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DNews - Opportunity and Potential to Profit, by Carlos Marques - October 10, 2006
DNews: Who Canít Afford Universal Health Care? , by A. G. Kaiser

We canít afford universal health care! . . . Say, who are the ďweĒ youíre talking about? If the profits of the rich investors in insurance, corporate health care providers and the pharmaceutical industry are removed from the cost structure then we will be able to afford coverage more easily. . . . Do you believe compromises can be reached that give US all what we want and need? The plain truth is: conservatives want it all. If we get what we need, then they donít have what they want. Thatís why you canít talk to a conservative. They wonít negotiate in good faith. They will lie, cheat and steal to get all of the produce of the community for themselves. Thereís no sincerity or good will in them.

DNews: Who Canít Afford Universal Health Care? by A. G. Kaiser
      We canít afford universal health care! . . . Say, who are the ďweĒ youíre talking about? If the profit of the rich investors in insurance, corporate health care providers and the pharmaceutical industry are removed from the cost structure then we will be able to afford coverage more easily. If American business and industry canít afford health care, and pensions by the way, then their owners have failed the American people and must be replaced. The industries may be deprivatized and given to the workers, who deserve a chance to make decent wages, necessary benefits and good products, including health care, right here in America. Without the superfluous superstructure of investors and the burden of their profits, the proper compensation of employees will be easier to accomplish. Profitability and competition are the excuse given for the crimes of outsourcing (and the resultant downsizing), wage repression, health care withdrawal and pension looting. But the only ones who profit by such illicit activity are the investors. And theyíre the ones who are the unnecessary expenses in the economic formula. Itís fundamentally the investors that are the costs that we canít afford. Oh, you say these things Iíve referred to as criminal investors, crimes and illicit are not illegal? In a sane world they would be. In a sane world Bush and conservatives would be banned. Wake up fools! We can tax the morons to death. Which morons? The abominations of Human Nature who have corrupted social instinct in order to mislead our communities for their individual well being.

      Nancy Pelosi said today [10/3/06] in answer to a question, that we must and can provide healthcare for all without bankrupting or destroying competitiveness and profitability of businesses. Itís that impossible constraint to maintain the status quo of a few rich investors taking the profit, while the rest of US get low quality and/or insufficient funds to participate, that denies health care to so many Americans and always will. The profit of corporate health care, insurance and finance builds a barrier to fairness and honesty thatís so high we canít overtop it no matter how sincerely we care about the Americans it excludes. Profit of the few elite investors is the cause of misery. Itís the cost that is the fat that must be trimmed, if we are to have a health care system that functions for all of US. Healthcare isnít the only broken system. Profit must be eliminated in general in order to heal our generally dysfunctional economy. Itís the rich investors that are the unnecessary burden our labors support. We donít need them. We need waste collectors, bus drivers and schoolteachers much more than we need overpaid bankers and CEOs. Tax the rich to death!
      But Nancy maynít say that even if sheís had the courage to face the truth. She certainly didnít say why she thought the cost of healthcare was so high. She didnít talk about the profit factor in costs or how we might reduce them. Still, we can assume that she and others are of good will. They will raise taxes on the rich investors to get some of those profits back in order to pay for the needed service.
      Thatís better than the conservative lies about liability and damages paid to corporate medicineís victims being the cause of high prices. The limits on damages (misleadingly called tort reform) they want legislate to protect incompetent doctors and negligent or careless drug manufacturers will leave US without recourse when our loved ones die in the service of the investorís profit. Whatís worse, the savings to the insurance companies, if these liability scams are enacted, will never be passed on to consumers. Theyíll go right into the pockets of the insurance company CEOs and investors. Politicians, all of whom are conservative in the greater sense, never do anything that really address problems. They couldnít if they wanted to. Their corporate masters wonít let them.
      I know Nancyís heart is in the right place. But she still claims to believe compromises can be reached that give US all what we want and need. The plain truth is: conservatives want it all. If we get what we need, then they donít have what they want. Thatís why you canít talk to a conservative. They wonít negotiate in good faith. They will lie, cheat and steal to get all of the produce of the community for themselves. Thereís no sincerity or good will in them. They wonít even acknowledge that we have a right to live, unless itís a statement for public consumption. We are only useful to them if we serve their end. They want it all. And theyíre too stupid to see that if they get what they want weíll starve and then so will they. The morons believe they can have everything, deserve everything and cannot connect the work we do to the wealth they steal from US. So, no Nancy, they will not come around. They must be taxed to death. They respect only force. Theyíll only forgo forcing you, if they can make a fool of you. That is: if they can get what they want from you without using force.

