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DNews - The Calculus of Business - October 20, 2006
DNews: The Empire of Lies

We canít afford universal health care! . . . Say, who are the ďweĒ youíre talking about? If the profits of the rich investors in insurance, corporate health care providers and the pharmaceutical industry are removed from the cost structure then we will be able to afford coverage more easily. . . . Do you believe compromises can be reached that give US all what we want and need? The plain truth is: conservatives want it all. If we get what we need, then they donít have what they want. Thatís why you canít talk to a conservative. They wonít negotiate in good faith. They will lie, cheat and steal to get all of the produce of the community for themselves. Thereís no sincerity or good will in them.

DNews Expose: The Empire of Lies, by A. G. Kaiser
      Lie: Republicans and conservative Democrats (most of them nowadays) claim to support personal freedom. The lie is invented to hold those leaning towards Libertarianism or the good folk who have genuine and sincere progressive and populist sympathies. Conservatives will say anything to gain the support of significant factions but they act only for the rich. Words are a cheap fix. They donít cost the rich parasites anything. Like attacking the legal rights of a minority such as gays, the low cost of hinting that they support a reprehensible thing buys the votes of bigots, racists and the cruel and unusual of all sorts and does not require significant expenditure. Conservatives appeal to the lowest common denominator of morality and scruples among the poor and middle classes because thatís what the rich are. All that differentiates or separates the rich from their fools is the economic distance between them. Like attracts like in this case, though it doesnít really move them closer together.
      Lie: Investment [profit motive] supports progress. The rich consistently resist change of any sort and only allow, through their choice of investment, that progress about which they can be convinced more profit is to be made than they are making today. The common well being of the Human Race doesnít enter into their judgements. Get it?! They arenít like US! They prey upon US! They are parasites that afflict the Human Race!
      Lie: There are moral, fiscal, social or political conservatives who come together to run the Republican Party. Get it straight! Conservatives are the rich! Theyíre about keeping what they want and have from the workers who made and need it. They grasp the several popular issues for demagogic purposes only. They will pretend to any mindset, faith, bigotry or prejudice of anyone they think they can suck in to the support of there agenda of preserving the status quo of the distribution of the wealth of our Planet. That is: the continued parasitization of the Human Race. Thereís no honesty or sincerity in them. Real conservatives are the rich. All the rest are slavish fools.
      Lie: We need guest workers to pick our crops or the agriculture business will fail. Profit and the need to compete in the market are the same excuses that are used for outsourcing. They say weíll become dependent on foreign agriculture. Weíve already become dependent on dissipative (and therefore unsustainable) economic practices in support of the profit of a few rich investors. The rest of US will suffer from this corner the economist and MBA morons have painted US into. One way or the other! We either take their money and power and change, or continue to suffer and watch them increase our pain in ever more innovative ways. It wonít be easy no matter what we do now. But continuing down this dead end course our idiot rulers have laid out is certain suicide. The only benefit is to the rich, whose pyramid fraud will be extended a bit further. Iím so sick of their inside the box thinking, even from many so called liberals who support the systematic parasitization we call an economy. Little which suggests change seems radical to me any longer. Everything must be rethought. We must begin to see that weíre dependent on a dissipative economic system that serves only the profit of investors and is destructive to all. The stupidity of our leaders and ourselves for following them boggles my mind.
      Lie: The only terrorists you need to be concerned about are of Islam, since the Irish entered into the truce. Well maybe there are some Central and South American countries with oil and natural gas that are showing disturbing signs of resistance to civil order. For instance, Bechtelís privatization of Bolivian water failed and resulted in the election of a populist indigenous American to the presidency. The ďwog,Ē as the Brits call all such, repealed the act and deprivatized the water that had been stolen from the people of Bolivia. The sellouts, the corrupt former rulers, are intriguing with the military right now. The thought that Evo Morales may prevail and his example produce emulators terrifies supporters of the Global Corporate Empireís hegemony in the region and around the globe. But as to who are the terrorists? Who started using terror tactics 500 years ago to subjugate Ireland and any other part of the world that they desired to put to work for their enrichment? Though the British have recently been displaced as the worlds dominant power, their legacy lives on. The British, as far as I know, were, in the case of Irish freedom fighters, the first to label resistence to their tyrannical hegemony as terrorism. [Recently Iíve heard that Catholics, like Guy Fawkes, who fought for freedom from Elizabeth I, were terrorists.] They certainly must have invented the term as a means of projecting their own evil onto those who resisted it. Thatís not to say their arenít other dangerous and evil terrorists in the world besides the British. But now I begin to see where the American conservatives learned their tricks.
      Lie: Conservatives like the moron from the Brookings Institute I saw on CNN on 10/14/06 are upbeat about population growth (300M mark predicted for Tuesday, October 17, 2006) because of Christian family values. Anyone with half a brain knows the idiots think more consumers will bail them out of their failing pyramid fraud, even though they want to keep up profits by not paying anyone a living wage or refusing to hire Americans at all because itís cheaper (higher profit) to outsource.

