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DNews - Medicine Fails!, May 20, 2006
While the Earth Heats Up, Bushco Abandons Its Base

Report on Global Warming
      The level of CO2 in the atmosphere in 1958 was 315 ppm. Today itís 350 ppm. See (1) Historically the levels range between 180 ppm during glacial periods and a peak of ~300ppm in inter-glacial times. See -
carbon data


      Delusanews knows nothing of the credentials of the following "Institute" except what is implied by its title. See - neo-science for your own take on their "science."
"Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine"
      . . . "To be sure, CO2 levels have increased substantially since the Industrial Revolution, and are expected to continue doing so. It is reasonable to believe that humans have been responsible for much of this increase. But the effect on the environment is likely to be benign. Greenhouse gases cause plant life, and the animal life that depends upon it, to thrive. What mankind is doing is liberating carbon from beneath the Earth's surface and putting it into the atmosphere, where it is available for conversion into living organisms." . . .

      Geo Physical dilettante A. G. Kaiser commented:
      "The article said we're putting more carbon in the atmosphere. It didnít say at what point conservation of angular momentum will cause significant reduction in spin velocity resulting in greater day/night temperature extremes and the concomitant increase in threat level to the survival of the human race. Admittedly, as plant life increases it would tend to moderate CO2 build up because plants breath it and exhale O2. If this overtakes our carbon emissions and isnít offset by the additional O2 breathers they predict above, the increased Oxygen levels, even if temperatures didnít increase, would lead to more wildfires and so more CO2 in the atmosphere and higher temperatures both directly and indirectly. If, as has been suggested [elsewhere] this is also a natural cycle, what we add to it by our industry cannot make the outcome better for life as we know it. Our contribution of carbon to the atmosphere may, in fact, tip the balance between life and death. Besides, the real scientific articles cited at the beginning of this DNews report demonstrate that todayís carbon buildup is not a natural cycle. Oh, and donít forget that coal, natural gas and ethanol all add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Only Hydrogen can be cycled from water to water without any carbon in the process. Of course we can keep carbon in the mix, if weíre silly enough, as President Brain Dead suggests, to let Giga Energy make it from fossil fuels. Solar PV electrolysis is the only clean way I know to make H2 and to preserve the pure water cycle in the process."(2)

      (2)I hope to publish a "how to" guide by the end of 2006. The working title is: "An Independent Acre." It will start with home solar electric production and move towards complete energy independence through hydrogen [H2] generation using electricity from the Sun, to which all energy sources can be traced. Even geothermal and tidal begin with the Sunís gravitational field. Most electricity is produced by burning coal, natural gas or fuel oil: fossilized [stored] solar energy produced long ago by photosynthesis. Only H2 fuel cells, hydroelectric, wind, tidal and PV [Photo-Voltaic] are clean and safe means of generating electricity. If you are interested in updates on my progress on "An Independent Acre" contact me by email: agkaiser@hotmail.com Refer to "Independent Acre" in the subject.

President and Congress Call For Protection for Hard Pressed Insurance Behemoths
      Senator Ad Nauseam said market forces are best except we must protect insurance, pharmaceutical, corporate medical providerís profitability and CEO salaries that will be invested and provide jobs, from the ravages of malpractice settlements. His argument was mocked by an anonymous opponent, "If we allow poor people to burden the health care system with accountability for the ravages of incompetent doctors and drugs rushed to market by greedy pharmaceutical executives, our whole system of overpriced under deployed high risk medical care and the obscenely burdensome profits of investors and CEOs in insurance, pharmaceuticals and HMOs are endangered! In the extreme case, lawsuits as a force for equalization could lead to a community that, instead of serving the rich few, actually functioned for the common good."
      Some say laws are ineffective at curbing corporate abuses, because a corporation, which has limited liability in conception, canít be held accountable for its crimes. Since corporations are immortal, thereís no chance the evil done by these paper people will be abated when they die. They canít be held criminally accountable, so it follows that they arenít susceptible to capital punishment. Thereís no way to hold HMO, insurance or pharmaceutical corporations accountable except by lawsuit. The Senator assured DNews that: this loophole will be closed and we will be assured of the best medicine we can afford, with less danger that low quality individuals will be able to compete with us for this valuable resource. Weíll live longer and thus weíll be able to assure that weíll continue to have a greater share of all the communities produce, while the workers will die younger and have even less for their subclass as time goes on. These werenít his exact words, so we canít be more specific about who he meant by "we."

