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DNews - Energy-Economy Report, May 2, 2006
Propaganda Lies Cover Unsustainability in Service of Busyness

      A confidential informant with ties to the White House has leaked to DNews that the Administrations’s secret desire is to divert attention from Giga Oil profits to the immigration/border issue. There was some fear that the device would rebound and keep people mindful of the low wages that, exacerbated by gasoline prices, are impoverishing the middle/employee class of workers. It was privately viewed with relief when nearly all Americans were dutifully polarized to either nationalism or greed for the profits to be made on cheap labor, with an insignificant number moved by humanistic compassion. Hallway conversations were gleeful and surprised that almost all Americans failed to see common cause with the Mayday strike and boycott by the foreign jobholders. Confidence in the people’s loyalty to the corporate suzerains has been bolstered. A phrase heard often in the West Wing is: "Hey, hey, the suckers never catch on!" Insiders take solace in their belief that Americans do not see their employers as oppressive or tyrannical, even as the people struggle, given high gas prices and low wages, to pay the rent/mortgage and feed the kids.
      The same anonymous source volunteered that it is the administration’s secret policy to prolong indefinitely any conflict, like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the war on drugs and opposition to illegal border crossings. Their private reasoning is that they have a good thing going funneling our tax money (and the 3/4 trillion borrowed from Japan and China with 9 trillion in accumulated debt) to contractors supporting the efforts and vendors of high tech detection equipment and weaponry. This week the Border Patrol’s unmanned Predator aircraft crashed in Arizona. That, of course, presents the opportunity to give to some peer the unexpected windfall of money to replace it. One official close to the President is said to have laughed and said, "Who would be stupid enough to ever attain a goal, when there’s so much money to be made working towards it and failing to reach it? Reconstruction of Iraq, any neo-war, drugs, foreign workers, terrorists . . . it’s all the same. If we win the fight the contractor old boys lose the income. You calculate the probability that these wars will ever lead to the defeat one of our foes or to overcoming any threat to the well being of commoner Americans. We don’t need the stupid commoners anyway. They'll think like we tell 'em and vote like we tell 'em. The morons 'll never catch on!"

