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DNews - Will Capitalism Collapse? June 30, 2006
Pay Interest on Federal Debt to the Mexican Rich

DNews Reports on the Impact of Debt
latest cumulative debt
      06/29/2006 $8,340,008,565,191.56
debt history
      09/30/2001 $5,807,463,412,200.06
      09/30/2000 $5,674,178,209,886.86
      12/31/1980 $930,210,000,000.00
      01/01/1835 $33,733.05
      01/01/1791 $75,463,476.52

      Between the post Revolutionary War period in 1791 and the sixth year of the Jackson Administration in 1835, we reduced our national debt by 99.955%. Today we pay interest on more than $8 trillion of outstanding debt that’s been borrowed in our names since the birth of the Republic. About 33% or $2.7 trillion in new debt has been added in the past five years. 42.2%, 5T of the 8T, is IOUs to our social security trust fund, which the neo con artists lump with social program spending, so they can lie by saying it’s welfare to the poor that’s breaking US. 20.0 % of the interest is paid to rich banker parasites overseas. Federal Debt Report They are euphemistically referred to as foreign investors. This tribute to our masters even includes usury on the $40 billion held by Mexicans [rich bankers no doubt] while the poor of the Americas and Asia take our jobs at home and abroad. When will the rich investors and their house slaves, the CEOs and politicians foremost among them, be hanged for this treason?
      Instead they say that the national debt is down as a percentage of GDP. What they don’t say is that non productive service has grown to 80% of GDP in the past 30 years and that 25% of that is purely parasitic and abstract [imaginary] financial service. That means they’re counting the interest on the debt and profit on investment as growth of GDP. Now an economist, MBA, politician or the rich investors who own them will never see the flaw in that formula: a fatal defect most 12 year olds could comprehend. But non morons can see the impossibility of maintaining the perpetual motion machine they’re operating.

Where Did Marx Go Wrong? By Carlos Marques
      Karl Marx’s predictions concerning the inevitable collapse of Capitalism are not repudiated by history. They’ve merely been delayed by reactionary intervention which helped to undermine the failed social experiments of the 20th Century, while, led by FDR, concessions were made to workers and the general population, which improved our lives and made the rich seem tolerable. Without legal collective bargaining and the wage and salary increases caused by the liberalization, the economy would have collapsed long ago. Today, with the threat of socialist revolution deemed as dead as the USSR, the well being of the community is being undermined by the greed of the rich more quickly than it was in the 1920s. As the general population becomes more impoverished, the threat of revolution will reemerge. The dissipation of the real economy of production and consumption, by usury and other investor’s profit, will put Marx’s forecast back on track.
      Not the intersection of supply and demand lines with which the economist fools distract us but the disturbance of the real equilibrium between goods and the money that represents them, is the zero sum reality. It’s become unbalanced by abstract profit. That makes the inflation of the monetary system inevitable. As wages and salaries, the most important production costs, are repressed to increase the profits of investors, we must borrow to keep the pyramid scheme growing. Now the debt kite starts flying. That moves US much closer to the collapse that Marx predicts, as the heart of the economy, production, is surrounded by the fat of investor’s profit.. Usury causes heart failure. It serves a few at the expense and to the demise of the community, all of the rest of US. That’s why Moses banned it 3500 years ago.
      Any economy must first support the survival of the human race to be counted successful. Ours benefits only a tiny fraction of the population, the rich elite parasites. Their profit is the attempt to make something from nothing. The profit of the rich creates more money to represent the same amount of goods. They have most of the new money so they have a larger percentage of the cumulative buying power than before the inflation that the interest and investor’s profit caused. If before the usury the economic elites, less than one percent of the population, have one fourth of the money, they can assert control over one fourth of the goods. If they double the money supply by loaning out their excess at interest or through investment in the work of others, then hoard all the profits (the increase in the amount of currency) while the amount of goods increases much less slowly or remains the same, they now can assert control over half or more of the wealth. The interactions are more complex than the straightforward example and the math has been greatly simplified but the end result is faithfully represented. It can turn out no other way. This is a zero sum reality. Breakdown is the only way the equation can be balanced. The longer we allow this legal looting of the community to continue the poorer we will become. And the greater the threat to the survival of the human race the childish morons who prey on US will become.
      Do you get it? The economic theories of free enterprise, such as supply and demand, break down when production, trade and consumption are burdened with capitalism. It is the profit of bankers and investors that bring down the economic system. They take but they give nothing real and substantial in return. They control everything but do not produce anything. The more mature the system becomes the more usury dissipates it as the capitalists grow richer, larger and stronger. The concentration of wealth is destructive to the economy. They take more, we have less and ultimately we can’t buy the products they own but do not produce and on which their profits are made. Then they loan US back the money to keep the debt kite flying [the economy functioning] and the profit on the debt exacerbates the problem. The economists and politicians will never see it because their opulent existence depends on telling the masters what they want to hear. Our leaders, whether economic, moral or political, are morons. They lead the community for their own profit instead of the common good that God and Nature intended. And they’re so stupid they can’t see that their greed is a threat to the survival of the human race. They're too dumb to see they are destroying the system on which we all depend, even them, for the continuation of our lives. And the middle class fools who aid and abet the rich traitors to the human race do their treachery for just a few dollars more than the rest of US.

Editorial Comment:
      I began with the desire for freedom and knowledge for myself. I know now that such can never be achieved completely until the world is knowledgeable and free. A clear, strong and autonomous mind is achievable by an individual. Freedom is trickier. I won’t be truly free until the world is free again. The free Peoples of the Earth must come back into existence by shedding the tyranny of the parasites who take from the community for personal enrichment. We must be free again. None will be free until all are free. The freedom to make slaves of our fellows is an absurd self delusion. The freedom to employ the community to work for you, instead of you working for the good of all, is abomination of human nature by the corruption of social instinct.
      The attempt to have the Earth populated by the Free Peoples once more is worthy, even if it fails. We must work to bring about our emancipation from rich corrupted mis-leaders who have usurped positions of power in our communities. They desire to rule US not for the contribution they can make to our common well being but for the loot and booty they can take for themselves from the common weal. Wresting power from the false rulers whose selfish interest defies God and Nature is a process that must be begun even if we do not see success in our lifetimes. The gift of life and existence came with freedom. The Peoples of the Earth were once free. We shall be the Free Peoples of Earth again, as God and Nature intended.

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