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DNews - The Myth of Depredation by Taxes - August 20, 2006
The Looting of the Commons by Private Interests

America has succumbed to seduction of the middle classes by the classist hubris of the elites. The difference between a slave and an employee is that the master isnít morally required to feed an employee when thereís no work to be done. The middle classes are ridiculous. Theyíre like house sniggers, who have been placed as overseers to manage the working slaves. The boss still jumps when the owner cracks the big whip.

DNews Factual
      The value of a person increases by the amount they contribute to the community for the common well being. Likewise their value decreases by what they take from the community for themselves. That's why the rich are worthless - a burden on the human race. Regardless of individual history or associations, we all have the potential to be of value to the community of Planet Earth.
      One contribution I try to give to the community is self knowledge. Not my individual awareness. That, such as it is, is mostly a gift to myself. Honest appraisals of our common social being and its dependencies are something from which we can all benefit. That knowledge can be even harder to ascertain than personal self awareness. Both are valuable. Both are necessary for our long term survival.

DNews Report: The Looting of the Commons and Creation of the Poor, by A G Kaiser
      Most corporations and their rich investors want everything to be private and proprietary so they may profit from all activity in and at the expense of the community. The oil and pharmaceutical industries [When taken together with munitions these three form the greatest part of the chemical industry] especially want all of their scam to be private, while asking the government for subsidies for infrastructure and/or research and relief from pesky environmental regulations, taxes, fees for the use of our common resources and civil liability for the damages they do to the community and individuals. Note the $10 billion handout to Giga Oil to aid in in post Katrina refinery construction. That came after three quarters of increasing record profits in 2005, including $30 billion for Exxon alone. The profit derivative of Giga Oil has been positive [an upward slope] to this day. The Sierra Club as commented:
Sierra on oil scams, as has The Union of Concerned Scientists: UCS can be trusted.
      The Public Citizen Congress Watch of July 2001, published a 43 page pdf report Citizen that details as it debunks the Pharmaceutical corporate lies about research costs. See how we actually pay for the work on which the drug companies exorbitant profits are predicated. We get the bill. They get the products, intellectual property and patents we paid for. While medical costs go up, profits increase even faster. That indicates the disproportionate role that profit plays in cost. If weíre paying for a thing anyway letís take it over and do it for ourselves on a non profit basis! To hell with the rich investors. Thereís a lot of money to be saved using that model. Hereís a small excerpt from the paper linked above, that refers to government expenditures until 1997, several years before federal budgets reached the $trillion mark and 100k houses hit 300k.

ß A study by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scholar of the 21 most important drugs introduced between 1965 and 1992 found that publicly funded research played a part in discovering and developing 14 of the 21 drugs (67 percent).
ß 45 of the 50 top-selling drugs from 1992-1997 received government funding for some phase of development, according to an investigation by The Boston Globe. In all, taxpayers spent at least $175 million helping to develop these 50 drugs.

      Remember the propaganda and proposed legislation to provide liability relief for insurance pharmaceutical corporations. Thatís the so called tort reform which will save money that we know the insurance companies will stick in the pockets of investors, while dangerous drugs and incompetent practitioners will continue to plague the community. Legislated price gouging and treasury looting is Jim Hightowerís 8/7/06 topic. Drug costs and congress. -And they tell US entitlement is breaking the budget as they ignore this and Senate Majority Leader Bill Fristís familyís HMO frauds. - On 8/10/06 Jim exposes Bushís idea of border security. The shrub wants to protect US from less expensive re-imported Canadian drugs. Hightower on twisted border security.
      Of course Giga Pharmaceutical and Oil want to own the intellectual property rights proceeding from the taxpayer funded scientific studies or just to own the refinery capacity or whatever it is that we paid for. Theyíre all for privatization and free market forces until itís time to get their welfare from the government then they appear to be by God socialists, saying they take the public money for the good theyíre doing for the community. But not one cent for the people who must be impoverished to increase the profit of the investors. All the loot, the produce of the community, is to be gathered by the elite few for their further enrichment. They are conservative of their parasitic tradition. The poor are those who must be deprived of a fair share of the communitiesí produce so that most of it may be sucked up and hoarded by the rich.

      "So, what would you do with all the poor people?" Some not really rich man asked me that once. The implication was that the poor are Darwinian losers that survive only due to the largess of the rich winners.
      "I donít have to do anything with them. I didnít get rich by hoarding the wealth of the community or leave so little for the people who produced it that they became poor. But whatever you stupid assholes do about the mess youíve made trying to satisfy your greed, remaining rich better not be a priority in your plan. Because if there are still rich and poor at the end of the day, the solution will be proved another lie. We will settle for everyone well off or at least no one much better off than the rest of us. Any solution in which the rich remain and all are not rich will be unacceptable. There will be hell to pay."

