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DNews - Dehumanization: Working to Make Another Rich, Carlos Marques - September 10, 2006
What Conspiracy? by A. G. Kaiser

America has succumbed to seduction of the middle classes by the classist hubris of the elites. The difference between a slave and an employee is that the master isn’t morally required to feed an employee when there’s no work to be done. The middle classes are ridiculous. They’re like house sniggers, who have been placed as overseers to manage the working slaves. The boss still jumps when the owner cracks the big whip.

DNews Factual
      The rich, the de facto leaders of the community, have always found ways to rationalize their individual well being at the expense of the people who do the work that provides it. I won’t bother to make an exhaustive list of their lies or support my comment with “courtroom evidence.” I may point out some examples at times but most people, especially working people, will know what I’m talking about. The middle class should know too but they think they’re well enough cared for by the rich masters that it’s worth their while to live in denial. At times, if the rich aren’t too greedy, things aren’t too bad. These are not those times. We’re deluded to believe that they ever really exist. Slavery is slavery no matter how well or ill the master treats you.

DNews Op Ed: What Conspiracy? by A. G. Kaiser
      If a conspiracy theory is a reality, there’s still no point in pursuing it. That approach is too well guarded with conditioned thought responses. We must make people aware of the truth at the level that’s accessible. The abstract basis of our understanding of good and evil is, I believe, more approachable than individual or conspiratorial acts, no matter how morally reprehensible or criminal they may be. It doesn’t matter to me so much who is doing a thing as that it’s being done. - And how much pain and suffering does that sort of thing cause?
      Besides, a good conspiracy requires intelligent thought. The forte of conservatism is reaction not thought. They possess cunning, ruthlessness and are willing to protect the wealth they’ve stolen from the community with violence. The rich elites who guide the conservative movement are at one with that principle. They have no need to conspire as each one will counter any resistance to their rule quite naturally. Of course the most effective means to resist the progress of the rest of US will be mimicked among the wealthy elites like successful food gathering strategies in a clan of chimpanzees. [Ed. Note: This is not intended to denigrate chimpanzees. They are much too intelligent to destroy the forest that provides their sustenance by the greedy hoarding of food far beyond their needs. They are also careful not to deprive the other chimpanzees they rely on for mutual support and defense. But that does suggest an interesting question. Are neo-cons devolved from apes?] But conspiracy? No, these guys act on the gut level. While few of them are intelligent, as in any identifiable subset, that percentage is probably no greater or less than any other social grouping and most are just low order monkeys seeing and doing. They delude themselves about genetic, spiritual, moral and intellectual superiority. If you have to ask who they are, you haven’t been paying attention. The final analysis is: the clowns running this circus don’t have enough brains for a good conspiracy.
      But the rich, they stick together. And they won’t really let US in. Gaining our approval was a good trick. It took some work to achieve popular support for the pyramid scheme fraud they’ve convinced US is the world’s only workable economy and “the best of all possible worlds,” in the words of Voltaire’s Dr. Pangloss. [“Candide”] That’s quite an accomplishment when you think about it - especially since it works well for so few of US and that percentage is dwindling. But they didn’t really think about it so much as they grasped any tool they could buy and use, like print and electronic media, to defend their “right” to take from the community at the expense of the rest of US. The corruption of language, by the economic tyrants that rule US, is a straightforward progression of the corruption of social instinct, an abomination of human nature that I’ve talked about so often. While an occasional conservative might be intelligent and creative enough to have originated some thought response and promoted its programming, I think for the most part they just stumble upon them and add them to their repertoire.
      One such perversion of language has been pointed out by an exwife, “‘government’ means ‘mind control’ at the linguistic cognate level.” [Ed. Note: see, “Talking Right: How Conservatives Turned Liberalism into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show” by linguist Geoffrey Nunberg, for more examples of conservative linguistic corruption in support of the rule of the rich.] Another neo sin is their [unconscious] projection of their own less than laudable traits onto their opponents. They’re so seldom called reactionary any more that few even know what it means. But they’ve successfully labeled liberals as “knee jerk,” meaning susceptible to emotional reflex action. In fact they’ve successfully associated liberal with many negative characteristics that are fundamentally symptomatic of their own mental disease. In the process of fixing the blame for everything they fix no problems and manage to know themselves not at all. Ok, so some of the ad agencies loaned to them by their corporate masters have some brains. But even among them it’s mostly monkey see monkey do.
      The politicians, CEOs and the investors that own US all are for the most part brain dead. All that guides them is greed, fear of social justice and the instinct to defend the wealth they’ve stolen from the community. To that end they’ve convinced us that abomination of human nature by corruption of social instinct in order to lead US to work for their enrichment is natural. [Ed. Note: NO! That doesn’t imply intelligence. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the student to explain why.] They program all to believe that their slaves are all that we may be and that is what God and Nature intended. Now, on an individual level we all attend to self interest. But the stupid masters won’t stop taking from the tree even if they’re destroying the source of their excess. The wealth they’ve hoarded at the expense of the community is evidence that their variation of the human kind possesses no intelligence. And we’re letting them take US down with them.
      What’s ironic is that those who are intelligent and creative will sell their talents to the rich for a few dollars more than average. They sell out their own power and intellect to support the enslavement of the human race, including themselves, to the enrichment of a few. They remain unaware that their own intellect is used to corrupt thought and language to ends that must affect their own long term self interest negatively. Orwell! Doublethink! Wake up fools, before our masters destroy much of life on Earth, including the human race, in their blind pursuit of profit at our expense! If this is the best we can play it, then rewrite the script for the theater of chaos. It can’t be worse than order that must impoverish many for the benefit of a few. And if you think we can all be rich you need to take a math course.

