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DNews - March 2, 2006
DNews on the News

      On September 20, 2005 Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, announced: " . . . We have given instructions to the president of CITGO, Felix Rodriguez. . . . So we would like to take 10 percent of what we refine those products and to offer these products in several modalities to the poor populations. And the pilot project will be starting in Chicago we are already operating in Chicago. . . .We have some allies, local partners and we have a number of communities, and we are going to donate some heating oil, because the winter is close, and for the school transportation to school, for the Mexican neighborhood which is the largest in Chicago, La Villita, is the name of this neighborhood with close to 900,000 inhabitants, and so there are other neighborhoods with Hispanics and Latinos. October, the 14th we’re going to start with these pilot projects with small communities and schools, but there are other pilot projects that will start in November in Boston, and here in New York." [Ed. Note: Please forgive the translator.]
      Every mainstream news report and politician’s statement about Venezuela’s donation to the US poor, that DNews has seen, has tagged the comment with a spin. They never fail to mention their opinion about Chavez’s motive. They speak in a single voice of the propaganda value of the aid, the embarrassment it might cause Bush and suggest that Venezuela’s poor are shortchanged as a result of selling the national oil cheaply to other countries. One anonymous source said, "The neo-cons never see that their own spin is the most flagrant of propaganda. In their stupidity, they project their own crimes on to anyone who they consider a threat to their scam. How can anyone with half a brain fall for this crap?"
      We asked A. G. Kaiser for his comment. "So what! Who cares why Hugo Chavez chooses to help Americans. At least he is providing some relief from Exxon’s, BP’s and Shell’s predatory profits. Is real relief, from the gouging of the American people by ideologically correct Giga Oil, to be eschewed because it’s offered by a socialist? Is the pain and suffering of the poor and most of the rest of US due to the high price of fuel (especially fiendish in the case of heating oil) that permitted Exxon’s $37+ billion in profits last year, more bearable because they and others are loyal to a few rich stockholders at the expense of the entire community? As to propaganda, we have the Bush administration’s word, dutifully repeated ad infinitum by media and congress, for the deteriorating condition of the poor in Venezuela and the validity of the theory of free market capitalism that creates poverty and daily increases the pain and suffering of the poor and middle class. But this and many issues that are being drummed for the moment, to distract you from the parasitization of the human race by the global corporate empire, including foreign national entities like Dubai Ports World, will be forgotten before the latest installment on the purchase of America has been safely stashed in the Cayman Islands by the treacherous CEOs and politicians who’re selling US out. By then they’ll have invented some new crisis to distract you. Such is the invaluable service performed by mainstream American media and the corporations that own it and everything else.
      "The short attention span of network and cable news limits our ability to be informed citizens. Our attention follows the media away from real threats to our survival that are inadequately understood, under-reported or from which we’re deliberately distracted. Reporters report that they are not censored but corporate publishers hire and fire reporters and decide what reaches the public of that which is reported to them. By the way, what happened to Jack Abramoff, Ken Lay, Skilling and why has Dubya run away just now to visit India and Pakistan?"

DNews Prediction:
      The Dubai Ports World deal will go through in the end because the stockholders of the British corporation, who own the operating contracts now, want the money. The security issue is a red herring. If it were expected to fly, the apparently concerned individuals would be screaming from the roof tops that Iranian money may be involved in the transaction. Barbara Slavin, Senior Diplomatic Correspondent for USA Today, claimed that Iranians are moving billions into the UAE.

DNews Reflections:

      "Thursday, December 29, 2005 -- Pilots vote to accept new cuts 14.5% pay reduction averts strike - for now BY JAMES PILCHER | ENQUIRER STAFF WRITER [Cincinnati Enquirer]
      "Delta Air Lines' pilots Wednesday approved a plan that temporarily cuts their pay by 14.5 percent. It also staves off a potential showdown that could have led to a strike at the bankrupt carrier."

      "BLOOMINGTON, Minn., Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Capt. Mark McClain, chairman of the NWA chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), announced today that Northwest pilots will begin voting on Feb. 13 to authorize a strike. Following a 15-day voting period, strike ballots will be counted on Feb. 28. If the majority of NWA pilots authorize a strike, the union leadership will have the authority to call a strike if Northwest management imposes terms and conditions of employment on the pilot group.

      "Northwest pilots OK strike Union aims to add pressure on management as bankrupt airline seeks to void some labor contracts. March 1, 2006: 6:43 AM EST CHICAGO (Reuters) - Pilots at bankrupt Northwest Airlines authorized their union leaders to call a strike if the airline ‘imposes onerous working conditions,’ the Air Line Pilots Association said.
      "Tuesday's vote count came a day before a federal bankruptcy judge was to rule on a request by the No. 5 U.S. carrier for permission to void the contracts of workers that have not agreed to the concessions the airline says it needs to survive. . . ."
      DNews has noted before that the airline bankruptcy scam is spreading to other industries. We call on Carlos Marques to share his insight into the trend.
      "Shareholder’s profits on the work of employees disappear into the Cayman Islands but losses are expected to be made up by the workers who are the victims of rich investor parasites to begin with. Screw the investors. They get the greatest benefit. They should take the loss. What’s important is the employee providers of a service and the public that’s served. If management and capitalist masters are not competent to keep their business afloat and adequately compensate employees, without recourse to community subsidy, then they must surrender their control and resources to US, so we can care for ourselves. This obviously pragmatic solution is not noticed by any mainstream news media or politicians. It’s no coincidence that they’re owned by the same investors who demand profit before the well being of the human race, on whom they are a predacious burden. They are parasites that feed on the human race. Instead of sacrificing for the greater good, they demand exactly the opposite of a solution to our problems. And to save the jobs that provide the profit that dissipates the economy, they get the concessions that put US deeper in the hole.
      "Know what else is bass ackwards? Check out the commercials for finding your ‘credit score.’ They tell you the better your credit the less the loan will cost you. Like high interest rates and late penalties are going to help victims of usurers to get out of debt slavery. Our masters are economic tyrants, criminals and idiots that are so greedy that they unconsciously queer their own scam. But we’re bigger fools. We allow them to continue to be the greatest threat to our lives that ever has existed. We must act to defend ourselves from this blight on the human race."

DNews on Big Brother in the News:
      In the passport application instructions, the State Department includes a notice that half the passports issued this year will have RFIds, imbedded microchips that contain all the identification information and can be scanned while passing through customs. Other applications for RFIds are in products, UPS packages [noted in a recent DNews] pet and human sub-dermal embedding for identification, location and medical data.
      Liz McIntyre, author of "Spychips," said during a Democracy Now interview on March 1, 2006. "Big companies you named like Procter and Gamble and Wal-Mart want one of these tags on every manufactured product on planet earth, and of course, there's a company called Verichip that would like one of these RFID devices in everyone's flesh." For more details see
SpyChips at www.spychips.com.

      Kaiser wants to know why an entity like wal-mart is ordinarily capitalized and Planet Earth is not? "People respect that which is abomination and dis that from which they have sprung. What idiots! We follow the rules no matter how little sense they make. We do so for the sake of civilization.
      "Five thousand years ago civilization got off to a bad start and we’ve never quite recovered. The need to regulate growing communities was exploited by those who desired the common produce and holdings for their private property. The need to defend the community from hostile neighbors was abused by those who desired power over their own community in order to feed personal greed. Those who became hostile neighbors were similarly corrupted by self serving leaders. There is no responsible individual. There is a responsible class. It exists to this day and its childish selfishness is responsible for all the world’s problems."

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