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DNews - The Loss of American Virtue - September 30, 2006
DNews: Piecemeal Enabling Act Sparks Senate Rebellion, by A. G. Kaiser

The parallels between Bush and Hitler, between Dubya’s following and the good German Nazi thralls are numerous. Every day in every way Bush ’s rhetoric and deeds sound and look more like Deja Vu all over again. There are component differences but the constructions amount to something that’s very much the same. Where Hitler had Communists and Jews to scare his people and create a need for himself to protect them by taking their freedom, Dubya has rogue nations and terrorists who oppose his and the global corporate empire’s suzerainty and so, he says, our security. One difference is certain, Hitler was much more straightforward about his perfidy. Or it least in hindsight it appears so. We must strive today to see how Bush will look, when we look back tomorrow. Our freedom depends on it.

DNews: Piecemeal Enabling Act Sparks Senate Rebellion, by A. G. Kaiser
      After thorough debate on “The Detainee Treatment and Trials Bill, S3930," Republican Senator McHonor took the floor. “I’d hoped it wouldn’t come to this. Together with the warrantless wiretap bill and other measures including the so called “Patriot” Act, the DTT Bill has offended democracy, freedom and the U.S. Constitution. I can no longer support my party. I will not vote for this or any similar bill. Only a coward will surrender freedom for security and only a fool will believe that tyranny will limit itself to the enemies of America and not be abused for more selfish reasons. Pre teens and morons believe in good guys and bad guys or trust that anyone, in the absence constitutional restraint, will act only in the “right” way. Unfortunately such impossible trust and judgement are given to the president without judicial or legislative restraint by these traitorous new laws. Our founding fathers, who worked so hard to provide a constitution that protects our freedom, would be appalled by the current turn of events. - I call on all true Americans to join me in the refusal to support the tyranny of the Bush administration any longer.”
      If there were any honor in Republicans, or sincerity or good will, there would have been a rush by the majority and all of the Congress for that matter, to send such a message to the renegade Bush administration. Instead the Senate passed S3930, without tempering amendments, and the House passed the warrantless wiretap later on the evening of 9/28/06. These are two key pieces of George’s analog of Hitler’s infamous Enabling Act.
      The Detainee Treatment and Trials Bill, S3930, and the warrantless wiretap, in addition to the Patriot Acts, are dissembled portions of a Bush “Enabling Act” and the emergency decree that preceded it.
      “The Enabling Act (Ermächtigungsgesetz in German) was passed by Germany's parliament (the Reichstag) on March 23, 1933.” - Wikipedia
      The very designation of “unlawful combatants” should have been a clue to those who denied them habeas corpus. We don’t rely on the declarations of law enforcement to determine guilt or innocence. We don’t know that they are “unlawful” until it’s been proven in court. If we hold people without charge they never get to an unbiased court that can determine that there’s reason to hold them, or even that they’ve been misidentified. And you may believe the unprecedented, unconstitutional power only applies to aliens and bad guys but there is no such constraint. In fact the problem is the lack of constraint. The government may now arrest you and place you in prison for as long as they wish to and there is no court or anyone to whom you may appeal. Even if you’re stupid enough to trust Bush, will the next president be the same? No one has been granted such power by a legislature of a first world country since Adolf Hitler’s “Enabling Act” of March, 1933. These powers cannot be used as intended. Even if Dubya was the good guy he pretends to be, such power would quickly corrupt him. Only a fool would trust Bush. Only a criminal would want such power or knowingly allow it to an accomplice.

      Torturing the bad guys to get the evidence assumes you know who the bad guys are. The circularity of the logic in support of this imbecile notion, like logic in general, eludes the pea brains of conservatives. There must be proven substance before the suspect is arrested. If the police came to your home and took you to jail then left you there without telling you why or charging you, would you ask them to show you the substantive reason, the body of evidence on which their act was predicated? Habeas Corpus? If they further decided to torture you to get evidence of your crime and/or uncover your co-conspirators, would you want some court to look into the body of reasons for which you were arrested in the first place? Habeas Corpus!
      Wiretapping without warrant, torture and arbitrary arrest and imprisonment, without constitutionally mandated court review, in order to prevent terror should not have been encoded. If such is the only way to defend the country, the law enforcement agency must do this on their own authority then face the consequences after the fact. Trust to the common sense of judges and juries. Do not decriminalize tyrannical authority before the fact. That is tantamount to attacking and nullifying the constitution. That’s exactly what’s happened this past week. By violating their oaths of office (to uphold and defend the constitution of the U.S.) the Congress and the Bush regime have come, in 2006, to look more than ever like 1933 Germany. No one may be trusted to use that kind of power well. The power itself is evil. That’s why our constitution bans it.
Rise of the Nazis

