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DNews -Spiritual Basis for the Domination of Earth by the Forces of Evil - August 30, 2006
Trashing Ann Coulter, Again

America has succumbed to seduction of the middle classes by the classist hubris of the elites. The difference between a slave and an employee is that the master isnít morally required to feed an employee when thereís no work to be done. The middle classes are ridiculous. Theyíre like house sniggers, who have been placed as overseers to manage the working slaves. The boss still jumps when the owner cracks the big whip.

DNews Factual
      Resistance to the corporate empire [corporate empire is the latest political/economic formulation of the rich that operates to conserve the hoard of wealth that theyíve taken from us] will be labeled terrorism whether itís really violence calculated to increase non conservative political/economic power or simply desperate self defense.

DNews Report: Followup on the Trashing of Ann Coulter, by A G Kaiser
      Why pick on Ann Coulter? She represents unrepentant arrogance to me. Sheís a role model for common middle class postures and pretension. The hubris, of which such waspish women and their equally self deluded male (or otherwise) counterparts are guilty, is born of a thinly disguised bigotry. Their prejudice is not necessarily racial. It is applied to anyone who works for them, not just Black ex slaves or Hispanic peasants. It was much more obvious when I was growing up in the 1950s and in high school in the early 1960s. Well, actually I donít know if itís any less obvious to its intended targets today. When I see a hint of it directed towards me, my reaction is unpleasant. The funny thing about the superior types is that theyíre themselves often very easily trained. You merely need to be very firm with them.
      Yes of course, handling the help, being firm with the servants is exactly what western aristocrats right down to their post modern upper middle class spawn [wannabees for the most part] have been doing for at least 1200 years. And itís really not fair to single out Ann to upbraid for this puerile behavior. Itís much too ubiquitous to be considered an individual trait at all. But her high profile image is an un-obscured target. To defend our common works in our pursuit of survival we must put the elite parasites and bourgeois sycophants like Ann, who threaten our well being by taking and hoarding our produce, in their place as a class. Thatís the only way we may effectively attack them in the defense of our lives. By attacking the symbolic target, the pretentious Ann Coulter, we attack the class that has parasitized our communities and threatened the survival of the human race for thousands of years.
      Ann, like many of her upper middle class ilk and their elite masters, is convinced of her self righteous moral superiority. They narcissistically believe they deserve to hoard the wealth of the community. They believe in their right and freedom to have the rest of US work so that they may live in relative leisure and luxury. They believe in their freedom to enslave US and see no irony in this.
      Itís true that the freedom to enslave the vast majority of Americans is the heartfelt motivation for the rants of neo-con spokesmen like Cheney, Robertson, Falwell, Limbaugh and OíReilly. But Ann Coulter is so much more naive and less aware of it. The cynicism of the male neos causes them to hide their true intent. Ann appeals to her own class and the wannabees with her undisguised arrogance. Sheís not even following a manís lead like Kay Hutchinson or Bob Doleís wife. Ann really believes herself to be better than everyone else. Of course deep down all conservatives believe so but the anorexic with boob job shows off her vanity and conceit to the world. She has no shame.
      Ironically many progressives or at least many who identify themselves as liberal or progressive also emulate the hubris of the Ann Coulters of the world. I refer to those who are concerned about poverty and the lack of adequate or top quality, non long line HMO profits before people health care for most Americans. Itís not enough to put on a display of concern. The problem is that they donít make the connection between their possession of much more than average material wealth and the poverty of so many that is its balance. Deprivation of many, the possession of much less than average of the goods produced by the human race, is necessitated by the hoarding of our produce by the rich. Thatís a mathematical certainty. Liberal or conservative, they donít see that the arrogance and self righteous pride implied by putting the under-classes to work to create their wealth is ultimately responsible for the relative poverty that such abominable crimes against nature necessitate. The corruption of the social instinct to selfish individual profit, which afflicts the human race, must produce the grossly inequitable distribution of the goods produced and needed by all. It is the bane of our socioeconomic structure. Hillary, youíre going to have to give up your pride and equilibrium disturbing benefits of class, before your deeds will be able to match your words. The greatest evil is the greatest pain and suffering caused. In the end Ann Coulter is only more stupid, not more evil than most of the liberals she attacks.

DNews Factual
      $1.2 trillion in tax relief to the rich divided by 45 million Americans without adequate health care equals $26,666 per person that could pay for medicine for the neglected patients. Itís a fact that the value of a person is what they give to the community. The value of a person therefore decreases by what they take from the community. Thatís why the rich are worthless. Less than worthless is the profit that burdens the community in general and the health care system in particular, with the support of the rich. Profit is the cost in any product that is most easily eliminated. The lower the profit the cheaper the product. Non profit is the lowest profit. Deprivatization is the salvation of our country, our economy and our lives.
      If I hear one more poor mouth word about the ďunaffordableĒ universal health care, which we hear so often in the whining of the representatives of elite parasites, Iím going to call on the president to defend our lives from a lethal threat. We can see a clear and present danger to our survival in the profits of the rich investors, especially in the health care and insurance industries. A preemptive attack on the rich ass-holes who own this country is whatís needed. Oh, right, the president is a rich asshole, whoís investment profits or those of his masters are the unaffordable part of health care coverage.

