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DNews - July 12, 2006
Compare and Contrast Carlos Marques v. Dubya on the Economy

DNews Reprint with Update on Debt Growth
      In the last issue we reported: ". . . they say that the national debt is down as a percentage of GDP. What they don’t say is that non productive service has grown to 80% of GDP in the past 30 years and that 25% of that is purely parasitic and abstract [imaginary] financial service. That means they’re counting the interest on the debt and profit on investment as growth of GDP. . . ."

      Below are updated figures on our national debt from the U.S. Treasury website. We’ve included the historical data that DNews printed in the last issue augmented by the Reagan/Bush I years. The new numbers are bold.
latest cumulative debt
      07/11/2006 $8,413,248,232,387.89
      06/29/2006 $8,340,008,565,191.56
debt history
      09/30/2001 $5,807,463,412,200.06
      09/30/2000 $5,674,178,209,886.86
      09/30/1992 $4,064,620,655,521.66
      09/30/1988 $2,602,337,712,041.16
      12/31/1980 $930,210,000,000.00
      01/01/1835 $33,733.05
      01/01/1791 $75,463,476.52

      DNews has excerpted remarks of the president from July 11th, which are interspersed with comments solicited from Carlos Marques. Since we quoted ourselves above without fear of accusation of plagiarism or violation of intellectual property rights, we gave Carlos permission to quote his own past utterances. The privilege we’ve generously granted extends even to such material as has been previously published by DNews and is therefore our corporate property. When individuals are under contract with DNews, all the creation of their minds belongs to us. In the case of occasional contributors like Carlos, only the creative works that we’ve actually published are our legal property. You can read the president’s speech in its entirety at: whitehouse.gov

DNews Presents: Carlos Marques v. Dubya on the Economy
"For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 11, 2006

"President Bush Discusses Mid-Session Review
East Room"

      ". . . and we're cutting the federal deficit faster than we expected. This good news is no accident. It's the result of the hard work of the American people and sound policies in Washington, D.C. This morning I'm going to discuss the way forward, I'll explain why our pro-growth policies are vital to our efforts to reduce the federal deficit, what my administration is doing to work with Congress to eliminate wasteful spending, and why we need to confront the unsustainable growth in entitlement spending. . . ."

      "First, let me say to DNews, gee thanks! It’s really big of you to allow me access to the products of my own mind. I’m sure corporate ownership of human minds and their thoughts before they’re thunk is exactly what the framers of the constitution had in mind when they allowed for patents and copyrights! You can count on one thing. I’ll never accuse you of being a liberal media.
      "I don’t think though, that I will refer to previous expressions of mine. Because I can originate thoughts and ideas, I am not dependent on purchasing the ideas of others in order to possess intellectual property. Another benefit of the ability to really think and not merely parrot the thoughts of others is that I don’t need to plagiarize anyone, not even myself, in order to express thoughts. However, I will repeat any thought I have ever had or word I have ever spoken, whenever I wish to do so, without regard for any paper person [corporation] that has usurped my Natural and Constitutional rights through the marketeering crimes allowed by corporate inspired law.
      "As to the excerpt from Dubya’s opening, is there anyone left who’s stupid enough to believe any of that man’s propaganda lies? . . . That is: anything he says? By ‘pro-growth policies’ he means tax cuts to the rich, while borrowing money to spend on do nothing government contractors, which further pumps up investment profits. That of course grows the money supply, while failing to produce more goods for the extra money to represent. The cash flows by design into the hands of the rich. It’s a way of robbing the poor and middle classes, who are beginning to look very much alike, and then giving the booty to the elite investors and their corporate empire. ‘Reduce the federal deficit’ reminds US of the extra hot barbeque of the national economy’s books. ‘Eliminate wasteful spending’ refers to any money not going to Halliburton or other old boy’s in the net. And finally ‘confront unsustainable growth in entitlement spending’ refers to the fact that there’s not much money left to loot -- they call it borrowing -- from Social Security (a program he’s afraid to mention by name) in order to keep the debt kite flying!"

      ". . . When I came to Washington, taxes were too high, and the economy was headed into a recession. Some said the answer was to centralize power in Washington, and let the politicians make the decisions about what to do with the people's money. That was one point of view.
      "We had a different point of view. I believe that the economy prospers when we trust the American people to make their own decisions about how to save, spend and invest.. . . "

      "Big gumint , high taxes plays well to minds that have been cultivated by constant repetition. The conditioned thought responses spring from the fertile ground that’s been prepared for the carefully crafted demagoguery that stimulates them. Some true believers that vote for polarizer, magnetizer, hypnotizer con artists like ‘Bush’s Brain’, don’t need additional doses of indoctrination to stupify them. Though they never really benefit and always end up worse off than before, they continue to hope they’ll receive a reward for their loyalty to the masters and their betrayal of the human race. The craven cowards never catch on. They’ll never be anything but the scum that sold out for a few dollars more than average. When the man said, ‘there’s a sucker born every minute’ and ‘never give a sucker and even break’ those were the fools he was talking about.
      "Dubya then puts intention and motive into the mouths and minds of the opposition by stating what the aforementioned suckers have been trained to believe; Demon Liberals want centralized power. That implies the great Satan, Socialism! He drives the stake home to the heart by invoking the conditioned thought response w.r.t. ‘decisions about people’s money.’ Notice he doesn’t hint about the centralized economic power of Wall Street Finance that precludes doing anything with money except to pay the corporate empire tribute in the form of interest on debt. That there may be enough left over after the parasitic lenders exact their pound of flesh to purchase some of what’s necessary to survive in the neo-cons’ ‘Brave New World.’ doesn’t change the nature of the beast that consumes US."