      If the prisoners are captured soldiers there is a whole different set of rules laid out in the Geneva Conventions, which as ratified treaties are declared by the constitution to be the law of the land. But Bush won’t give his detainees the rights of soldiers or the rights of criminals. Meanwhile American intelligence operatives at home and especially abroad where they’re subject to arrest by foreign powers for war crimes, are refusing to hold or handle Bush’s undesignated prisoners any longer. There are also increasing mutinies in the military as officers and men wake up to the tyranny and treachery of George W. Bush and cover their own butts from liability to charges of war crimes, even if their commander in chief is too stupid to do so. I mean too stupid do cover his butt competently. The dictatorial power and trashing the constitution he’s asked for is a morons attempt to evade the consequences of violating his oath of office and international law. I think that even if a majority of Congress and conservatives are weak and stupid enough to allow this, his own neo Supreme Court will strip this “great dictator” of his imagined potency. Failing that the Americans, unlike the good 1930s Germans, will rise up and pull the arrogant fool down. Every torturous minute we wait is one more too many to endure the idiot. And please, let’s not wait for the rest of the world to demand that justice be done to our (p)resident war criminal.

      See John Jay College of Criminal Justice for the political manipulations and extortions of the Nazis in 1933. John Jay College

      “The Emergency Decree stated: ‘Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.’
      “Immediately, there followed the first big Nazi roundup as truckloads of SA and SS roared through the streets bursting in on known Communist hangouts and barging into private homes. Thousands of Communists as well as Social Democrats and liberals were taken away into protective custody' to SA barracks where they were beaten and tortured.
      “‘I don't have to worry about justice; my mission is only to destroy and exterminate, nothing more!’ - Hermann Göring, March 3, 1933.” - from axishistory.com
      I presume Göring meant to “exterminate” anyone who endangered or threatened the security of the German people by voicing opposition to or otherwise interfering with Nazi protectors. That’s what Nazis, who believed themselves to be good guys, would want to do to bad guys. You don’t have to look very far back into history to find analogous quotes from supporters of the Bush regime. The president himself recently said he was a good guy who wanted to protect US from bad guys. I guess the bad guys would want US to suffer with low wages, working several jobs to survive and with no health care, in order to increase the profits of their evil class. Thank you, our hero, for saving US from that hell!

DNews Factual
      If you use your MasterCard to buy unnecessarily extravagant equipment and trappings for your business [“priceless”] the impetus the money created gives to the economy [of MasterCard] will help to start an advertising campaign next month to bring credit card customers to your business and we’ll [MasterCard will] make even more money. And MC does mean “make cash,” because they make no goods for it to represent. This is how we’ll pull the general economy up from the hole that was emptied to concentrate the wealth taken out of it with the rich. The bootstrapping consists: of making money out of thin air instead of making and selling real goods; of lending the tokens back to the consumers instead of paying them sufficient wages to live; of being about always taking from the community never giving anything back; of pumping the well dry then trying to get some more; of denial of mathematical reality that is normal and comic in a seven year old but sad and tragic in a ruling class, who sadly believe that the pyramid scheme that made them rich can go on forever.

