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DNews - The Ravages of Investorís Profits - August 10, 2006
The Psychology of Energy

DNews presents: The Psychology of Energy, by A G Kaiser
      The fundamental denial, of which all other denials are born, is that greed causes no harm. That is the truly bi-partisan self-delusion.

      For instance, take the denial of global warming. Itís founded in the desire to profit from carbon based fuels. I wonít credit the choices of American consumers with the power to demand or refuse these products. The minions of the rich investors lay the responsibility for all evils on the people who are the victims, in order to curry favor with the masters. The truth is: our normal group consciousness is engineered by advertisers in the employ of the elite parasites who rule US. As the oil becomes harder to get, supply dwindles. The first thought of Giga Oil is to sustain profits by utilizing carbon based substitutes like ethanol. If it werenít that the denial of global warming is based on greed, they might see that carbon based ethanolís strongest positive attribute is that it fits well into the supply, distribution and consumption machine that provides the investorís profit. Though it doesnít put heavy hydrocarbons into the atmosphere, it still contributes carbon dioxide. Worse than the added warming effect of CO2 it consumes food in our SUVs in a world in which children are starving. On the plus side, growing the biomass removes some carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When we account for the tractor fuel and fertilizer contributions, along with shipping at every stage of production and distribution, itís not clear that bio mass fuels even provide a net energy gain and much less obvious that they help with the CO2 problem. Real alternative fuels are non carbon based. Only energy produced by burning non carbon fuels zeroes the CO2, which contributes to the rise of the average temperature of the atmosphere.
      There are many cycles that are in motion, which affect the ice caps and global warming or cooling. The precession of the Earthís rotational axis is one. The Moon and tides. The activity of the Sunís spots. Volcanic activity may be cyclic and is certainly recurring. Whether an activity is ruled by the mathematics of harmonic motion or apparently occurs at random times, it has maxima and minima. And it interacts with other activities. When an impulse (random maximum) or harmonic peak coincides with another maximum, there occurs an increase in overall amplitude due to constructive interference. In the case of harmonic feedback, there is the possibility of an over-damped, runaway condition. (Every EE, and Iím no exception, has seen and heard an over-damped oscillator overheat and explode. A piece of a transistor once burned my cheek near my eye, as I worked an undergraduate lab.) The point is, whether or not there are natural cycles that contribute to global warming, what we do may provide the impulse that causes the system to blow up. We may be over damping cyclic phenomena and thereby approaching a zero, an anomaly that triggers a super disaster. We canít control volcanoes, hurricanes or the Sun, Moon, tides or the Earthís rotation. We canít control the weather for the most part. We do have control over our own emissions. We can curtail our contribution to the problem
      I just said we canít control the Planetís axial spin. Thatís true in the greater sense but we are certainly slowing the Earthís rotation by removing mass from beneath the surface and placing it on the surface or in the atmosphere as we do when we build with iron or burn coal, oil or natural gas, for instance. Like a fast spinning skater who extends her arms, conservation of angular momentum forces a reduction in angular velocity. Eventually the lengthening day could cause greater extremes of day and night temperature. We might burn more energy to compensate thus tending to further increase the length of day and night. At this time the slowing of the Earthís rotation may be negligible. But as with many things our greedy short sighted pig leaders do on this animal farm, I donít want US to be moving in that direction.
      They ask what are we to do? I donít know what those idiots are going to do. Theyíll probably keep their head in the hole until it fills with their excrement and they drown. But I will do what I can to create a survivable space and hope their stupidity doesnít take me and my children down with them. That and try to spread the warranted alarm, while thereís still some hope of reversing the dead end course. Now, if a worm hole opened in space 5 miles from the surface of the Earth and sucked our atmosphere to the other side of the universe, we would all die. Thereís nothing we can do about such an unforeseeable "natural" disaster. Thereís no way to plan for it. Thereís no way to stop it. Thereís no point in worrying about it. We can do something about the carbon emissions that increase the optical density and the mass of our atmosphere. If enough of us produce our own clean energy, we will quit "demanding" that the investor leeches supply us. The emissions will slow as the greedy parasites go out of business and starve to death. Then the Planet will be fit for decent people like you and me.

DNews Factual
      Middle class hubris and pretentiousness are great among the tools of enthrallment that obscure from them the slavery to which theyíre bound by debt. And most of the idiots will support the abolishment of the estate tax that will guarantee the perpetuation of their servitude, even to their progeny until the end of time. Theyíre just plain too damn stupid to see whatís going on.

