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DNews - Talking Back to Your Betters, April 20, 2006
Response to Cannibalization of the Community by Mis-Leaders

      In an informal poll of 100 high school graduates, whose children planned to seek college bachelors or higher degrees, DNews asked: "What course of college study would you recommend for your children?"
      Ninety nine of the respondents answered, "They should become school teachers." We followed up with conversational interviews that determined there were two reasons for the nearly universal belief among non-college educated parents. Both were present in most. The first is the notion, supported by society, that the initial generation of college grads must pay their dues for higher education by educating the next class in turn. The other is inferred as being due to the fact that non college educated parents greatest exposure to higher education is through school teachers. That is what they know to be safe. School teachers intimidate them less then any other educated persons. Our samples were probed further and input from members of other economic classes was sought.
      Seventy percent of college educated middle class think that the principles of meritocracy are upheld in America. That ranges to 99% at upper middle class income levels. Sixty percent of uneducated workers believe this is so. The remainder of both groups can be pacified by pointing out someone worse off than themselves even if, with increasing difficulty, we have to go out of the country to find the inferior specimens. When asked if they were comfortable with asserting superiority over inferior classes both groups believe unquestioningly that itís not only their duty to do so but also to educate the inferiors as to their place in the hierarchy and to point out someone beneath to help regulate the masses. This pattern, passed down from on high, is deemed to be very efficient at maintaining order, even though itís largely unconscious and contradicts most peopleís sense of fairness and universal equality.
      No one was asked how they thought a homeless person might react to the information that everyone gets what they deserve. At the very top itís assumed the rabble deserve to be born already indebted to rich investors and that proper negative reinforcements, coupled with restrained and judicious rewards, will insure the status quo is not disturbed. One anonymous board member said, "These people were born to serve us. This is what God made them for! If they get out of line, a sharp word of reminder is all they usually need to be put back in their place. But whatever compromises must be made to maintain peace and order, one thing shall remain unnegotiable. The mass of the population shall continue to serve us." [Ed. Note: The attitude of this individual member of the economic elite is an apparent anomaly. Most rich investors claim that their corporations were created to and do serve the community rather than the other way round.]
      A very small percentage of respondents reported they had spoken back to their betters at one time or another. Most admitted recanting after suffering direct or indirect threats to their livelihood. One went so far in his impertinence as to elicit the infamous, "Not on my watch!" response from a wannabee elite. But that one was already homeless and so had nothing to lose. When we pointed out his invulnerability to economic reprisals, he shook his head slowly and smiling said, "Yeah, Iím freer than a general to be sincere and honest. If I exercise my first amendment rights, by saying what I believe to be true and morally correct, I donít need to worry that the most unscrupulous or amoral members of my class will be selected for advancement instead of me. I donít have to protect an avenue to the power I need to make positive changes, because I donít have one and never will."
      We asked a couple of more questions that touched on other matters of social/economic conditioning and irrational belief. However, no one who was asked could explain how higher interest rates and late fees help people to get a handle on their debt. Another unanswered conundrum is the apparently superstitious belief by economists that increases in the price of real estate represents real economic growth. The homeless guy asked the pollster, "Donít they understand that all abstract activity and trade in the economy are dependent on the real production and consumption of goods?"

      A prominent economist backed Ben Bernakeís play by reporting that a five percent increase in the price of real estate in a year is reflected in one percent of the total economic growth of that period. No one retorted that only the growth of production and consumption of real goods is real economic growth. Increasing the price of a thing does not increase its quantity. Those who profit by increased abstract activity in the market have imaginary products that can only burden the real economy. They cannot add to real growth because they are dependent on the work of others to produce the goods they consume. Their only contribution to economy and community is a parasitic affliction on our means of livelihood. We at Delusanews feel compelled to editorialize by asking why no one points out this obvious flaw in our economic system? When will we see that the profit of the few is the loss of the many and rise up to protest our wholesale extermination for the benefit of an elite few?

