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DNews - Pre-Emptive News, predicted March 10, 2006
The Sino-Russian and South Asia Alliance Declares Solidarity

      The decision of the augmented Sino-Russian alliance to stand with Iran, a major supplier of Chinese and Indian oil, is expected to deter any anticipated military action by the Bush administration and its multi-national corporate patrons and/or allied nations. The fact that the Asian alliance now consists of four nuclear powers, with the addition of India and Pakistan, speaks for itself. The anticipated pre-emptive strike to eliminate potential WMD in Iran is forestalled by the SRSAA’s [Sino-Russian and South Asian Alliance] threat of MAD, in defense of members’ oil supplies.
      Events leading up to the stand by the SRSAA included joint military and naval exercises among all the principals.1 Dubya attempted to disrupt the growing union by buying off the Indians and Pakistanis during his recent visit to the region. But the depleted supply of oil in the world negated his best efforts. Donald Rumsfeld’s hostile remarks about Iran in the same time period were also at cross purposes with the President’s diplomacy. It's been leaked from the white house that, "neither Dubya nor Rummy are aware that they're working against each other, much less that they are placing America at risk with their foolish acts, promises and empty threats."

1"Chinese Navy vessels -- Shenzhen destroyer and Weishanhu depot ship -- join the China-Pakistan Friendship 2005 search and rescue drill in the northern Arabian Sea November 24, 2005. -- China Daily News 11-26-05

      DNews asked a man on the street for some background on the growing Iranian crisis.
      "The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is using oil money to help the Iranian people. Bush can’t like that example any more than the elite Iranians who feel the bite and are moving billions into the UAE. Saddam Hussein knows what happens to those who assert national autonomy and attempt to redistribute wealth in the process. Like his father and Reagan before, Dubya wants it all and expects the American people and all other nations to support the greed of his class. The Dubai Ports World Deal is an example of selling out America to foreign investors by elite stockholders who will run off with the loot to the Cayman Islands or such. They want everyone to be their debt slaves . . . to work for them to make them rich. The selling of management contracts or American infrastructure and real estate to foreign investors is an indirect way of selling [out] the American people into slavery to foreign masters.
      "They will resist and undermine any other economic paradigm anywhere. They will not tolerate even an example of fair treatment of any majority. That’s why they attempt to block any attempt to fairly care for populations that do the actual work to create the goods they hoard. Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela are past and present targets of conservative opprobrium. Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are labeled as evil, as is anyone who claims to or attempts to resist the desire of elites like Bush to have the wealth created by the community for their private property. It doesn’t matter whether or not the demonized foreign leaders are sincere or honest in their claims. They’re maligned by the rich elite classes the world over, who are themselves unequivocally a threat to the entire community and beneficial only to themselves. The manipulation and profit on goods and services made or provided by others are dissipative to real economy and are a threat to our survival . . . a threat to our lives. They want only profit at our expense. They will support the vilest criminal tyrants, like Pinochet for instance, as long as there’s a profit to be made. Their interest in freedom and democracy is asserted only when the tyrant won’t cooperate with their global corporate empire."
      DNews Editorial Factoid: It’s claimed we have a growing economy, presently at almost 13 trillion dollars. But no one says how much of that is abstract activity. Profit on the trade or resale of goods or contracts, like the DPW deal, create no wealth. They create only money. That increases the price of real goods without increasing wealth i.e. real material things. That kind of growth of economic activity is dissipative of wealth. It’s not merely ironic it’s criminal, the fraud threatens our survival, to call this imaginary activity economic growth.

      DNews’s memory is jogged by other predicted events. Nostradamus forecast the end of the world due to a conflict with a Near East or South Asian leader. Going on 500 years ago (Nostradamus was born in 1503) he set the date at 1999 and seven months. If it starts soon that’s less than 2% error . . . enviable precision by scientific standards. Not bad for such backward times, when people reacted emotionally to events and reasonable or steady actions could not be counted on from our leaders. The actual quatrains:
"Out of the country of Greater Arabia Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed,
He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban.
He will be the terror of mankind.
Never more horror.

"In the year 1999 and seven months
From the sky will come the great King of Terror.
He will bring back to life the King of the Mongols;
Before and after war reigns.

"The war will last seven and twenty years."

      DNews notes that Nostradamus had no knowledge of modern communications and technology in general. One modern forecaster has predicted that 27 minutes, hours or days are more probable predictions for the length of the Armageddon Battle if it occurs in our times. "July, 1999" internet search produced 95 results, many from mainstream media. The most threatening search result I saw was:

"31 July 1999 -- At rallies in Pakistan and Afghanistan, demonstrators have warned the United States not to mount another attack on Osama Bin Laden. AFGHAN - BIN LADEN" -- July 1999 Intelligence News

      Some say that the war on terror was really started by the terrorists with that warning on July 31, 1999.