      Delusanews asked distinctively unconventional economist Carlos Marques to explain how profit motive provides or fails to furnish the best of all possible worlds, especially w.r.t. medicine.
      "Profit motive, like much of the theory of capitalism, is an article of faith. One hundred and fifty years ago Christianity, which had been gradually losing its hold on artists and intellectuals over 3 or 4 centuries, began to lose ground in the general population. A primary means of keeping the majority of the community working for the enrichment of a few elites was in need of reinforcement. The pseudo scientific theory of economy and capitalism was just the thing and itís functioned to help keep the thralls, some of whom have continued to awaken from superstitious delusions, pulling the load ever since. A serendipitous effect has been to further divide the slaves, allowing their eternal conquest to be even more easily sustained.
      "Competition and profit motive, the theory has it, will distribute the highest quality goods at the lowest prices and weíll all have a share. The reality seems to be that the profits of rich investors are the ever increasing load the community must bear, in order to continue to function at all. Thatís because the money and wealth accumulated in the past are used to control the production and distribution of goods and services today. The investments of accumulated wealth, at the cost of profit that exacerbates inequality, are actually for the benefit of a few. The subsidiary politicians say, speciously, they create jobs and prosperity for all. An elementary understanding of what is meant by a zero sum equation will uncover the absurdity of that claim.
      "Many are using 'zero sum' in their conversations lately. Not many know that it means that those who hoard the wealth of the community are a threat to our survival. An 'economy' produces and distributes the goods we need to live. Money represents those goods. Zero sum: a=b; 0=a-b; means the economy is in equilibrium. If you act on one side you must act equally on the other. That is: the goods produced and distributed equal the goods consumed. Each consumer contributes useful goods or services in order to receive those they need to live. An economic equation that enriches a few, who contribute no real goods and only abstract [imaginary] services that are not necessary to the function of real economy, can never be balanced. Zero sum equilibrium is impossible in a world where a few elites [banks, insurance and the rest of finance i.e rich investors are at the top of the heap] hoard wealth at the expense of the community. Its said that profit motive brings US the things we want and need. But, in fact, the profits of the rich investors take are a pyramid scheme that concentrate wealth in fewer and fewer hands, while promising that we can all be rich if weíre good enough. Profit motive also acts negatively on the quality of that which we consume.
      "In an aside to the discussion of profit motive and capitalist theory but definitely related, Iíll present an analogy that stands by itself. If we all throw a dollar in a pot in order to win the lottery and to get rich and we all win, how rich will we be? Thatís a rhetorical question even if you donít factor in the parasitic losses to those who manage the fund. Thatís why capitalism will never be anything but a pyramid scheme to enrich a few elite capitalists at the expense of the community. In a zero sum reality, our real world, we canít all be rich investors. . . .
      "Coming back to the discussion of profit motive, consider the case of health care. Medicine, instead of attracting healers who would serve the community by improving our health, draws those who are greedy for personal profit. The med schools are filled with the children of rich doctors, who donate to their alma maters. The insurance companies (including HMOs and other managed health care) demand profit at the expense of the quality of medicine for their victims. Pharmaceutical profits demand that the most profitable medicines not the most beneficial ones be created and rushed to market without adequate provision for safety. . . . Listen to the lists of possible side effects of new drugs. Note the Ďcriticalí ailments they treat and assign what you believe should be the priority; how would you triage drug distribution, limited by expense due mostly to investorís profits, to patients suffering from ĎEDí, in a sane world. . . . The practice of medicine is distributed where the most money can be made not where it gives the most benefit to the people of America. Profit motive leads to the mal-distribution and misallocation of health care and so weakens the community it purports to serve. The theory never lives up to its promise but when challenged it is repeated louder and oftener in order to stifle all opposition to its unhealthy and unholy greed.
      "As time goes on, it occurs in all fields that those who desire to serve or perfect a science or profession and donít worry about the money are pushed aside to make room for those whoís parents can afford to buy a degree from a prestigious [or not] school. In math, science and engineering we hear the woeful cry that China and India are out educating US. Thatís because managers, increasing profits by hiring cheaper foreign graduates and outsourcing, have down sized American engineers making that educational path less attractive. Again the profit motive theory fails. It could only have devolved to ubiquitous abuse by those competent only to rob the community of the wealth and greatness we produce, in order to satisfy individual greed at the expense of US all.
      "In general its apparent that, as the middle class disappears in America and worldwide poverty grows, capitalism has had its chance and failed. Itís a failed theory that promised to improve the world. With all the technological advances of the past one hundred and fifty years, it has failed to make the world a better place for most of US. Itís dysfunctional for most of US and works only for neo-aristocrats. Profit motive has enriched a few at the expense of the many and wrecked the economy, community, family and environment in the process. Profit motive and the capitalism it springs from are failed theories of economy and life. The capitalists have demanded that everything first serve their greed. They are a threat to our survival. They will never repent or desist from whatever lie or evil will increase and/or preserve their wealth at our expense. They will not be sincere or honest. Discussion and compromise with them is impossible. To respect their opinions, which serve only to prolong their domination of US and enrich themselves, threatens our existence. Their deliberate or not obtuseness is like the parasitic disease they are and with which they afflict US. We must preemptively strike to eliminate capitalists from the Planet Earth, in the defense of our lives."