DNews - The Loss of American Virtue - September 30, 2006
      America had gone to shit by 1870. But the politicians still pretend it ain’t so. I heard Senator Larry Craig of Idaho this morning [9/29/06] complaining that the Democrats never give credit where its due but only fix blame for political reasons. He’s projecting and simultaneously reinforcing his own denial, of course. The administration and all the Repus, including the good Senator, have been blaming Bill Clinton for all their fuck ups since 2001. (There’s not enough world and time to list all of their mistakes but to hear them talk they’ve made none.) As they’ve screwed up the Mid East, the economy, the constitution and disaster response they’ve filled the pockets of the old fraternity brothers who run Halliburton, Raytheon, Blackwater Security, Giga Oil, Giga Pharmaceuticals and doubtless many others. The graft and corruption, the looting of the treasury and aiding and abetting of the looting of America by outsourcing and the stashing of the cash in offshore tax shelters and most recently the tax free repatriation of the booty are the only things these thieves have done well. They absurdly (and with a straight face) claim the interest made on the money, which they borrow in lieu of taxing their rich masters, or the profit on that which they loan to US, so we may live, is growth of the economy, while its really only inflation of the money supply. It creates no goods to justify the increase of circulating currency. Just before the day’s propagandist spoke in the Senate, one of the House similitudes, the gentle-lady from who knows what state because she’s just like all the rest, was reproaching the Democrats for calling this a do nothing Congress, while she knew so much had been done for the economy and the war on terror by giving tax cuts to the rich and gutting the constitution.
      Yes, we have a rich history and tradition of stupidity and greed stretching back to even before the Civil War, though it was in that era when profiteering government contractors became immortal. It was during the Republican Grant administration [1869-1877] that preemptive attacks on Native Americans became the way to assure the continuing profits of military contractors and securing of land, resources and markets, which would allow the new aristocracy to spring up. Around 1875 the Supreme court gave corporations the rights of people while protecting their owners from liability and responsibility for their crimes and the harms they do. While the evils of the new aristocracy, which were perpetuated and concentrated by inheritance, were bad enough, today it’s even worse.
      Unfortunately, the morons running our country now are the best that can be expected of the fraternity boy’s and their girls who’ve won their seats by default. The best and brightest either died in Viet Nam or dropped out and disappeared into the Rockies, the mountains on the West Coast or other rural getaways. The voices of the few who’ve returned are drowned in a sea of mediocre conservatives, who can’t see the common good because it’s been obscured by their childish and self destructive individual greed. The quality of persons and their value to the community can be measured by the inverse standard of greed and selfishness. Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch rakes in millions while calling on ordinary Americans [see the New York Post which he owns] to sacrifice their sons and daughters to the enrichment of Halliburton et al. in Iraq and the so called “war on terror.” The war in Iraq has already killed more Americans than we lost to the scurrilous 9/11 attacks. And it’s taken revenge on Iraqi civilians at a rate of at least 5 and up to 25 or more to one, by some estimates.
      Especially in the case of Iraq, it’s really a war in support of the global corporate hegemony. The greed and stupidity of the American businessperson has already impoverished most Americans by hiring cheap foreign labor and outsourcing, while denying US health care and pensions in the name of profit. The competition of greedy investor’s to hoard the greatest pile of booty from the American and Global Communities they are looting is a threat to the survival of the human race. Meanwhile the pain, suffering and death, due to the deprivation and poverty that must exist for them to have their excess, grow worse and worse. The only response of the parasites who are creating this unsustainable economic travesty is to try to convince US by propaganda that it just ain’t so. When I talk to ordinary people I see that the evil advertising too often works too well. Whether by the latest distraction, border security, or old standards like taxation (not exploitation and usury is what’s got you down) many average Americans are still enthralled. I still have hope that a sufficient number of US will awaken and we will eradicate the plague of the rich which afflicts US.
      Some politicians are fond of saying, especially when we’re being deeply gouged by Giga Oil, “you can’t repeal the law of supply and demand.” Then we’d better break it by confiscating the profits of all who’ve become rich and made US poor in the process of selling US their overpriced and, in the case of Iraq, useless products. Oh . . . what do you want to bet that the current respite in ultra high oil prices that have come down to just really high gasoline expenses will last much past the mid term elections? The investors have, it seems, determined that they can make more in tax savings if the Republicans hold the Congress, than would have been returned in the two months if the price of gasoline had stayed up during the period. Of course, the average American loses either way.
      But then the mind of the average American is formed by mass media to accept these rip offs as normal and inevitable, as they seem to have been since at least the Civil War. So who, in this godforsaken world of false advertising, can you, faithful sucker, trust to give you an even break? I don’t know. But I do know that you can trust no one who thinks that they have theirs, because they know they got it by screwing the rest of US and they will never willingly release US from their power. You cannot count on the good will or sincerity of the rich, the conservatives. They have none. Nor do they allow such (or even the truth about the self destructive reality that exists to maintain the wealth they’ve taken from the community) to enter or reside in the minds of the thralls who support this, the greatest evil pestilence of parasites that’s ever infested the human race.

DNews Presents: Greg’s Final Word
      The truth is the truth. Anyone who speaks the truth deserves respect for the truth that’s been uttered. Degrees have nothing to do with it. One hypothesis I’ve toyed with is that a requirement for an advanced degree in America is some litmus test of loyalty to the rich masters who own everything. It’s unofficial and even unspoken. In many if not most cases, it amounts to a limitation on thought in certain areas, which is installed more by insinuation and appeal to baser instincts than by training or some course of conditioning. What am I talking about?
      The limitation of the thought processes of the most highly educated is the patronizing attitude that permeates academia. The posturing and pretension towards all others precludes the ability to see the truth, when it’s spoken by one to whom they believe themselves superior or even by a peer of whom they disapprove. In that circumstance, they become so busy attacking the person whose perceived impertinence offends them that truth is no longer of importance. In order to defend their arrogant, pompous and ultimately delusional state of mind, they violate the basic tenet of academia: faithfulness to the sincere and honest pursuit of knowledge. They share that fault with all abomination of Nature, especially the upper class whom they emulate and most of the middle class – wannabees who are similarly deluded.

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