DNews Factual:
      If a person, human or corporate, has enough cash reserves to satisfy regulators and to open a bank, insurance company or financial [usurious] industry of any sort or to live by their investments at the top five percentile level, such person canít have paid their fair share of taxes. They have too much money. We need to nationalize their [imaginary] industry and tax them into line with the rest of US. . . .
      But letís not stop with financial industries. Those pyramid schemes may be the most obvious and offensive frauds but theyíre not all thatís wrong! . . .
      The Giga corporations and the Giga investors who own them are our benefactors because of all the great products theyíve brought US. Thatís a lie! Thatís bullshit! How much more progress would we have made if they hadnít inhibited any advance that couldnít be harnessed to increase their wealth at our expense?
      You got it bass-ackwards neo con artists. You are not the source of wealth of the community. Youíre the drain of it. We make the goods and you steal them from US.
      They program US, with TV and in the schools theyíve grudgingly provided, to believe we couldnít live without them: that theyíre guidance, exchanged for the great wealth weíve made, has been the font of progress that weíve worked to produce; we couldnít do anything without them. How did we ever fall for that? They need US. We donít need the rich investors. Theyíre a useless burden on the economy. Their profit increases the price of everything and itís not necessary for anything. Wake up!

DNews Reminiscence:
      We canít afford universal health care! . . . Say, who are the ďweĒ youíre talking about? If the profit of the rich investors in insurance, corporate health care providers and the pharmaceutical industry are removed from the cost structure then we will be able to afford coverage more easily. If American business and industry canít afford health care, and pensions by the way, then their owners have failed the American people and must be replaced. The industries may be deprivatized and given to the workers, who deserve a chance to make decent wages, necessary benefits and good products, including health care, right here in America. Without the superfluous superstructure of investors and the burden of their profits, the proper compensation of employees will be easier to accomplish. Profitability and competition are the excuse given for the crimes of outsourcing (and the resultant downsizing), wage repression, health care withdrawal and pension looting. But the only ones who profit by such illicit activity are the investors. And theyíre the ones who are the unnecessary expenses in the economic formula. Itís fundamentally the investors that are the costs that we canít afford. Oh, you say these things Iíve referred to as criminal investors, crimes and illicit are not illegal? In a sane world they would be. In a sane world Bush and conservatives would be banned. Wake up fools! We can tax the morons to death. Which morons? The abominations of Human Nature who have corrupted social instinct in order to mislead our communities for their individual well being.

DNews Analysis: The Calculus of Business, by Quincy Concourt Leech
      The more people who work for us and the less we pay them, the more money weíll make. There are some practical concerns which, unfortunately, will limit our profits. If an employee starves, the vacancy may have to be filled. The cost of recruitment and training, if the turnover is too great, may be more than that of paying a living wage to begin with. The calculus of business must be applied to compute the area under that curve. If we ignore the cumulative effects of blindly seeking the greatest profits by securing the lowest cost of labor, we will break the great economic engine that has enriched us. Todayís technology still depends on human employees to provide our material requirements.
      There are other limits to profits. The business machine, at this stage of development, must also have consumers to buy products so that increase to our wealth can continue. The consumers must have money to make purchases. When profits are too great they cannot be used to expand the production of goods. There would be no market to absorb that increase. Today we invest that excess money in financial markets. Some of it eventually is loaned to consumers and the system is buoyed up. We must keep this kite flying until we can develop a better way to produce the material goods we need. Weíre smart enough to win the race with debt saturation. No one sees the future but we face it bravely, secure in our innovative ability. There is one firm principle that must be upheld at any cost. Wages and salaries must be minimized for the sake of maximum profits. Do not succumb to progressive populist ideas which would spoil our servants! We will discover a way to replace them before they break free of our control. This is a moral issue beyond all others. Our freedom to individually profit by the work of the entire community is the paramount concern.

DNews Instant Replay, The Imaginary Economy:
      If the leaves on the trees were money, weíd all have plenty of money but there would be no more goods to buy with it. Thatís why pyramid schemes are dissipative and must fail in the end. Thatís why banking, investment, insurance and all of finance are pyramid schemes. All that they make is money. Thatís called inflation. To contribute positively to the economy, an activity must make real goods, else those who do work to make some material thing are burdened with the support of the service. There are more and less valuable and necessary services that we will undoubtedly support. But all of them are burdens whose cost must be minimized for the common well being. The most unnecessary part of the cost of any product, real or imaginary [like finance] is the profit of investors.

DNews Reminiscence:
      We see the pain and suffering that comes of conflict and war. The ruling rich parasites see the opportunity and potential for profit by the deaths of our sons and daughters. But what else is new. Thatís the way itís been since the beginning of civilization. ďTrueĒ you say, ďbut really itís always been so.Ē No! It hasnít always been that way. Even the shaman and priest had to work in order for small clans or communities to survive. Cooperation was apparent. Today its not so obvious but cooperation is still necessary for US to survive. Nothing gets done that we donít cooperate to do. Most of US contribute our labor. Thatís what makes our community work for our mutual well being and survival. A few profit from our works and contribute only the hoarded profit, extracted from the works of our forefathers, by which their antecedents profited. As the rich investors grow fewer and richer and more of US grow poorer, our communities are destabilized. Our common activities, social and economic structures in support of our survival become dysfunctional for most of US. But the rich and their sycophants, the agents of evil oppression we call politicians, CEOs and salesmen, lie to US.

DNews Homily:
      In the world there are four kinds of people. There are populists and progressives who want to rise with the rest of the people to throw off the Pharaohs, kings, tyrants, dictators, oligarches, plutocrats or rich investors, all of which are superfluous entities that steal whatís needed by the community for our common well being and the support of our lives, so they may have it for themselves. The third kind are conservatives of all colors. They support and are the parasites that afflict the Human Race. At last there are the liberals, who are really just conservatives with a twinge of conscience and a little bit of common sense about how far we can be pushed before we recondition the guillotine. So I guess in one thing at least, the common wisdom was right all along. In the world there are two kinds of people.

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