      The opinions of Carlos Marques, with respect the capitalists and Capitalism, are his own. Frankly, the publishers, editors, writers and staff of Delusanews wish to disavow any relationship with or knowledge of the whereabouts of Carlos. "No comprende, signor officeer!"

Congressional Coalition Breaks Up
      A Washington outsider has gloatingly reported that, "Bush, in his ineptitude, has split the Republican coalition. The fusion, of course, includes many faux liberals and insipid centrists of the Democratic Party. The corporate clone business types who want low wages, high profits and migrant workers in lieu of slaves and the right wing Christo nationalist xenophobes, who are thoughtlessly, rabidly [with Nazi like zeal] and violently loyal and patriotic, are divided over the issue of workers flooding over the border. Bush, whoís biggest block of support has always been the Christo Nationalists, is at cross purposes with his bona fide agenda of making the rich richer at the expense of the rest of the community and the need to keep his base in order. Most Democrats are similarly conflicted. They are, like the Repus, corporate properties who want to give their investor-patrons cheap labor and high profits. The workers that Dems claim as their traditional constituency oppose growing immigration and its downward pressure on wages. The threat of poverty to the remaining middle class -- after Airlines and GM layoffs and wage and pension agreement abrogation with the complicity of the plutocratís federal neo-courts have driven consumers deeper in debt -- looms even darker due to the in-sourcing of cheap labor.
      "This influx of unfair competition is especially onerous at a time when Americans must have two or three jobs to make ends meet. However, this is due to the greed of the capitalists. Foreign workers are in the same straights that squeeze US. Both the poverty of the migrants and that of US citizens are attributable to so called free trade agreements, downsizing and outsourcing, which set off the profit frenzies that, aided and abetted by the government, wreck the economy and threaten the survival of our community. By attacking migrant workers we are divided and conquered by those who oppress everyone. Itís similar to the exploitation of anti-black bigots of the Ď50s, who were supportive of their own oppressors with the racist words and acts they performed. The concentration of wealth in the hands of capitalists also increases debt. The usuries that accompany the chains of obligation exacerbate the problems for the virtual slaves of all worlds.
      "The xenophobes are the people Bush brought to the Republican Party in 1987,88. Some have confederate flags on their pickups and think, 'those people are happy, if the outside agitators will just let Ďem be in their rightful lowly place, where we can look down on Ďem.' Dubya no doubt figured out the demagogic formula, with the help of a loyal advisor, while he was in Christian alcho-rehab in Midland, TX in the early Ď80s. That was just before the Saudis decided to front him $25 million for the oil business that went belly up in three years time. I wonder who arranged that loan?
      "But thatís off subject. Or is it? Heís worked towards today since joining his dadís campaign for the Ď88 election. Why would he dump his primary support now? [That is if you consider his fundamental support to be American and not Saudi.] Donít the rest of the Republicans want his fools after he leaves office? Maybe he thinks theyíre about used up anyway and itís time to fly his true Republican colors by aiding and abetting the rich in a final round of fleecing of the treasury and further impoverishment of 90% of US, including most of what remains of the middle class this time. Or maybe he thinks that the gameís already up and heís just stalling so the peers can get to the Cayman Islands with the loot in time to convert their stash to Euros or yuan, if they can find any takers at this late date. I know one thing. Whether his play is calculated or incompetent, weíre the ones who will lose the most. To see this clearly, note the bill he signed to give tax cuts on capital gains ['President Bush Signs Tax Relief Extension Reconciliation Act of 2005' - May 17, 2006; whitehouse.gov] most of which go to the richest Ĺ % of investors. Meanwhile the House is working to underfund Veteranís medical benefits, which will offset some of the tax cuts for the rich when passed. [HR 5385: Military Construction, Military Quality of Life and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act, 2007 ]

