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DNews - Stem Cell Debate - July 20, 2006
Will the "Blame Game" Solve the Mid East Crisis

Widening the War is the Answer?
      DNews highlights some moments of the UN Security Council meeting on the Mid East Crisis, aired live on C-SPAN 7/14/06.
      US - Bolton emphasized Iran’s and Syria’s support for terrorism.
      Argentina - called for reason and expressed fear of consequences of wider war. The ambassador stopped short of accusing Israel of going too far by attacking airports and power plants.
      Qatar - condemned Israel. The translator repeated, "Israel’s alleged right to self defense." Some suspect the Qatari ambassador may have said "alleged self defense" but that instead of merely mistranslating, the translator deliberately misrepresented the Arab country’s official response to the violence.
      Early on, Argentina was the only one we heard to point out the pain and suffering inflicted on civilians by the bombing of airport and power plants. Later the Congo made similar comments.
      Dnews predicts, with great confidence, that the ruling investors will see the opportunity in the disaster. The bombing of such infrastructure by Israel [or anyone for that matter] will benefit the World Bank/ IMF [giga investors] and Halliburton-KBR et al. when the latter are hired, with the [usuriously profitable] WB etc. loan money, to rebuild.

      Tony Snow, White House Press Secretary, says we’re moving assets into the area to help with the evacuation of US citizens from Lebanon.
      As U.S. moves assets, including chartered cruise ships, into the Eastern Mediterranean, forward thinking investors move money into munitions and high tech weaponry. Financial investment in World Bank-like funding securities are also considered a good long term bet. Meanwhile the administration attempts to fix the blame, while the problem itself is not adequately addressed and becomes more intractable. Administration rhetoric also seeks to widen the conflict to embrace Syria and Iran. Money flows from WB and IMF and therefore profits on the taxpayer guaranteed loans peak, after strife destroys infrastructure in a given area. And all usurious profits, while the dominant entries in the elite few investor’s accounts, are eclipsed in our minds by the increase in gasoline price that always accompanies Mid East operations. The wider the war and the longer it lasts, the more money is to be made by our masters. We have nothing to lose but the stability of our currency, our mobility, our livelihoods, real productive life sustaining economic growth and the lives of our children, as the profits of a vanishingly small number of rich investors mount.

DNews Factual
      Low credit report #? Interest penalties are imposed, if you get behind on credit card payments. Read your contracts to know how severe. What can this accomplish except to drive the high risk borrowers into bankruptcy more quickly and add to the destabilization of the economy?

DNews Reports on and Speculates About the Significance of the Stem Cell Debate
      Our ban on taxpayer funding of stem cell research supports private ownership of our genetic material. Meanwhile the research goes on at a great pace in other countries. Private research may go on here. The upshot of the ban is that there is no public research and therefore no public ownership of the new technology that’s developed in these areas. In today’s state of privatization and Giga territorial-ism, what is left if anything of the public domain . . . or the rights of real human beings for that matter? The paths for embryonic stem cell research that remain open are open only to Giga corporations. Our XNATs [Multi-National Corporations] can even get foreign government funds to carry it on overseas. If there is anything left of the public domain the tendency of any of today’s legislation is to empower the greediest to steal our property, whether or not our taxpayers fund the research.
      Intellectual property protection in the 21rst Century guarantees the rights of Giga Corporations of the Global Empire to own your thoughts before you think them. Now we can add to that our genetic material. In any case, the debate at hand diverts US far from the travesties of dehumanizing corporate activities [see this and past issues of DNews and the Post Agrarian times for examples] that pose a much greater threat to our society than moral debate can address. The question our mis-leaders really care about is: how can the debate on embryonic stem cells be used to forward the XNAT Corporate Empire’s agendas?
      Over seventy per cent of Americans think Dubya is an idiot but maybe he’s more cynical and devious than we give him credit for being. Maybe he’s holding the line on stem cell research, even in the face of dwindling support on the issue, to give the XNATs the greatest head start towards the goal of ownership of the genetic material of the human race. In this variation of the same old plot, he doesn’t care about what happens to his party because he’s never again running for election. Likewise, maybe Sen. Santorum has given up on reelection and is feathering his post political bed with his last hurrah. . . . Or maybe they’re falling on their swords for the good of the party, by reinforcing the conditioned thought responses of the Christo Ra-Fascists who, though in disfavor like Dubya and Rick, are still an important voting block. That group might associate thus: Bush is a Republican, he supports the Bible, I’ll vote Republican. This would simultaneously provide the majority with an opportunity to distance themselves from that lunatic fringe without losing their votes, while courting the growing number of awakened voters by over-riding a veto on embryonic stem cell research. The Christo Ra-Fascists would, of course, blame the Democrats for the setback in "God’s" and the Klan’s agenda. Perhaps that’s Bush’s Brainiac’s strategy for the mid term elections? What is Bush really up to? Perhaps the answer is all of the above, in which case the real question is: do they know they’re at cross purposes with themselves?