DNews - Spiritual Basis for the Domination of Earth by the Forces of Evil, by Carlos Marques
      All the worldís problems are traceable to abomination of human nature through corruption of social instinct by leaders who act to satisfy their individual desires instead of in the interests of the community. The existence of despotism, tyranny, authoritarianism and wealthy individuals or private corporations are all evidence of the primary degeneracy that produced selfish, egoistic leaders. Economic class structures make conflict of interest in leaders inevitable. Classist bigotry in support of the hoarding of the wealth by a small percentage of the population, who have the rest of us working for them, is also foreseeable from the time that leaders began to act for the good of themselves. Nature intended social instinct and therefore leaders to enhance the well being of the communities we form for our common welfare. The rich, the leaders and others who have sold out the human race to them, are an abomination of human nature.
      Social structures and economies, which functioned well for the good of all, successfully advanced the human race for millions of years. The corruption and degeneration of communities probably began six to ten thousand years ago. Since the genesis of this evil it has spread like a pandemic disease over the entire face of the Earth. The phenomenon is an actual original sin. And so it is rightly described as something done by our ancestors by which we all, except the rich leaders and the class they defend, still suffer. In my Judeo-Christian upbringing I was taught that I was born with original sin and it was cleansed by baptism. But that fraud was invented in support of the sin. We inherit its evil effects with the society weíre born into. We learn to commit original sin as we develop. By the time weíre adults we believe our enslavement to the rich to be natural. That carefully cultured delusion is the sin we both commit and of which are the victims. If we want to be free, if we wish to be rid of original sin, we must stop committing it and stop allowing our leaders to sin against the human race.
      An ordinary person, one whoís not rich or one of their high level ministers like national political rulers, doesnít directly commit the original sin of abomination of human nature through corruption of social instinct by leaders who act in their own concern instead of in the interests of the community. But we still share in the commission of the sin by failing to oppose it or even, as in the case of rank and file conservatives, actively supporting our own domination by the forces of evil, who control the Earth. To be cleansed of original sin we must neither perpetrate the crime on others nor allow others to victimize us.

DNews Historical Note, recycled from the last issue of DNews for emphasis
      The Clan and Family Communities of Europe were reorganized by the armies of Rome for the benefit of rich Roman patrons. This was obscured from most by the Roman merchants, who looted the traditional communities more thoroughly than the army could imagine. And they did it in such a way as to make themselves rich and their patron sponsors richer, while hiding that truth and the damage done to the victims in order to accomplish the selfish end. Those who fail to see that the rich are a threat to the survival of the Human Race havenít emerged from Obscura Romana.

DNews Editorial
      Take out the leader and the movement falls. Thatís the tried and true strategy since before the Roman Empire fell. Conservatives are bound in their thought to that which has been done before. They are incapable of appreciating that in an educated world, the people are less reliant on direction from above. Of course many, especially their rank and file, have abdicated thought in favor of filling their minds with conservative propaganda. Call it official and they fall at your feet. The thought that people might think on their own without direction from a mis-leader, if neo-cons were capable of thinking it, would scare the hell out of those who wish to conserve their hoard of the communityís wealth.
      The disability of the rich, the conservatives, is tantamount to delusion. Theyíre unable to deal with anything that doesnít have a clear cut leader to attack. Thatís why they create them as in the Middle East or imagine them as with the anti-war movement. Thatís why they blame the revolt of the poor in Venezuela on Hugo Chavez. He is easily identifiable. Creating an imaginary personality and assigning it to a real person to be attacked in the corporate owned media makes the corporate empire, whichís impoverishing most of the people on the Planet for the enrichment of a few elites, easier to defend. Lacking imagination, they often single out celebrities who have spoken out against the ancient evil of the rich in whatever new dress theyíve decorated it. They have to have someone on whom to fix the blame because they canít fix the problems or take responsibility for their own evils or incompetence and ineptitude. Thatís why the Dixiecrats abandoned all but the most subtle racial bigotry to become neo-cons in the first place.
      The conservatives and neo-cons completely stupify their rank and file. I started to notice it when I was about twelve years old. That was when the neo-cons were still Dixiecrats. Racial prejudice and bigotry of all sorts are such a great tool for reducing people to the lowest common denominator of intellect, morality and scruples. Those evils remain a favorite device of the neo-cons and conservatives of all stripes to this day, though today overt racial bigotry is not obvious. It was their bludgeon of choice in the late 1950s. That they want to bring it back to stun US once more is evidenced by the imaginary invention of Islamic Fascism, which is employed to obscure from decent people the reinforcement of bigotry that energizes Christo Fascists in America. The combined propaganda and misdirection seem to be less effective than the demagoguery of fifty years ago, except among the most brain-dead of the neo-con mob.
      Even the ďliberals will eat your babiesĒ and ethnocentric appeals to nationalism that have worked so well in the bible belt are starting decline in effectiveness. As far as the better educated middle classes are concerned, the fear of taxes and the latest foreign bogey man are starting to lose their hold. Without the support of those traditional lies and distractions, the ability of the corporate empire to loot our nationís economy and treasury is weakened.
      The average American, a decent human being, is beginning to see through the childishly inept spin and propaganda of this foolish administration. They do make some effort to cultivate new bogey men like Hugo Chavez and the president of Iran. But itís not too effective. Their only sincere interest is looting the treasury, social security and all the money that can be borrowed from China et al. to enrich their peers. The beneficiaries of the pillaging of the American economy are the rich investors in Exxon, Halliburton and the rest of the military industrial complex and neo fascist corporate empire. The resurgence of bigotry is one facet of the campaign to demonize Islam or others who merely resist colonization by Americaís rich investors. Even elected progressive or populist governments that put their people first and refuse to support the rapacity of the corporate empire are subject to propaganda attack - at least. On the bright side, less and less of US are falling for that bullshit.

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