      Condi Rice and others in the Bush administration, including the president, have been criticized for being less than sincerely interested in the pain and suffering of the poor and middle class in America. Rice was singled out recently as not being interested in the well being of Katrina victims, even in her home town region of Birmingham AL. We asked A. G. Kaiser, an expert on conservative indifference, to comment on why the apparent insensitivity to the plights of a growing number of Americans.
      "Conservatives care only for the well being of their investments. If low wages, unhealthy working or living conditions or even starvation and homelessness are conducive to high profits for the members of their economically elite class, they can live with it. Katrina is seen as an opportunity to borrow and spend more for the enrichment of their contractor master/peers. Its not important to a conservative that the relief job be adequately carried out. Only the profits count. If more money can be made by providing substandard service and products at a higher price, then conservative principles are upheld. The needs of people are irrelevant to the deeds of cons, though they will express supportive words in order to get into a position to exploit the taxpayers for profits. Anything for latinum! The mal-distributions of the Katrina appropriations add to the money already doled out to neo-con artists elsewhere, as in Iraq. The enrichment of peers by these scams is the real reason for that and most wars in the first place. At least that explanation holds up better than any of the shifty lies the Bushites have put forward for rationalizations.
      "Whatever may be said by conservatives, it’s important to remember that capitalism works as it’s supposed to work. It assures that the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. We say things like ‘the rich get richer and the poor get poorer’ but do we really understand that it’s true and more importantly that it’s a threat to the community? I’m sure most of US either think its acceptable for a few elites to hoard most of the produce of the community or we think nothing can ever be done about it. Now, I say, neither of those are true. Some fools actually believe that things as they are constitute a positive moral good . . . there’s not much hope for them. They’re a sad case, as is what’s happened to the human race in the past 5000 years or so. All such delusional attitudes contribute to the growing threat of capitalism to the survival of our species and many others on the Planet Earth.
      "To see the threat, consider what happens when everyone lives by the work of others . . . by gathering the wealth produced by the community and privatizing it, while no one does any real work to make any real thing or grow any real food or build any real house. We’ll all be rich bankers, lawyers, businessmen and investors. No one will work. We’ll all have money but none of US will produce products to buy with it. I’ve heard there’s a movement in China to quit exporting so much. They want it at home. This idea gains credibility because the money we pay for their products is really the money they’ve lent to US. Our money is mostly imaginary and has little real value. The hybrid pyramid scam and credit kite is beginning to weaken. The zealously trusted marketplace is beginning to fail.
      "Market Capitalism never has worked for ‘We the People.’ The capitalist market economy has failed to provide anything adequately except the profit of elite rich investors. Even that is becoming more abstract and less real. It’s only worthless marks on ledgers and the pyramid/kite created money has no real goods behind it to give it substance. Gold smold! Real consumable products give value to money. It’s a token that represents real material things. Finance has always been a scam designed to enrich a few at the expense of the community. Now it’s beginning to show signs of its inevitable collapse, as more and more people attempt to become part of the burden on the community. They think they can evade real work and live off the work of others through the perpetual motion of investments that lack any substance. It’s a great circle jerk of imaginary money pumping. Matter and energy are real things but time and compound interest are imaginary. Like the money they create, the latter have no substance. Their only value is as a standard of measure. They have no substance of their own and as they’re artificially dilated they lose their value as a reference tool. But the creation of money without substance does help to redistribute wealth to the top and causes a great deal of pain and suffering to real people, who depend on real goods to survive. Will the conversion of the Chinese to capitalism save US from the failure of the market to expand infinitely, as it must to support our continued survival, if we insist on employing our flawed economic paradigm?
      "They say the Chinese will be convinced. Once they get a taste of capitalism they’ll never go back to socialism. Wrong! Once they get a taste of consumerism they’ll want more and more. But the domination by abstract trade, the variations on banking that are subsumed under finance, and the inevitable debt slavery to capitalists will be rejected. Private bankers, insurers and brokers of capital will not master the Chinese. They are still communists. Further, they will not continue to be our slaves, by making consumer goods for US. They are already grumbling about too much of their produce being exported. The Chinese want to consume their commodities at home, instead of working to make goods for the profit of a growing elite class in China or feeding established elite parasites in the US and elsewhere. They are also having misgivings about the value of US currency. They see the hybrid pyramid scam/debt-kite of capitalism for the idiot’s impossible economic fantasy that it is. They know that trading real goods for increasingly unstable and worthless marks on ledgers is irrational. The bottom line is: now that they have most of our manufacturing facilities in China, we can take our worthless paper and go straight to the hell we’ve created for ourselves with our stupidity and greed. Oh yeah, we can hold out a little longer. Our masters haven’t sold off all of our productive capacity . . . yet. We can still make and export nuclear and military technology. Of course, Dubya has laid the groundwork for that final betrayal by the corporate empire. That’s what he was doing in India last week!"

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