DNews Factual, The Imaginary Economy:
      If the leaves on the trees were money, weíd all have plenty of money but there would be no more goods to buy with it. Thatís why pyramid schemes are dissipative and must fail in the end. Thatís why banking, investment, insurance and all of finance are pyramid schemes. All that they make is money. Thatís called inflation. To contribute positively to the economy, an activity must make real goods, else those who do work to make some material thing are burdened with the support of the service. There are more and less valuable and necessary services that we will undoubtedly support. But all of them are burdens whose cost must be minimized for the common well being. The most unnecessary part of the cost of any product, real or imaginary [like finance] is the profit of investors.

DNews Feature: Opportunity and Potential to Profit, by Carlos Marques
      We see the pain and suffering that comes of conflict and war. The ruling rich parasites see the opportunity and potential for profit by the deaths of our sons and daughters. But what else is new. Thatís the way itís been since the beginning of civilization. ďTrueĒ you say, ďbut really itís always been so.Ē No! It hasnít always been that way. Even the shaman and priest had to work in order for small clans or communities to survive. Cooperation was apparent. Today its not so obvious but cooperation is still necessary for US to survive. Nothing gets done that we donít cooperate to do. Most of US contribute our labor. Thatís what makes our community work for our mutual well being and survival. A few profit from our works and contribute only the hoarded profit, extracted from the works of our forefathers, by which their antecedents profited. As the rich investors grow fewer and richer and more of US grow poorer, our communities are destabilized. Our common activities, social and economic structures in support of our survival become dysfunctional for most of US. But the rich and their sycophants, the agents of evil oppression we call politicians, CEOs and salesmen, lie to US.
      ďLookĒ they say patronizingly, ďthe Dow is high. Our investments are doing well. We know the high cost of health care means you have none but not to worry. We donít need you to be healthy so you can work to make the products we sell to make our profits. We have the Chinese for that. And soon weíll have the Chinese to buy them too. So you donít have to hang in there too much longer. Soon your worries will be over.Ē Of course they fail to see that the Chinese, in turn, donít need them. Whereas we will die because we fail to see that we not only donít need them but that they are the agents of our doom. If they are stupid in their self destructiveness, we are more stupid to let them take US with íem and even make US go before them!

      There are those who are sincere, honest, generous and of good will. There are those who are insincere, not particularly concerned with honesty as long as they get their own way, selfish and not of good will towards the community as a whole. Unfortunately, the latter have come to dominate, just as you might expect of those whose only concern for the community that supports their lives is that it exists to allow them fulfill their desire for wealth. Greed is unscrupulous in any light but especially so in that of the want that must exist for a few to have an excess of the produce of the community. They donít worry about how they get it or what it does to those its taken from as long as they get it. Ironically the rich parasites think theyíre smarter and stronger than the rest of US. Theyíre not strong. They always gang up or hire thugs to do the strong arm work that they canít do themselves. Only a rare exception acts personally; they never act alone. They have at least the authority of their class to back them up.
      The rich arenít smarter than honest people. Theyíre destroying the environment, in the name of greed. Theyíre stirring up the Peoples of the Earth against this one nation in the interest of their Global Corporate Empireís hegemony. Theyíre not too bright. The system of investment and profit theyíve devised is dissipative, because it takes the produce of those who work to produce it and transfers it to those whose contribution is purely imaginary. If we declare the leaves on the trees to be money, everyone will busy themselves by deforesting the Planet to get rich and no one will bother to work to make the products to buy with the leaves theyíve accumulated. Our neo economy has, more than ever, four too many letters in the operative word. Eliminate the initial Ďeí and the trailing three and con is whatís left. Itís a pyramid scheme that relies in infinite growth to continue. They canít see it! They donít want to see it. They live in denial. Theyíre on a dead end course and are oblivious to it. Theyíre taking US down with them. The intelligent people who are sincere and of good will are so few that they havenít been able to check the mob of morons whoíve gained control. Weíd better find a way soon though!
      The rich are abomination of Human Nature. We must tax them out of existence. They never should have been. We must correct the evolutionary error, before it makes US extinct. For instance: on Wednesday 10/4 Ben Bernanke said weíd have to wait and see how housing stagnation and slow construction starts affect consumers. Only the nations chief economist and neo con morons could be so stupid. I didnít know shit could be piled so high. But thatís just it. It canít. Without the inflation of housing prices their will be no more home equity loans. Consumers, who cannot get wage increases because Ben self contradictorily fears inflation, (he spoke of it almost in the next breath and failed to make the connection) will not be able to perform their function. But Ben and the rest of our mis-leaders continue to corrupt social instinct for their own selfish individual ends and are unable to see the chaos their stupidity is making inevitable. Thatís evidence that they are devolved from Chimpanzees. Ape leaders have more sense than to take so much from the clan that members want and so the whole community is weakened. A honcho chimp is also too smart to trash the jungle thatís the source of his sustenance. The Abominations of Human Nature, who loot our communities through stupidity and the weakness of greed, weaken our species to the point that they threaten our extinction. They must be eliminated from positions of power (some say from the gene pool of the Planet Earth) in our societies, if we are to survive.