      ". . . So starting in 2001, my administration worked with the United States Congress and we delivered the largest tax relief since Ronald Reagan was in the White House. . . . "

      ". . . George II increased the debt by 2.5 trillion dollars in six years. It took Reagan eight years to achieve almost $1.7 trillion. Isn’t our fearless leader the greatest?! His father comes in second in the race to borrow and spend per unit time with almost $1.5 trillion in a mere four years. Think what he could have done in eight? Bill Clinton finished out of the money but only a nose behind Reagan, with $1.6 trillion in eight years."

      ". . . Last year, our economy grew at 3.5 percent, and in the first quarter of this year, it grew at an annual rate of 5.6 percent. Over the past three years, our economy has grown by more than $1.3 trillion, an amount that is larger than the size of the entire Canadian or South Korean economy. . . ."

      "Let’s start with the latest bit of speciousness, the $1.3 trillion worth of economic growth during the past three years. That’s about ˝ of the approximately $2.6 trillion he’s borrowed and spent in the past 6 years. Some bargain that! But the interest we pay for the benefit of a ‘growing’ economy is a boon to the rich investors. That brings US to the percent growth. Our non-productive service sector has grown to 80% of the overall economy. 25% of that is purely abstract, imaginary, parasitic and usurious financial service.1 The economic growth and booming market he touts is no such thing. The expansion is of the money supply only. No wealth [material thing] is created in the service sector. Financial service is pure inflation. It’s the wind that flies the debt kite. Only morons could boast of their dissipative looting of America by calling it a positive growth phenomenon."

1- I’ll also feel free to lift facts published by DNews in their own name. Chances are they stole them from me in the first place.

      "Together, these tax cuts left nearly $1.1 trillion in the hands of American workers and families and small business owners . . .

      "I guess the other $1.4 trillion that was borrowed in our names went to the small fraction of the population of the Earth that are not workers, families and small business owners but who own lots of stock in corporations like Halliburton or who loan large amounts of money to our government."

      "Since August 2003, the U.S. economy has added more than 5.4 million new jobs. Our unemployment rate is down to 4.6 percent. People are working. . . ."

      "Though Dubya, the great American competitor, has outdone Reagan in debt creation and both out did Clinton, Bush by at least a trillion dollars so far, Ronnie still gets credit for the low unemployment rate. It was Reagan who stopped counting people when their unemployment insurance runs out. One social worker told me that the average life-span of a person after they become homeless is three years. But I know that, though they may not die immediately, they do disappear right away. The 5.4 million new low paying jobs, which Bush claims as his handy work, are being fought over by the ten million South and Central Americans in the U.S. At least half of them entered in the past few years, since the jobs that were outsourced to Mexico under NAFTA moved on to China."

      "Thanks to economic growth and the rise in tax revenues, this year the deficit will shrink to 2.3 percent of GDP. That's about the same as the average over the past 40 years."

      "Again the specious reasoning of the neo-cons may impress some Christo-Fascists [Christian Nationalism is a euphemism], Libertarians and a few remaining middle class, corporately cloned thralls but anyone who hasn’t committed intellectual suicide or is not brain dead by some other cause will see through this fraud. In the last issue of DNews, I noted the following. ‘. . . they say that the national debt is down as a percentage of GDP. What they don’t say is that non productive service has grown to 80% of GDP in the past 30 years and that 25% of that is purely parasitic and abstract [imaginary] financial service. That means they’re counting the interest on the debt and profit on investment as growth of GDP. Now an economist, MBA, politician or the rich investors who own them will never see the flaw in that formula: a fatal defect most 12 year olds could comprehend. But non morons can see the impossibility of maintaining the perpetual motion machine they’re operating. . . .’
      "Note that the service economy in general is non productive. It is dependent for survival, like we all are, on the production of real goods but it produces none itself. Note also that profits on investment in any enterprise, whether productive or service, are purely abstract financial service. Therefore they’re purely parasitic to the economy. To count such as economic growth and to say debt as a percent of growth is down is not merely stupid; it’s criminal. The service economy and outsourcing frauds are looting the country and stashing the cash in the Cayman Islands et al. If we don’t arrest these political and economic leaders, who are abomination of human nature through corruption of social instinct to selfish ends, we are allowing a threat to the survival of the human race to go unchecked.

      "There is much more specious logic and twisted reasoning in the president’s talk on the 11th and many other occasions. His words also contain liberal doses of emotional appeals to nationalism and xenophobia. The demagogic approach relies heavily on triggering the carefully conditioned thought responses installed, for the most part, in the past 50 years, especially imaginary fears about security. I’ll leave as an exercise in freedom of thought for the reader to spot some of the techniques. Look anywhere. Politicians, advertisers, network and cable news will provide many samples for analysis. They all serve the corporate masters by attempting to determine what you can think."

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