      The visit by President Hu of China dominates the news media this week. Carlos Marques doesnít seem to want to diminish the threat of American corporationís empire fantasies that are based on participation in the Chinese and otherís market(s). He just doesnít want US to forget the home front of the corporate wars for profit that irrationally seek the death of American consumers to increase the investors share of the wealth. Carlos had this to say:
      "Republican Fyfe Symington III, governor of Arizona, was impeached because he rifled the pension funds of unions for personal profit. Though a convicted felon, he is still wealthy, never paid back the workers whose retirements he stole and was pardoned by Bill Clinton. That last is indicative of the true one party nature of American politics. Enron, Bush on Social Security, United and other airlines, GM and the rest of those reneging on wages and benefits in order to maintain profit or steal savings are like Fyfe. The SOBs see the funds of workers and want that money for themselves. They should be shot on sight like common thieves were a hundred years ago!"
      DNews eschews liability for Carlosís violent hyperbole.

Letter to the Editor:
      The germ that causes the epidemic spread of one of the most diseased family of lies is the contrived necessity to cut wages and benefits to guarantee profitability. If the corporation canít care for itís employees, then the investors must take the loss. The industry may be nationalized or turned over to the employees but in any case itís unreasonable to sacrifice the many employees for the benefit of the few investors. If employee pensions are invested then the board, management and initial major stockholders must be held criminally liable for having perpetrated the pyramid scheme fraud that bilked the public and the employees. While we should have known better than to believe that everyone could be an investor and no one must work, the politicians and the corporations who own them are responsible for making US so stupid with their advertising, propaganda and lies. They and the principal stockholders who initiated the atmosphere of financial fraud must be stripped of their money and power. They must be turned out onto the street and made to work for a living like the rest of US. The pyramid scheme of usury we call finance must be exterminated like the parasite afflicting the human race that it is! Their low wage high profit scheme is fine for them but look whatís happening to US. That theyíre so stupid theyíre destroying the source of their profit would be OK if it only starved them. But our purchases are the source of their profit and we need the things we buy in order to live.
      But wait! We donít have to do anything. The idiots are doing it to themselves. They think they donít have to manufacture anything here. Theyíll just order it done elsewhere, like China, and pay for it with the profits theyíve accumulated (or money they borrow) then resell it for more profits. The three biggest problems with the scheme are that the consumers are being impoverished, that our money is increasingly worthless because we donít make anything anyone wants to buy with it and, more importantly, we no longer physically control production. Our abstract financial system is dependent on real material production in Asia and elsewhere. It makes nothing itself and cannot exist without Chinese et al. cooperation. Will the Chinese courts award US significant remuneration for the abstract property that we still claim to own?
      The war on counterfeit goods is the defense of intellectual property. Our abstract controls [and economy] are only ideas, words and paper. They have no material substance and the abstract profits can only be protected by military force. Of course, many Americans see nothing wrong with the military option. They donít understand that the components with which we build our weapons here are made in Asia just like the money we spend on them is borrowed from Asia. So whatís wrong with letting the self destructive fools of finance run their suicidal course? Theyíre taking US down with them! How do we stop this bullshit?
      The courage to tax the rich or nationalize their cons and frauds that burden the economy such that itís dysfunctional for most of US is the real issue. To do anything that would bring real relief to most Americans and solve some of the countries most difficult problems flies in the face of the propaganda and programming that enthralls US. We canít overcome our conditioning even to save our lives. This is the utmost lack of courage. Itís cowardice that threatens our existence. No human being with the least fortitude would allow themselves to be made so stupid by being lied to this way. How was it done?

      Wrest the young mind of one generation from free parents and the stolen children will train their own, the next generation, to be your slaves. That, no doubt, is also how animals were first domesticated.

      That is the status quo that conservatives defend though most of them are too stupid and slavish to know it. They all think that theyíve got theirs and weíre just jealous. They canít see the impossibility and self destructiveness of their pyramid scheme economy. They canít see the cumulative effect of their childish greed. They only see some details and try to use their knowledge and cunning to scheme a way to enhance their individual profit. They are idiots! They only manage in the end to reduce US all to the lowest common denominator of morality and scruples, while having made an unsustainable Ponzi of the economy that supports our lives. And still they praise the ingenuity of the perpetual motion of finance and we fall at their feet in adoration. Wre-e-e-etch!
      Thanks to true spirituality, the connectedness with life and community, there are examples of hope in the world. French students recently displayed the brains and courage to successfully resist the influence of the corporate god of profit on the laws of their land. We also have the potential to think clearly in what is our genuine common interest, in spite of the thought programming by politicians, corporate media and advertisers. We may also grow balls some day.
      Greg Kaiser

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