world they would be. In a sane world Bush and conservatives would be banned. Wake up fools! We can tax the morons to death. Which morons? The abominations of Human Nature who have corrupted social instinct in order to mislead our communities for their individual well being.

DNews Report: The Quest for Peace, by A. G. Kaiser
      The quest for peace begins with relaxation of body and mind. Of course you canít always do that. But right now Iím alone so itís OK. If I look back on my life there are really very few safe moments in the presence of others. Seldom with one. More seldom with two or three. And most seldom in a group setting. The safest of the latter category that I can remember is a Grateful Dead concert. In most cases the presence of others indicates a need to be on guard. Chances are that today people will only be nice so long as you keep up the wall of your defense. The disposition to attack is so thoroughly conditioned a program that most of US are schizophrenically unaware that we do it. We think weíre being friendly. Weíve come to see it as natural interaction.
      So many of US attack first that itís normal. While itís more and less predominant in our several individualities, it has come to be the conservative part of all of US. I donít like to be around the kind of people weíve become in the past several hundred years. Worse, I think Iíd like it even less before that, for at least 6000 years. But past is past and I donít wish to live there or in the future. I would like to be part of creating in the present the possibility of a better, more peaceful paradigm of social interaction for my grandchildren.
      If we want a stable society, weíll need to put some thought into our culture, which seems to have been blown rudderless by acts of apparently random violence into the present. Greed, being by its nature an individually indulged vice, canít be said to have given direction to the community, even though it requires a population to exploit if its to be scaled up significantly. (Thereís a paradox of individuality and community in there but no conservative or libertarian will ever see it. To make it easier for them, when I say we, our or US Iím talking about social, not individual things.) However we got here, we need to change directions. Success in commanding our destiny will rely on sincerity, good will and intelligent design. The last must be acknowledged as purely an artifact of our own minds. Before we can give self direction and real democracy serious consideration, we must halt the destruction of our world and throw out those who mislead US for their personal gain. We canít plot a better course while weíre blown thoughtlessly before hard blasting fools into the maelstrom of dissipative Ponzi economy thatís sucking our communities down to enrich a few. We can not afford to peacefully accept the status quo.
      With what do we replace it? The factories and farms can still be manned and operated, if all the bankers died tomorrow. The trucks can still carry the goods to market, if the commodity brokers were assumed into heaven. Communications, energy, medicine and everything we need will operate without CEOs, investors or wholly owned subsidiary politicians, whose only function is to deprive US of what we need by skimming the profits of our works. Without the profits and the hoarding of property [called by some the looting of the commons] that weíve worked together to develop and maintain, the cost of products will fall and we can use our new grown brains and balls to demand the prices be lowered and the wages raised. We can replace the profit of parasites with common sense cooperative production of the goods we need to live. Leaders who will not take US where we must go in order to survive, will not be needed in a world led by our desire for our common well being and survival.
      Greed and selfishness have brought US as close to self destruction as we should risk going. Our rulers havenít seen that yet and probably never will. Their class has benefitted too much from the parasitization thatís killing our community. They will never face the truth. They will continue to educate, condition and program as many fools as they can convince, to support their corruption of social instinct to individual enrichment at the expense of the community. Abomination of Human Nature through corruption of social instinct by leaders who work for their own well being instead of the common good is the greatest enemy that Human Beings have ever faced. Bush or Osama, one way or another, the bad guys, the rich, have got to go! No social peace is acceptable without equality. Personal peace is available whenever you need it . . . for a few moments at least.

DNews Meditation [repeat]:
      Those who claim to be thinking outside the box, often donít know what the box is. Look at the economy of a clan of chimpanzees. The chimps obviously canít live by moving goods from one chimp to another, ďinside the box,Ē so to speak. They all need to consume real products that come from the jungle, which is, in the abstract, outside the box of chimp society. In other words the clan needs things to live that canít be physically generated from within the clan. And thatís why anyone in the Human Community who lives by planning investments [abstractions] to produce profit from the real work of others cannot be said to be productive, thinking outside the box or thinking at all for that matter. Thatís why the entire abstract economy of usury [finance] and trade are an unsustainable pyramid scheme. They only move goods about within our social context. They create no real thing. They rely on the work of others to make the goods. They need outside input to exist. And growth of debt [finance] cannot be called growth of the economy because it is only inflation of the money supply - the tokens which represent real goods. No matter how clever or innovative are the maneuvers and manipulations that produce the usurious profits of finance or trade, they must by definition, be so inside the box!

DNews on Devolution:
      When the ďmeditationĒ repeated above was written a couple of issues back,a lot was taken for granted. For instance itís assumed the reader knows that the dominant male chimp would be more protective and concerned for the welfare of his family than to take from them the food they needed to survive in order to increase his personal stash and indulge his greed. He would not demand that the clan do all the work and serve him his sustenance, while he laid around and did nothing but breed and lead. He would accept breeding and leading as their own compensation. Chimps, regardless of status, each do their own work of gathering food. A chimp has more sense than to threaten the survival of his community with personal greed and avarice, by hoarding the wealth of goods they need to live. It seems apparent then, that conservatives are socially devolved from chimpanzees. Perhaps thatís because neo and all other cons are mentally and emotionally devolved animals.

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