      "Funny that last, if everything they did wasnít such a threat to some or all of the livelihoods and lives of ordinary people, Iíd just die laughing. The Republicans in general, not just Bush, have stressed low [government] taxes, nationalism and God, to gain the support of the fools they need to put over the enrichment of the peers at the expense of the community. This irony is the reality whether the money is literally paid to the old boy contractors from the treasury or borrowed against future taxes or if some investorís community fleecing machine [corporation] like a bank, insurance or oil company, does the job. Theyíve always said or done whatever it takes to get our money but I donít think there were ever so many who believed their own bullshit. Now many exhibit the discomfort, like that of mental a disease, as they try to please their corporate masters and the rank and file who vote for them.
      "They pretend to decisiveness as always but I think I spy conflict akin to schizophrenia in many of them. If Bush bows to the Christo Nationalists and abandons 'the need' for workers to fill jobs 'Americans wonít do,' will he be called for his flip flopping? If so, Iím sure heíll deny it, even to himself. And of course it will be true. When you play both ends against the middle youíre not flip flopping between them. Youíre a pancake thatís standing on edge and showing both faces simultaneously to the opposite sides. And thatís how Bush has split the party."

The Funnies: by resident comedian, "Little Al."
      A conservative asked what he called a rhetorical question. "Is there anything that Democrats will give credit for to Bush?"
      The only thing that makes that question rhetorical is the askerís desire not to hear the answer. Bush gets credit for borrowing and spending on his cronyís contracting scams at the expense of impoverishing America by destroying the real economy of production and consumption of real goods. He also gets credit for undermining education, social security, FEMA and national security so the money could be diverted to Iraq and the privatized government operations there and elsewhere. He gets credit for the monetary support to Blackwater Security, an SS like private army. He gets credit above all for weakening the Bill of Rights and so removing freedom and democracy from America. Apparently he's exporting it to Iraq and elsewhere, at a profit to the peers of the realm. They'll make even more money off the low wage high profit labor they import from south of the border and the high tech equipment and other contractor/vendor support thatís purchased by the administration to stop it! How the Americans displaced from their jobs will buy the low cost of production / high profit products hasnít been spelled out in Dubyaís visionary economic theory. But to them everything is a problem of perception. Maybe if they keep on saying that the economy is booming, the 46 million Americans will be able to afford the health care they lack. Idiots!

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