      DNews monitored the testimony of Ben Bernanke, head of the fed, before the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress. Bernanke testified that “real wages haven’t grown at a pace we’d like to see. . . ." He attributed that to energy costs that have "sapped" buying power, "there’s been a spread between real wages and compensation reflecting insurance and health care costs" and "most puzzling, real wages have apparently not caught up with the boom in productivity."
      We solicited the comments from distinguished unconventional economist Carlos Marques.
      "‘. . . most puzzling, real wages have apparently not caught up with the boom in productivity.’ That disingenuous comment is code for, the goods made in China have lower labor costs and we won’t forego the extra profits just to get more money to American worker/consumers. We want all the money for ourselves. The increase isn’t in our productivity at all, though they pretend that the things they buy for resale are ‘their products’ and so the issue of ‘their’ productivity. Wages of consumers will never catch up with the productivity of goods that we buy but do not produce. Each manufacturer cum financier sees the increase in profits to be made with cheap labor but none care to see the cumulative effect of impoverishing the consumers thereby. The dog’s chasing a tail it perceives an ocean away. This kind of self delusion is passed by contagion to the public/consumers and is typical of the disease that’s killing the capitalist culture. No matter what I think about what it’s always been, this is evidence that it is sick and growing sicker each day. The disease, if you haven’t guessed, is the kind of stupidity it takes to believe in the perpetual motion of finance; that all you need to make money is money and that the real material products and the people who make them don’t matter at all. Our mental disease is formalized. We call it the ‘Theory of Service Economy.’
      "The economy is 80% service and 25% of that, 20% overall, is financial service. The financial service profits are purely imaginary. All such abstract activity is inflationary but conservatives who profit thereby cite it as economic growth. [George Will on ‘This Week’ - April 30, 2006, is the most recent party line repeater that I've heard echoing the absurdity.] Growth in service can create nothing but inflation of the money supply. No wealth -- no material goods are forthcoming from such activity. It is strictly busyness. It only increases the burden on the real economy’s production of real goods. But the conservatives whose profits and money supply is growing because of this parasitic activity don't want to hear the truth. They want keep on believing the growth of their affliction of the human race is good for US. There is no way to make them speak or act honestly or sincerely as long as there's profit to be made by their larcenous service economy fraud, which is a parasitic disease of the human race. When I hear the unctuous, patronizing politicians holding forth against any relief for real human beings and in the defense of their corporate masters, I want to vomit.
      "They think the skill to operate their [unconscious] scam is a sign of superior intelligence and strength. They are too stupid to see that it's self destructive. It is a pyramid scheme of debt or a debt kite. It is profit on money with no substantive product. It must collapse. It can't work for the same reason perpetual motion can't work. But they'll never see it.
      "However, I see it. For instance: Giga Oil profits can only exacerbate the economic damage done to our community by the rising cost of crude. All they’ll do is chant, ‘supply and demand’ and, privately blessing the oil producers in the Middle East, they’ll cry all the way to the bank with the excess cash skimmed from oil transactions; that’s what they say they’ve been ‘forced’ by the law of supply and demand to add to the burden of our expenses. Those who believe their own crap are morons. The rest are honest but stupidly shortsighted hypocrites.
      The supply and price of crude oil are out of our control. No amount of torturing the Earth [drilling on American soil] will change that. The demand of China and India are out of our control. But the profits of Giga Oil and their hoarded cash and that of their investors can be controlled. Supply and demand does not mandate profits. They claim their industry, profits and money are their private property. I say we paid for it at the pump. It belongs to US and we should take it back from them. They’re nothing but intermediaries in this trade that are unnecessary to the equation and dragging US all down. What do we need them for? They don't want to pay taxes. The want subsidies paid out of our treasury or borrowed in our name, to build the energy infrastructure which facilitates their private profit. They won’t pay royalties on the American oil they pump out of our common lands and seabeds. They want socialist support for their industry and free market liberty to skim profit from our investment. Nationalize their industry! We already paid for it! We can use the money that they’ll just stash in the Cayman Islands to develop alternative energies, provide housing and medical care . . . whatever we want.
      "Giga Oil and their investors won’t act honestly or sincerely no matter how much we pay them. It would make little positive difference if they did. Ultimately the gas prices will continue to rise. That can't be controlled. But we can minimize the increase by minimizing the profits of the parasites of Giga Oil and their investors. That's the only variable in the formula. The lowest profit is non-profit. If we don’t act they will destroy US. They are self destructive and they’re taking US with them.

      "I believe it was during Bernanke’s testimony that a congressman said, ‘Less than one percent of the people control more wealth than ninety percent of the people.’
      "That, of course, tells US nothing about what anyone really has or even what percentage of it we have. I don’t know whether it was intended to bewilder but it certainly tends to confuse as we try to account for the placement and impact of the missing 9%. Now, if we place them at the top with the 1%, then it means that 10% of the people possess (or control and here I see a distinction without a difference) 10 times more than the average of the ninety percent. If, on the other hand, we place the nine percent at the bottom they are then economically insignificant. That means that less than one percent of the people have 100 times more than the average of more than 99% of US. To my mind, 10 times more than average is morally inexcusable in a world in which a quarter of the population lives in dire poverty. It’s obvious to me to and most honest and all perceptive people that the ongoing concentration of wealth can only lead to expansion of poverty."

      Asked to comment on the proposed hundred dollar compensation for high oil prices that is being championed by some politicians, A. G. Kaiser opened his mind to DNews.
      "The hundred dollars from the government is a subsidy designed to protect investor profits. It palliates, for the average American, the desire of Giga Oil to keep their ill-gotten gains and puts an additional burden on the taxpayers who are appeased thereby. The cost of processing the rebate through the government is lost to the taxpayers who both provide (even when its borrowed from our children) and get the money. This is a typical diversion and worse, it’s an insultingly low offer. Adding more insult to the injury of debt if we accept it, they’ll say we’re just like them, sponging off the government. The fact that we get hundreds while they take billions won’t be considered significant."

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