DNews - The Overlooked Ravages of Investorís Profit, by Carlos Marques
      CSPAN-2 recently aired a panel sponsored by the American Risk and Insurance Assn. entitled, "The Future of Entitlement Spending." One economist at the table mentioned in passing that social security is combined in most citizenís minds with medicare and medicaid. That was the only hint of the existence of the contribution of demagogues to the group thought that rules America. Their approach in general was from the conventional economics viewpoint. That is: they wanted to see how to balance the books and lower costs by limiting service and reducing its quality, while increasing the investorís profit. They simultaneously praised the high quality of American medicine. I doubt that any of the highly educated corporate clones noticed the contradiction contained in their automatic reinforcement of conditioned thought response.
      More significantly, no American economist is capable of seeing investorís profit as the most unnecessary of costs in any given situation. The frauds of corporate health care providers, like the Frist family and other insurance and pharmaceutical profits subsidized by the "entitlement" costs that they were trying to blame on the victims of capitalism, were not hinted at as they wandered why medicare costs of redundant procedures occurred in some places and not others. At least one did say that legislative limitation of liability would not be a cure all.. It occurs to no one that savings on malpractice settlements will be pocketed by insurance investors.
      Even more foreign to the mind of a mainstream economist is the notion that investorís profits are not only a cost and often a huge cost but are always a superfluous cost that burdens the real economy of production of goods and necessary, useful services. The first and best solution for the high cost of medicine, drugs, insurance, banking, finance, energy, mass transportation and communications is always deprivatization of the industries. What the community needs and wants in common must be done in common on a non profit basis to have the product or service at the lowest possible cost and greatest efficiency compatible with high quality. Profit motive serves the fewest best. It forces the community to serve the interests of a few rich parasites. The greed for high profits forces most of US to suffer from low quality and short supply at prices we canít afford.
      When the shortcomings of their promises of the glories of capitalism do penetrate obscuring self delusion momentarily, they find a way to blame their victims. They tell US that, though theyíve begged or forced US deeper into debt to keep their kite flying that itís our fault for not saving enough. They ignore the obvious. Even if we could do as they say w.r.t. the self contradicting advises, investing for retirement is just part of the overall pyramid scheme of finance, which must collapse because the baby boom payout has no expanding base to support it. There will be no new blood to suck to keep the bloated financial tick alive. [My mixed metaphors are effective and Iím un-penitent!] Economists must have known this all along and now theyíre trying to blame it on social security, so they can have the opportunity to default the IOUs they substituted for the trust fund they payed the politicians to loot for their profit.
      The lies of a demagogue will never change any reality nor solve any problem common to the people. All they know how to do is to fix the blame, virtually always in the wrong place. We need to fix our common problems, not the blame for them. Politicians and panels sponsored and/or in the pay of vested insurance [financial] industry interests like the American Risk and Insurance Assn. steer wide of even properly identifying much less solving our real problems. The reason is obvious. Politicians and panels of economists are sponsored and paid by the likes of the American Risk and Insurance Assn. Such private enterprises are not interested in the people and the peopleís community that they purport to serve. The rich investors and their corporations and wholly owned subsidiary economists and politicians are interested only in the profit they can take from the community. They donít give a damn for the people who are the community. They think we [who are about to die] are too stupid to see that their indifference and neglect or even their overtly malicious and selfish actions are destroying the people and community who are the source of their wealth. They think weíre stupid?! Itís like theyíre burning down their own house with themselves inside it and are oblivious to their own self destructiveness.
      You want more proof? The house burning metaphor and denial of global warming in defense of profit mix quite nicely. Look around. The evidence is in the open everywhere. You need only the courage to look at it and see it for yourself. But, if you depend on words from friends, employers, coworkers or propaganda from Giga Oil, their advertisers and politicians for your information, youíll never know the truth. You must want to know the truth to be able to undergo the shift in perspective thatís necessary to see it.

DNews Factual
      The value of a person increases by the amount they contribute to the community for the common well being. Likewise their value decreases by what they take from the community for themselves. That's why the rich are worthless - a burden on the human race. Regardless of individual history or associations, we all have the potential to be of value to the community of Planet Earth.

DNews Editorial
      Bush doesnít control the jobs that are outsourced from or the migrant workers that come into America, within or without the law. He doesnít control the gang bangers and mafia or the drugs they import from across our borders. If he doesnít deserve to be held responsible for what these others in our country do, even though members of his class benefit from such activities, then he shouldnít be so quick to fix the blame on Lebanon, Syria or Iran for the crimes of Hezbollah. Maybe all sides canít be right but DNews is certain they can all be wrong.
      Iím thankful that at least sometimes there are two distinct sides to choose from, even if they are both wrong in their own way. Thatís not often the case in American politics. Iím sick of the insipid "Yellow Lines and Dead Armadillos"1 in the middle of the road. They do no long term good and ultimately serve to perpetuate the evil of conservatism.
      No more centrists! They help just enough to take the edge off our hunger, so that nothing really changes. Just like the conservatives, they canít see that capitalism is a dissipative system that cannot ultimately be sustained. All of the leaders have a similar disease. Immaturity. They childishly believe itís possible to have their cake and eat it too. Itís true of Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Are they better than Bush and the neo-cons, who donít even put on a good show of caring about the poor and middle class, who they screw out of everything? Sure they are. But sincere concern is not good enough. And the reason is that, though it slows the degradation of the economy to get a little money back from the rich, it doesnít stop the decline or even change the direction towards ultimate destruction.
      Would I rather see Hillary than another Bush or the like? Well, anyone whoís smart enough to see theyíve got to kick a little money back down, if they want to have more profit to take, will help a little. But thatís still not good enough and Iím not sure the little respite it brings is worth it. It just puts off the day of reckoning. And reckoning is exactly the right word because this is a mathematical thing. Itís about balancing an equation. Zero sum you know. When non productive, unnecessary service [finance] takes huge profits from the economy the equilibrium between goods and money gets hugely upset. And thatís what centrists and liberals understand no better than libertarians or conservatives. The investorís profit, like any usury, creates no goods for the money it makes to represent. The only thing capitalists produce is inflation of the money supply. The free market capitalist economy is a con game. Itís a debt kited pyramid scheme and it will self-destruct. Anyone, liberal, conservative, centrist or libertarian who canít see that fact, will not be able to help our community or make our survival more likely in the long haul.

1 See Jim Hightowerís, "Thereís Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Lines and Dead Armadillos"

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