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DNews - Special Report March 20, 2006
The Consequences of the Decline of Good Will On Earth

      "DELTA joins FORD MOTOR COMPANY and GENERAL MOTORS as merely the latest American corporation that is now at or near bankruptcy. ..." rense.com [August, 2005]
      "Pilots labor deal lets Delta avoid bankruptcy -- for now - Oct. 28 [2005] ... Delta issued a statement saying the agreement was an important step in stemming losses at the airline, although it would not rule out a future bankruptcy. ..." money.cnn.com
      "September 14, 2005 -- The number of U.S. airlines in bankruptcy has doubled, as Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines both said they would seek protection from their creditors. United Airlines and US Airways are already in Chapter 11." consumeraffairs.com
      "Both airlines [Delta and Northwest] would likely use bankruptcy to slash labor and pension costs, following in the footsteps of No. 2 U.S. carrier United Airlines (search), the main unit of UAL Corp." -- foxnews.com
      DNews has discovered that Delta Airlines has indeed asked the bankruptcy court to abrogate its union contracts so it may cut wages, benefits and pensions. They say they must to return to profitability. [Editorial note: The profit of investors is the first priority of "public" corporations. They say that 52% of Americans own stocks. They donít say that less than 1% of Americans own more than 95% (and increasing) of stocks and everything else.]
      DNews asked unconventional economist, Carlos Marques, for his analysis of the corporate trend of reducing labor costs, benefits and abrogating pensions (an abuse labeled an "externality" by economists1) to increase profit through sham or real bankruptcy. "Thus speaks the greed and self interest of the investors. But investors donít provide material services or make real goods. Employees do! Unless the employees are first well compensated (by employee standards) with wages, benefits and pensions, the investors and their proxies in management have failed. If the investors have only self interest and do not speak or act with sincere good will towards the community that provides their profit, then their holdings must be confiscated for the well being of the all. We are at war with the forces of extinction. The human race must come before any individual. If political or religious leaders suggested that we sacrifice the many to save the few, they would be impaled on spears and cast at the feet of the enemy as is the just deserts of traitors. Yet treacherous rich investors sacrifice many employees, who actually provide the material service or make the real goods, to the profit of the few and at the expense of the community as a whole. And most of US believe the rationalizing lies they tell US in the service of their greed. I donít know whatís worse: their intolerable treachery to the human race or our stupidity in allowing them to continue."