      “Can’t we all just get along?” For US all to “get along” we must focus on a common interest. In the absence of conflict, then, our individual desires may be cooperatively fulfilled. The rich resolve our conflicts by having US to work for them. By always placing their personal interest ahead of the community that produces the goods by working [for them] together, our cooperation is enlisted to make them wealthy. Thus our conflicts are resolved for the good of the greater. We cooperate for their greater good.
      They will never agree to our focusing on genuine common well being unless we are threatened by another power that will supplant them as our masters. Then they’ll want us to die to protect their wealth and power, while conning US into looting the treasury (and when it’s empty to borrow all we can from China et al.) to feed the profits of the military industrial complex of which they are the principle investors. To get along with the rich, those whom conservatives would conserve, is to work against our own self interests, which are best served by cooperating for the well being of the community. The rich see the community as a pool of wealth to be appropriated and hoarded by themselves. They will not speak or act sincerely in any matter concerning the genuine common welfare. So, no, we can not all just get along - not while there are rich among US. To get along all must act with sincere good will. Our rich rulers and the leaders that they coopt are only interested in their own well being and that of their classes. That’s why the attempt to compromise with conservatives, even talking to them unless they’re in chains at your feet or in cages like the dangerous animals that they are, can come to no good end.

DNews Factual
      Service dehumanizes both the server and the served. It is worse for the server but they’re too vulnerable to speak out in protest. When offered the choice between served and server most will choose to be a master or overseer rather than a working slave. I would myself, unless I could avoid the choice altogether. The reason we choose to be predators rather than prey, without giving thought to the damage done to the community by treating one another that way, is that our minds are trained to thoughtless puerile selfishness in such matters.

DNews - Dehumanization: Working to Make Another Rich, by Carlos Marques
      I listened to a small part of a CNN interview of Bill Clinton. The subject was poverty and Bill said we weren’t doing enough to create ways for people to work their way out of poverty in America. He quickly added that their weren’t many in America in poverty and it’s a lot worse in Africa. Even the rich and powerful have been programmed with and believe absurd propaganda about the righteousness of debt slavery and the world of subservience to the rich. About who does the work and who are the useless burden. It’s the rich bloodsuckers that we don’t need! The real difference between them and US is their satisfaction with their more superior position in the hierarchy created for the sustenance of the parasites that afflict the human race. The fraud of the rich was invented so long ago that we grow up knowing no other reality. To conspire to bring such about is unnecessary. The acts and words that preserve it are not conscious enough to be called a conspiracy. If any do conspire to maintain the dehumanization of de facto slavery, they are hidden. It’s unnecessary to uncover them in order to know their evil.
      My thesis, of course, is that working to make money for another is dehumanizing. It is slavery and the cause of poverty. In that case it’s impossible to “work” yourself out of poverty. If work means employment making money for someone else, the employer will make you work harder and pay less to increase their profit. The harder you work the more money they’ll make and the deeper in debt you’ll get as you borrow that money back to get what you need to live. If you don’t believe that, your not paying attention or you are incapable of comprehending the mathematical impossibility of the pyramid scheme our greedy idiotic leaders call an economy. No! If we want to get rid of poverty we must stop working for the rich. When you’re in a hole quit digging!