DNews Right Perspective:
      The partyís stalwart media analysts are dismayed that the American People are so frivolous in their taste for information. They note that weíre spending a week on Mark Foley, while ignoring the growing communist threat in Central and South America. The election of such popular leaders as the Indigenous Peopleís first ever truly American president, Evo Morales in Bolivia and earlier, populist Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, who recovered the presidency after being deposed by a [CIA?] coup in April, 2002,
Search for coup Hugo Chaves see counterpunch --- BBC Report
are developments indicative of resistance thatís slowing the progress along corporate inroads as far off as Brazil and Argentina. The Foley coverage also distracts from the danger of Iranís insistence on self determination and the North Korean nuclear threat. [Donít confuse such real threats to your life with the danger to profits posed by hoaxes like ďGlobal Warming.Ē]
      These deliberately obtuse distractions from right thinking, Foley and climate change, are signs that the people are not up to the conservative moral standards and family values of the glorious past. The specious reasoning implied by such consumer choices indicate great peril to the American way. Itís widely feared that, by centering on such selfish issues as protecting oneís children from sexual predators, Americans might lose sight of the need to sacrifice personal gratification for the greater good of corporate competitiveness and investor profit. Strong capitalists are whatíve made America great. We must support the values of the interests that have led US to our great place of world [and US] domination by our ruling class. People, take your proper place and focus on the task of keeping America first!

DNews Inquisitorial:
      Are evil spirits the echos of antiquity in our minds? Before class distinctions and the concomitant ill distribution of wealth were supported by the codifications of law we call civilization, shamans dealt with many human afflictions, including greed, by casting out evil spirits. Since before the middle ages and until beyond the renaissance, spirits were blamed for many ills and so served to help mitigate and enslave US to the rich, who took over religion in those times and encouraged ordinary people to believe many lies they invented in order to maintain their tyrannies. They do the same to this very day. While evil spirits and demons are no longer widely used to explain bad character, illness or cast out to treat psychological complaints and they are seldom called forth to complement the control mechanisms used to exploit people, the belief in their existence still persists in some quarters.
      For millions of years before our six to ten thousand year old civil society, the shamans and priests attempted to cure most afflictions, including physical ailments, psychological complaints (both individual and group) and even environmental problems like storms and earthquakes, by casting out the responsible devil or evil spirit. This is analogous to treating every distress as a psychosomatic expression of the subconscious. Of course the ancients also used a pharmacopeia of herbs and such, much like we might use a combination of prayer and drugs today. But the evil spirits or subconscious self destructiveness, as you will, are still major factors in the explanation and excuse for the state of the human mind that is moving the world swiftly in the direction of mass self destruction. Evidence in support of that assertion is seen all around those with the courage and intelligence to open their eyes.
      Personally I tend to believe that both - the evil spirits and the subconscious - are imaginary. Everything is conscious but there are parts of our thought that we choose to deny because we donít care to admit the ugly truths about ourselves. We canít face the realities that our childish stupidity and greed have created. We attribute them to outside influences like evil spirits or an inaccessible part of our mind that excuses us from responsibility for thoughts or acts that proceed from it. Then we further complicate that original sin by calling our abomination and corruption of social instinct, to selfish ends, Human Nature. But if we really have the courage to face the truth, we will own responsibility for the mess weíve made of the beautiful Planet Earth we live on. We wonít blame it on God or Nature. We will confess our sin and our folly. Only then can we undo the harm. You must know the truth about any problem before a real solution can be proposed. And thatís the only forgiveness and absolution that can save US.

DNews Meditation:
      Those who claim to be thinking outside the box, often donít know what the box is. Look at the economy of a clan of chimpanzees. The chimps obviously canít live by moving goods from one chimp to another, ďinside the box,Ē so to speak. They all need to consume real products that come from the jungle, which is, in the abstract, outside the ďboxĒ of chimp society. In other words, the clan needs things to live that canít be physically auto-generated. [auto-generated - from the self . Like Athena from the mind of Zeus.] And thatís why anyone in the Human Community who lives by planning investments [abstractions] to produce profit from the real work of others cannot be said to be productive. Much less are they thinking outside the box . . . or thinking at all for that matter. Thatís why the entire abstract economy of usury [finance] and trade are an unsustainable pyramid scheme. They only move goods about within our social context. They create no real thing. They rely on the work of others to make the goods. They need outside input to exist. And growth of debt [finance] cannot be called growth of the economy because it is only inflation of the money supply - the tokens which represent real goods. No matter how clever or innovative are the maneuvers and manipulations that produce the usurious profits of finance or trade, they must by definition, be so inside the box!

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