1"A business, like an airline company or software company, may purposely underfund one part of their business, such as their pension funds, in order to push the costs onto someone else which creates an externality. Bradley Belt, executive director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), the federal agency that insures private sector defined-benefit pension plans in the event of bankruptcy, testified before a Congressional hearing in October 2004, ĎI am particularly concerned with the temptation, and indeed, growing tendency, to use the pension insurance fund as a means to obtain an interest-free and risk-free loan to enable companies to restructure. Unfortunately, the current calculation appears to be that shifting pension liabilities onto other premium payers or potentially taxpayers is the path of least resistance rather than a last resort.í Some have also claimed that the federal government tax cuts predictably push costs onto states." - - Externality - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      DNews invited cultural critic, A. G. Kaiser, to contribute the following article for our readers. We thought he would write an essay but he calls it a foray into enemy territory.
      "No system can work, no community can survive without good will and sincerity on the part of its leaders and its general population. If the people are the rulers, a democracy, the good will of the people towards one another is in their own self interest. A republic requires sincerity and good will on the part of the representatives of the people. If the economic leaders, who naturally have no good will or sincerity towards the community they compete with one another to exclusively plunder, control the politicians, there is no sincere democratic basis of the republic. If the general population in such a sham democracy responds in mass to the stimulation to compete with one another, it is probable the parasitization by the ruling class will be ignored and even undetected by many of its victims. Remember the Roman Republic, where the Senators were the dominant patrons, the leaders under the social/economic paradigm. They ruled in their own self interest until the advent of the first unitary executive, Julius Caesar. After about 48 BC the emperors operated a virtual political/economic monopoly in Rome, while the Senate remained as a token ruling body. The general population, consumed by free bread and circus, hardly noticed the corruption and greed of their leaders and blindly supported the abuses that resulted in their own victimization. However the community is organized, in the end, no competing model is tolerated. The mob often responds to that reality by affecting indifference.
      "Is degeneration and dissipation of any society inevitable, regardless of the type of government or economy? Will willful rather than thoughtful, self serving rather than community serving and the most unscrupulous rather than the most sincere and honest always rise to positions of power in the end, like scum to the top of a pot of boiling pork? Must the willingness of the worst sort of human beings to enslave the rest to the work of creating wealth for their elite trash selves, dominate? Is that what God or Nature intended by the creation of social instinct?
      "We hear our politicians and their corporate masters, speaking through the corporate empireís media, tell US every day that they serve the community, our nation. They lie! They serve themselves. They serve Mammon. God is Nature. Our nature is to form communities for mutual support and security. God, Nature commands that we do so through the social instinct weíre all born with. No one questions that this is so. But we also accept, perhaps through the agency of some programmed mass schizophrenia, that the exploitation of the community for personal profit by political and economic leaders is also natural. This is the claim by the foremost that they faithfully serve God and Mammon. The reality is: our leaders serve themselves and are an abomination of human nature. They have corrupted social instinct to their service and away from its support of the survival of our species. Their mis-leadership in the service of their greed is a threat to the entire human race. This is the inevitable end of profit motive. It is the same for capitalism, trade, mercantilism, plutocracy, aristocracy,.feudalism, monarchy, patriarchy, matriarchy and any other form in which tyranny may be disguised.
      "The form of government or the economic organization varies over time. The enslavement of the human race to the production of wealth for a few elite parasites remains constant. The moral depravity of this status quo is sufficient reason for me to condemn it. I simply will not accept slavery no matter how itís disguised. I know Iím not alone. But many say or have come to believe that it can be no other way . . . that selfishness and greed are the natural state of humanity. They assert that all we are stems from individual survival instinct. If so, survival strategy also includes social instinct, by which nature commands that we form communities for mutual well being and protection. Our severally recognized survival instincts are apparently at cross purposes. Perhaps it seems that the individual desires of an elite few dominate in post modern times because of the emphasis given to certain characteristics and behaviors as Ďmore right and naturalí than others. Is the way weíve learned to serve the rich elite few as good as it gets? Is our mutual lack of sincerity and good will in the service of personal greed a natural state or learned behavior?
      "No! Donít you dare say it! Itís not natural! Greed and selfishness, it has been programmed into you using corporate owned media by corporate owned politicians and advertisers, is not in your self interest. Itís not! You are, by that devise, singled out from your peers and conquered by the ruling elite class, who dominate the community for their own enrichment and in opposition to God and Nature. Greed and selfishness serve only the elite. Even they will eschew it when it comes time to go to war. At that time they want you to think of the common good and fight to protect or expand their empire and the wealth of the community that theyíve hoarded."
      DNews asked Kaiser if he thought that the competition and meritocracy conditioned thought responses that are reinforced dozens if not hundreds of times per day by schools, news, advertisers, politicians and embedded in entertainment could be extinguished by his underfunded and largely discredited technique of honest, disinterested and indifferent cultural analysis?
      "First, Iím hardy disinterested or indifferent, though I strive to be as honest as one can deliberately be. In spite of the huge material advantage the establishment uses to possess the minds of the general population, their failure to provide for the well being of the community, by their self profiting corruption and systematic scams, is beginning to turn more minds against them than this obscure scribbler could ever hope to influence. The failure of profit motive, self interest and the rich elite few corporate investorís greed to sustain the community speaks for itself. As the middle class disappears and more Americans become impoverished each day, it grows more apparent that not only can we not all be rich investors but that usury can not survive or provide for survival, in the absence of the production of real goods and material services. Even when the requisite real goods are present, the financial industry can only dissipate them. In fact: profits by abstract economy are an unnecessary and unsustainable burden on real economic endeavors. The dissipative nature of capitalism must be eliminated no matter how anti intuitive [because of conditioned thought responses] or discomforting is the idea. If we do nothing else, we must tax the unearned profits of the few rich investors at a confiscatory rate in order for the many to survive. The established economic system has been fatally flawed from the beginning, by the selfish desire of a lazy elite class to live lavishly by the work of the community on which they prey. Millennia ago it was taught that greed is self destructive. Many are beginning to relearn that lesson today! We must also see that their greed can destroy US good folk too"

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