      I don’t wish to label a particular class as stupid. I want to point out that they’re essentially the same in that respect. The difference in the amount of goods produced in the community by many working together and held by classes or individuals doesn’t result from a difference in alertness, intelligence or even education. The middle class and upper classes are merely taught a better act to cover up their immaturity and stupidity. They are, because of their control of law and society, the ones who make the rules of behavior such that they may express approval and disapproval. The rest of us who work for them to make them rich are not allowed a voice. What needs to come out is that it’s all pretense.
      They pretend to be spiritually, morally, intellectually and genetically superior to their servants and forbid US to contradict them. The punishment for defying them is death. They bring it about by using the power afforded by their only real superiority, which is economic. You’ll lose your job working to make them rich and either become destitute or end up in prison. The punishment for refusing to get with their program is death by poverty. If you rebel effectively you’ll end up in prison, if you’re Black, Mexican or poor white trash. Else you’ll be coopted or fooled. One way or another you’ll be neutralized. You may be eliminated from the gene pool, if they get you young enough.

DNews Factual
      Resistance to the corporate empire [corporate empire is the latest political/economic formulation of the rich that operates to conserve the hoard of wealth that they’ve taken from us] will be labeled terrorism whether it’s really violence calculated to increase non conservative political/economic power or simply desperate self defense. But you’ll never be shown the truth of it by the propaganda enabling shills on cable or network news shows.

DNews Rhetorical
      Are the American People really morons who demand the sensational trivia and specious analysis presented as news, mostly on electronic media but increasingly in print as well? Or is it the performers who present it that have IQs in the low 70s? Well let’s give US all the benefit of a doubt and assume that newscasters, like the rest of US, must please the corporate masters first, last and always. The "news" we see is what the corporate investor’s overseers demand. Journalist may not be censored but their reports never see the light of day and their jobs become insecure when they tell a truth that the principal investors don’t want revealed. [Ed. Note: The late George Seldes wrote several influential works including "Lords of the Press," "You Can't Print That," and "Freedom of the Press," and "The People Don't Know: The American Press and the Cold War," Seldes documented the erosion of freedom of the press by corporate interests starting with the repression of the truth about Mussolini in the 1920s.]

DNews Editorial
      America’s economic problems, unrecognized by the disgustingly obtuse neo-cons, began when making a profit became more important than the quality of the product or the well being of the people who work to produce it.
      Once the philosophy of do whatever it takes to win becomes the de facto norm, the reduction to the lowest common denominator of sincerity, morality and behavior is inevitable. As wealth does with inheritance, the evil acquisition of destructive, ultimately self destructive, behaviors and principles tends to grow with each succeeding generation. In a way though it’s an inverse relationship. The pile of money grows in hands of fewer heirs, while the number of people grow with lower standards of behavior, who demonstrate them by futilely attempting to become one of the rich parasites. As with the lottery or becoming a star (the only honest ways to become rich) enough of them succeed and win to give hope and encouragement to the rest of the morons. In the end, the erosion of scruples among the struggling masses only serves to rationalize the greed of the rich.
      The less said of the middle class sycophants of the rich, the better. They serve by facilitating the servitude of the human race to the parasites that afflict us. The bourgeois have sold out the rest of us for a few dollars more. Many of them are educated fools. America has devolved to the greatest con that’s ever been operated. Most people don’t see it. They’re debt slaves who are no more free than a slave chained to an oar in a galley. But the fools think they’re free! And they think their value to the community means they deserve better than average treatment. They believe this is a meritocracy.
      Your betters will judge your value to the community. I think they’re not only likely to skew their judgement in their own favor but that their standard of measurement of merit is corrupt in the first place. One’s value to the community is what is given to it and is decreased by what one takes from it. Possession of more than average material wealth is evidence one has taken more than one has given and therefore one’s value to the community is negative.
      Well, at best, the rich are of less value than the majority of people who must have taken less than average for the wealthy minority to have taken more. Given finite material, mathematics demands that for some to have more than average others must have less. It’s easily seen that if 10% of the population each have 10 times more than average then the 90% remainder must have nothing. Is it realistic to believe that even a simple majority will ever have much more than average? If we in America accomplish that feat by taking from elsewhere in the world, will there be less terrorists or more in the inevitable balance? This of course is the limit to easing your own dissatisfaction or anxiety by looking around to find someone worse off than yourself.

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