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DNews - Readers Comments, June 25, 2006
OPED: Can Terrorism be Personified?

DNews Presents: OPED by Cultural Critic, A. G. Kaiser; June 22, 2006
      ". . . This enemy . . . these evil doers! . . ." So spoke Jon Kyl, R. Arizona, on the floor of the Senate this morning. He was speaking of terrorists, a word he repeated at least twice per minute during the ten minutes he spoke He said that his opponents argue that the terrorists wouldnít be in Iraq if our troops werenít there. He repeated much of the litany of conservatism. We all know it by heart. [The semantic content of selected lines of the ritual chant are rendered in italics.] "The credibility of America is on the line." . . . If they lose their terror, which weíve instilled in support of corporate suzerainty, we canít rule and profit from them. "Stand together for the homeland." . . . Defend the corporate empire. "Defend freedom!" . . . Protect the tradition of the freedom of the rich to dominate US. "Be strong!" . . . enough to break your back working to produce their wealth. "Support the troops!" . . . Encourage your children to do their duty by dying to preserve the wealth of rich parasites and their dominion over US.
      Itís implied that the troops are supported by following the orders of conservative overlords and staying the course that leads to death for our children to achieve profits for Haliburton et al. wherever action is required. Itís especially important to counter challenges to the hegemony of the World Bank and IMF, which are the primary means of the Global Corporate Empire to dominate the once free peoples of Earth. We must honor those who have died for the profit of investors by continuing to put Americaís youth in harms way so they too may die. This we shall do for munitions manufactures, support contractors, high tech equipment suppliers and to pay the bankerís usuries on the money we borrow to pursue this deadly and dead end path. We also assure that victims all over the Earth are bound as we are to debt slavery forever.
      Whatís interesting about the exploitation of terrorism by American conservatives is how consistent it is with their defense of the status quo of the past hundred years. There was the Ďevilí of anarchism, the German Kaiser, fascism, (though the business world thought Mussolini served their interests at first and distanced themselves much later) Hitler and finally Communism. Some were genuine threats and some politicianís demagogic manipulation of mass media. That is: propaganda. The end of the cold war left a vacuum to be filled by an evildoer that could distract US from the dismantling of the New Deal and the impoverishment of America by the service economy and other conservative strategies, some invented in the early 1950s and many advanced significantly in the past 35 - 40 years. Several boogeymen were tried on in the 1980s and 90s but none, not even Saddam, could really fill the bill. Terrorism had been around for some time; it may be a refitting of the anarchism of the turn of the last century. But conservatives were confused by having a concept or tactic for an enemy instead of a flesh and blood individual, on whom they could blame their failings and predicate their profits. They needed a face to smear with evil and that all could plainly see.
      After 9/11 it finally dawned on conservatives that they could have the best of both worlds. They could scape the evil by projecting it on to vague personae like that which the word terrorism conjures and, for those really slow to internalize the latest propaganda spin, a human stand in, Saddam Hussain, could be upgraded from a petty tyrant and minor nuisance to full scale boogeyman. The presentation can be improved by the bells and whistles of rogue regimes and malignant leaders waiting in the wings to run on stage and capture our minds attention, whenever hard questions are asked about the efficacy of the course variation in focus at the moment. Meanwhile, the profits are rolling in to the investors in the corporate empire, the controllers of the politicians, who do their masters bidding, while our children die. Do you ever wonder whether God or Nature intended our leaders to look out for themselves first, their individual profit on the work we do, instead of the well being of the community they dominate?
      The death will never cease, no matter where or when the politicians and their masters choose to have US fight for them. No fight will ever be won, goal ever achieved or issue ever resolved. There is too much money to be made resisting any evil to ever allow it to be defeated. That Post Modern truth and that they shall pursue their own evil profit, no matter the cost to US all, is the only thing conservative leaders have learned in the past two thousand years.
      Many, if not most of them, do not admit the truth of anything to waking consciousness. Yet their actions are painfully consistent with the principle of individual profit at the expense of and to the detriment of the community that provides it. The fundament of their motivation is implied by the very existence of the rich elite investors and the corporate [financial] empire they have devised to defraud US of the produce of our hard work. Moses knew 3500 years ago why this debt kite fueled pyramid scheme, or any dissipative system of currency manipulation, must be proscribed. Because it will fail. The abstract creation of money resulting in profit that is not founded in the production of real goods can only result in economic entropy. Itís as impossible as perpetual motion. In a zero sum world beset with usury, the stable economic equilibrium thatís necessary to sustain the life of the human race can never be achieved.
      Donít care to see that? Imagine the wonderful world of the all service economy. We all live on our investments. No one has to have a job. No one has to work. Iíll just go down to the ATM for some cash then go to the store for whatever I need. But the ATM service person is off shopping with the profits from investments. No problem. I can just use my card at the store. But the cashier is off shopping with the profit from investments so Iíll have to shop online. Unfortunately the computer crashed and no one services it anymore. Besides, thereís no one to drive the truck or working at the Post Office to deliver the goods anyway.
      Not to worry! Iíll just go to the airport and hop on a plane and get out of this deadbeat town. Doh! Well, that fantasy needs some work. I guess it isnít so easy for US all to be rich and hire others, have servants to do everything for US. I guess weíll just have to stick with the belief that we all get what we deserve in this meritocracy and only one fourth of one percent (one in four hundred) of US deserve to have the rest of US subserviently working for them. Oh well, we can still pretend weíre morally, intellectually, genetically and spiritually superior to our neighbors as we sell them out to the rich elite investors for a few dollars more than average. The Pursuit of Clarity, Strength and Autonomy of Thought
      One readerís comment indicates heís had enough of the corporate empireís spin and propaganda, whether from media news, advertisers or wholly owned subsidiary politicians, we suspect. - "High oil prices are explained by supply and demand but who wants an explanation. The investors have all the money and 95% or more of US are living from hand to mouth more or less. More or less living that is! And more than less of US are growing tired of explanations. All that specious bullshit puts no food on our tables nor reduces our debt. Meanwhile the rich investors profits continue to grow. They say they canít do anything about supply and demand and we just have to tighten our belts, while they grow fatter. Theyíd better start finding a way to kick down to US what we need to live. Weíre tired of borrowing our money back from them to pay the rent for the house they own or the interest on the mortgage they hold. Weíve reached debt saturation. Shove the words! One way or another, this shit has got to end! If the only way to stop the circus those clowns are running is to nationalize the banks, Giga Energy, insurance and the rest of the service economy then so be it. Call it what you want. A centrally planned economy of socialism that provides for the needs of the community is better than the centrally planned economy of the Wall Street corporate empire that letís US starve, while a few elite investors loot the country."