      But then what the hell difference does it make to most of US. We’ll never be able to afford the treatments that come of anybody’s research. So whether Bush is really a Christo Fascist idiot or a devious demon supporting the profit of the peers; whether or not stem cell research is allowed to be all that it can be, the 45 million Americans without adequate health care will continue to be ignored, while our politicians distract US and are distracted by nonsense issues like the opposition to research that employs discarded human biological building blocks.
      Almost in an aside, legislation was introduced in the Senate on 7/20/06 to provide sliding scale support for catastrophic health care coverage for the poor, working poor, victims of outsourcing etc. and an increasing number of middle class tradesman and clerks. While it’s positive to try to help with this disgraceful state of affairs, in this form it amounts to a subsidy to the profits of investors in insurance, pharmaceutical and medical provider corporations. We should utilize our government and tax monies to provide for our common needs. That is why we have a government. However, to minimize the cost we must minimize the profit of investors. The lowest profit is non profit. What we need in common we must do in common. No person or legal entity can be allowed to burden our systems of self help with their parasitic profit.

Is a Soldier’s Sacrifice Dishonored by an Unscrupulous Leader
      It’s sometimes thrown in the face of those who oppose the war in Iraq that we must honor our dead soldiers by seeing the task through. DNews asked resident cultural critic, A G Kaiser, to comment.
      "There is no logic that will be heard by one in the grip of strong emotion. We can only say to the grieving father or mother that their son or daughter gave their life for what they believed to be a good reason. But so do the enemies. It may not be possible for both sides to be right but it is possible for both sides to be wrong. The soldier who is misled by his leaders but believes the cause to be in defense of his community, dies honorably. If there’s blame to be fixed it is on the leader who takes the country to war in an unjust or selfish cause. Such a leader is a throwback to a feudal society.
      "What’s honorable about fighting and dying for the master and parasite of a community, like a feudal lord who rules for his own benefit? The samurai, knight, warrior or soldier who fights for the community itself, instead of for the mis-leaders who plunder it for personal gain, is honorable. It is dishonorable to usurp social power for personal profit. Therefore it is dishonorable to knowingly and willingly serve the elite abominations of human nature who do so. The generally accepted corruption of social instinct that dominates the contemporary human psyche is a threat to our survival. Our leaders and those who sell out the human race for a few dollars more by serving and supporting the usurpers are, like their principals, without sincerity, honesty or honor. The human race must act to defend ourselves against the global corporate empire, its wholly owned subsidiary politicians and other sycophants who threaten our lives by their existence and by their hoarding of the wealth produced by our community."

DNews Factual
      Our predilection to rely on gods or heroes to solve our problems may be the fatal flaw that predicts the demise of the human race. If you truly wish to be saved, you’d better save yourself. But that’s impossible! Then we’d better save ourselves. Yeah, that could work!

DNews Editorial
      It’s not just a difference of opinion. It’s a difference between right and wrong. The right represents the wrong. Conservatives fight to preserve the “right” of the parasites to victimize the community for their own benefit, which they will continue to do no matter what is said to them. They will not engage in meaningful dialog. In the conflict between the elite rich parasites of the community and their victims, the rest of US, there is no resolution but to exterminate the vermin or let their greed destroy US all. You can not discuss anything with the insincere persons who possess everything that our community produces except good will. They are the upper classes, who rob our communities of our wealth. They are ruled by greed. No moral argument will reach them. No reason will reach them. They don’t care about the survival of the species or even their own children. Whether by malicious intent or ultimate stupidity and thoughtlessness, the greed of the rich is a threat to the survival of the human race.

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