      The Democrats donít want to do anything that will really solve the problem of the poor any more than the Republicans do. The former do want to address the problem, unlike the latter, who want to pretend it doesnít exist or throw words at it. But even the rich FDR only threw bones to the poor. He stopped way short of fixing the system that impoverishes most to enrich a few. Since then its been mostly words from both sides, as they promised a college education would be the ticket to genuine advancement. Now even that bone, which never really lived up to its promise except for a handful of increasingly inbred corporate sellouts to the rich investors, is being withdrawn by the neo-cons as profits rise due to outsourcing. The centrists and most of the rest of the Democrats and moderate Republicans, while somewhat aware of the problem and wanting to apply some band-aid to the arterial wound, are not yet willing to let go of their denial. They wonít face the impossibility of the Ponzi we call an economic system. It sucks the community dry, to benefit a few elites and their sycophants. Meanwhile the neo-cons want to blame any theoretical "downturn" [the morons think the rise of usurious income is economic growth] on the best thing to come out of the depression revolt of the 1930s: social security.

DNews Factual
      For most people, especially the middle and working classes, interest on debt and finance costs, insurance, medicine, energy/transportation and communications (including the hidden costs of advertising in the products you consume) each take more of our income than taxes. If you have so much more than average that such isnít true for you, then you are the enemy. I wonít rest until your kind are undone. Those who believe the lies that conditioned our mind with automatic thought responses are fools and usually wannabee rich. They have been misled to think that our common works through democratic government and taxes are the burden that dissipates the economy that supports our community and lives. The willing victims, slaves and thralls of the the richís wholly owned demagogues, are also the enemies of free people.

DNews - The Abomination of Human Nature, Corruption of Social Instinct, by Carlos Marques
      Letís imagine that all of the goods produced by the human race are contained in one great bag of loot hauled off by a single band of robbers. Well that makes it simple and easy to understand. We will all die from want. Then the next time the thieves need something critical there will be no one to rob and theyíll die too. End of story.
      How can the robbers avoid that tragic ending and still keep their loot? They need to devise a way to redistribute whatís been taken from the community without relinquishing their claim on it. Since they must continue to rob in order to grow, they have a difficult problem. If the amount of goods in the world are static, they may only have it all or merely more, if the rest of us have nothing or less. If the pile of potential loot is growing they may increase their profit and indulge their greed by taking a critical amount such that the rest of US have the same as before. Or they can be greedier and take so much that we have less than before. If they are as greedy and stupid as the neo-cons they will try to take it all so that we have virtually nothing. The last wonít work because as at the beginning, we die and thereís nothing more to rob. At some point they must acknowledge that the victims of the robberies will not be able to produce more goods to rob (or buy more products to provide profit) if we starve to death. If we remain static while they grow, profit will be curtailed by our limited ability to produce and consume. So if weíre in the static state they can only pretend to grow. But the robbers are stubborn and stupid. Though we must have the goods we need in order to continue producing, they wonít allow US to take them from the bag of loot that has been gathered from our community. Of course we know the masters of the community have in fact devised a way to deal with the problem.
      The problem was solved millennia ago by inventing tokens to represent the goods we produce. Those tokens are money. When the robbers take our goods they give us money in exchange for them. Then we can buy back the goods we need to live with the money we received. The robbers may sell us back our goods for more than they gave us for them. That way they make a steady profit and have no need to resort to violence to take what we have. After a while they began to pay us the money to produce goods for them. We no longer own them until we buy them back. The system continues to work for the rich robbers as long as we produce more than we need to survive and the prices they charge us for the goods we produce are affordable or at least weíve produced sufficient excess to substantiate the money their profit has created. Otherwise the profit will result in inflation of the money supply, because there are not enough goods to back it. Oh, and those of us who actually produce the goods must not notice that the rich robbers are superfluous to our economy. But that usually doesnít happen unless the masters get too greedy. Even then a significant percentage of the population remains stupefied to the point of virtual unconsciousness. They never figure out that theyíre being robbed and that their survival is threatened by the economic dissipation, whenever the thievery gets out of hand. That is: when the thieves, like those in the Bush Administration, grow so stupid and greedy that they completely impoverish the consumers who buy the products, the whole system is threatened with collapse.
      As long as there are nearly as much goods as there is money, the representative barter system can remain stable and only moderately dissipative. But profit, especially the purely abstract profit of financial enterprises, introduces economic entropy at an ever increasing rate as the system grows. It creates money without adding to the goods we may buy with it. Coupled with inheritance this scheme eventually becomes the equivalent of the robbers taking all the goods and the producers starve. But the rich robbers and mis-leaders of our community donít care to know this reality. Banking, insurance and investment at a profit are all dissipative to real economy and tend to destabilize it. Usury and profit on the labor of others make our economic system a pyramid scheme - a fraud.
      To sum up: any economic system that, like capitalism, takes wealth produced by the community and concentrates it in a few hands is dissipative. The faster the wealth is concentrated the more dissipative is the system. The goods the people of the community need to continue to produce goods are not available except on loan from the rich. The interest on the debt exacerbates the dissipation and the greedier the mis-leaders are the faster the system collapses.