      In the last issue of DNews we printed a comment that struck us as so perfectly comprehensive that we must repeat itís central wisdom. - ". . . They say this is a meritocracy in which we all get what we deserve. They donít say that the cheat codes arenít issued to poor white, black and Mexican kids, when they donít tell US how this game is actually played."

      An awakening citizen says: - "Diddling with migrant workers and gay marriage, while most Americans are slipping into poverty, is the post modern equivalent of Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Out politicians are out of touch with reality."

      A critic of the middle classes speaks out. - "It isnít really that I dislike people. Iím disappointed in the cowardly slavishness that most people display when they cling to life at the cost of humiliation and servitude to the masters who employ them . . . in the creation of wealth for the elite few investors. It irritates me even more that they believe themselves to be free, worthy of respect and in possession of human dignity as they do so. Most working class people have some sense of their subservient existence and would fight to throw off the evil if organized by a sincere and honest leader or a genuinely democratic principle. These workers are worthy of some respect. The middle classes are all but hopelessly deluded in their belief that distinguishment by education and less often than they believe by income, from the rest of the human race, is an honor that raises them above the ordinary. In reality theyíre only differentiated by their cowardliness. Theyíve sold out the community of people for a few dollars more and pump themselves up with the chickenshit authority they wield in the name of the parasites who rule US. The bourgeois morons are the most disgustingly stupid segment of the human race that can be identified. Theyíre worthy of no respect at all."

      Should planets and star systems be colonized? We donít think this contributor believes so. -"Stephen Hawking says we should colonize the Moon, Mars or other star systems, to preserve the human race in case of a nuclear war, sudden global warming or other natural or unnatural disaster. Whatís he thinking of?! Weíve destroyed this Planet and he wants to send out representatives of the greedy capitalists who did it and who alone could afford to go. I hope heís kidding! He may be a genius but thatís the dumbest idea I ever heard. People who have destroyed the environment that supports their lives in order to increase their economic profit donít deserve to survive. Those so self deluded that they canít see their greed is self destructive, who continue to defend their imprudence and persist in their [and our] auto-extinction and denial, are evolutionary rejects."

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