DNews Historical Note
      The Clan and Family Communities of Europe were reorganized by the armies of Rome for the benefit of rich Roman patrons. This was obscured from most by the Roman merchants, who looted the traditional communities more thoroughly than the army could imagine. And they did it in such a way as to make themselves rich and their patron sponsors richer, while hiding that truth and the damage done to the victims in order to accomplish the selfish end. Those who fail to see that the rich are a threat to the survival of the Human Race havenít emerged from Obscura Romana.

DNews Editorial
      Itís all for show. You canít believe itís for real any more. Five years ago I wouldnít have believed it possible that an American president would lie in order to make members of his class richer at the expense of the lives of the youth of America. Thatís what the war in Iraq is all about and it will not end until the money runs out and Halliburton et al. go home. While the real casus belli is the profit of the contractors who service the most privatized war in history, itís still the public, our children, who die. The reasons given to US are lies.
      Since September 11, 2001 we have been rallied by the fear of terrorism and the rogue states that support it. Luckily for the Bush Administration, whenever their authority to borrow and spend money in our name to enrich their friends flagged, some new terrorist atrocity was uncovered that reinvigorated the regimeís call to dissipation of the communityís wealth. But can we believe it. Once caught in lies that person can never be trusted again. There is no way to know when a liar is telling the truth. The liquid terror plot targeting flights to America from Britain may be for real. But with Bush and Blair you canít know for sure. They may have cooked it up to bolster their failing popularity and authority to spend public money enriching the old boys in the net. They are the ones who will win the contracts to increase airport security. Now if we could remove profit from the formula there would be less incentive to lie and we could be more sure of the motives of our leaders. The real threat to the human race is virtually always those who are [further] enriched by addressing the fearful inventions of demagogues. But sometimes I want to scream back at some brain dead neo-conís shill.
      For instance: Colder Ann Coulter is an anorexic waspish butch psycho bitch with hollow cheeks, vulture nose, skinny legs and disproportionate implants that make me wonder if her surgeon deliberately made her look like the caricature of a woman that she is. She obviously doesnít worry much about her physical appearance, or maybe sheís just blind to it as she is to so much of reality. If it werenít for posturing and pretense sheíd have no identity at all.
      That feels better. Now I have that low life ad hominem venom out of my system for the moment. - I canít help but react in kind to neo con personal attacks on everyone and every thought they perceive as a threat to thefts from the community that they purport, in their propaganda, to protect. It just slips out like striking an attacker to defend myself, even though their poison is directed at the non-existent fantasy liberals the neo cons project from their own twisted and severely limited imaginations. Itís how conservatives escape from the horror reality their misguided values of greed and principles of violence are creating. - The substances of her offenses on goodness are difficult to separate from the great heaps of muck she embeds them in but Iíll try to expose her heart of darkness anyway.
      Actually thereís very little substance to uncover in Coulterís anti American People rants. Mostly she just presses the carefully implanted buttons that elicit the conditioned thought responses from conservative rank and file. "Liberals want to eat your babies. Liberals want terrorists to rape your wife and daughter. Taxes! They want to take money from the working poor to give to the desperately poor!" True in the case of conservatives . . . when theyíre willing to do anything at all about poverty. Usually they just pretend it doesnít exist like they ignore any other unpleasant reality or truth that doesnít support neo-con greed. Close examination of her raving elocution exposes only the inference of an attempt, successful in the case of morons like Bill O`Reilly, herself and their followings, to divert US from the looting of America by the corporate masters who own them and the puppet Bush Regime. Itís sort of like one of the trite pep rallies that the administration occasionally presents for our enthrallment.
      "Liberals want criminals free to victimize you. Liberals want terrorists unwatched, unquestioned and unchallenged." That implies, "We will protect you by watching over and listening to you carefully. We will take the bad guys from among you and put them away where they will not, unless the liberals interfere, be heard from again. If we make an occasional mistake, well, you canít make an omelet. . . . There are too many liberals in Congress and the Courts. They will try to check our power to protect you." Etc. Etc. Etc. Ad Nauseam. This isnít even close to new, the ravings that O`Reilly, Coulter etc. spout. How can it be called substance when itís never had any? If I continued to expose the absurd demagoguery of similar neo-con touch stone arguments, what would be the point. Itís unnecessary for intelligent readers and neo-cons and their thralls would only deny them vehemently as they do most of reality.

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