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DNews - February 19, 2006
Economic Spin Report

      Ambassador James Jeffrey, Special Advisor to C. Rice and Iraq Policy Coordinator, appeared on WA Journal this past week and was asked, "since taxpayers paid for the bombs to destroy the Iraqi infrastructure and the contractors to rebuild it, how can one find out who was paid what of the money expended?" The ambassador evaded the question by saying the action and spending were approved by congress and so were "legal."
      DNews continued monitoring the C-SPAN broadcast. Ambassador Jeffrey was evasive w.r.t. any callerís question that was critical of the administration. Some are saying that the administrationís web of lies is unraveling but few if any of its representatives are smart enough to know it. A growing consensus is that they continue to try to bluff their way through with the same old bullshit because they lack sufficient intellect to know that they are lying. We feel constrained to report that itís thought by many that the only talent of the principals of the administration is to make money for their class by dissipating and destroying the wealth of the community and impoverishing the people who create that wealth by their physical labor. Itís further been said that the morons who are the CEOs, bankers and economists, who own the politicians and run the country, donít even know that increasing profits by reducing labor costs deprives the consumers of the ability to buy the products on which the profit is made. Jeffrey limited his defense, of what intelligent observers refer to as the "nearly played out scam we call an economy," to rationalization of the looting of the treasury for the benefit of contractors operating in Iraq. One enlightened beholder declaimed, "His repetition of the same old spiel showed him to be an extraordinary fool rather than a cynically creative and highly intelligent con artist like we sometimes see in finance and government."
      A few days ago Ben Bernanke, in his first congressional hearing, spoke of the increase in the price of homes as part of the growing wealth in America and a positive contribution to the economy. [Ed. Note: A banker who grows wealthy on usury and printed money that has no real backing might say it causes no harm but does he believe it?] On many subjects senators seemed somewhat skeptical to downright incredulous. For Senator Sarbanes, the latter was the case with respect to outsourcing, job exportation and growing debt to foreign banks but neither he nor any senator questioned the good doctorís implication that money is itself wealth and not a token that represents real goods. Bernanke was also questioned about banks capital reserves but it was clear that most present accepted the falsehood that money is capital.

      We asked Carlos Marques to comment on the new head of the FED, Ben Bernanke.

      "How could such a moron get a PH.D. in anything? It doesnít matter that he may merely make such absurd statements for public consumption. He may understand that increasing the amount of money without increasing the real wealth of goods or constructions that may be purchased, simply allows parasitic industries like finance to thrive and even dominate. So what? It matters not whether heís an ignorant fool or a cynical but shortsighted liar. Either way, his kind must be eliminated from leadership for the protection of the human race. Though his predecessor, former chairman Alan Greenspan, appeared better able to use technical language to obfuscate the scam, still Bernanke remains a threat to long term economic stability as any banker is. They feign high intelligence but they only have enough sense to be greedy parasites or to lie to perpetuate the age old fraud of their class. They arenít smart enough to realize that they too will die when theyíve killed off the human race. We are the host organism on which they feed. We produce their wealth.
      "The parasitization of communities, through creation of money without goods by real estate brokerages, banking, insurance, the rest of finance, pharmaceutical industries, corporate medical providers, energy brokers, outsourced manufacturing and retailers of foreign products and job exporters, in short, all investors are a threat to the survival of the human race. Their profit is the communityís loss. That is: all of our loss. The less than one per cent of the population that own 99% of everything (when you count the property that secures debt) should not be counted among the human race they afflict. We donít need them. They threaten our survival by their existence. If we need the so called services they inflict on US, which clearly are a burden on the real economy of production of food, housing and other goods, their cost must be minimized. The marketplace has just the opposite effect. We must save our selves by confiscating the wealth and power of our treacherous leaders who have betrayed the human community for personal gain. And the criminals stand right up and say with a straight face that they serve US.
      "The human race is imperiled by capitalism. The marketplace lacks the basic element that any economy requires to justify its existence. It does not adequately provide for the survival of the human race. In fact, capitalism lacks provision or plan for anything but the sustenance of the wealthy elite investors who live off the production of the communities they parasitize. It has only an appetite that can never be satisfied and seeks its present fulfillment with no thought for the tomorrow of the community it threatens by its existence. And we foolishly send our sons and daughters to fight and die for the preservation and expansion of the corporate empire that menaces our lives and those of unborn generations of US. Our progeny may never be, if this foolishness that is ultimately maliciousness is allowed to continue. The only true pro life position is in opposition to corporate empire.
      "Many will object that there is no proven system with which to replace capitalism. They fear that somehow freedom and democracy are linked to the bankersí freedom to enslave with debt. I know that delusions issue from news and entertainment media, which is really a propaganda tool designed to instill and maintain such apprehensions. The programming hides the reality of the tyranny of the corporate empire. But the constitution works. It gives US the power. We can even restore the freedom and justice that Bush has eroded. The only thing we must change is tax law. Instead of taxing the poor/middle class to give to the rich, through their investments in Haliburton for instance, we can make the first several hundred thousand tax free for any legal person, i.e. a two or three hundred thousand deduction. One hundred per cent of money over the tax free level is confiscated from all persons ruled by US law, for the use of the community. Itís only fair that those who take the most from the community, who would take everything even if the rest of US starved, be forced to make restitution for the pain and suffering their greed has caused to the human race. Itís time to end the tyranny thatís enslaved the human race for up to 5000 years or more in some places. One way or the other, we must confiscate the wealth of the parasites who afflict the human race and who threaten the survival of all. Thatís the only way to get rid of the pests. Once weíve stopped the dissipation of the produce we need to survive, we can determine how to use our recovered wealth to heal the community and the Planet itself. Weíve been under assault by the disease of aristocrats and plutocrats for too many centuries."

      DNews succumbed to importuning by A. G. Kaiser to allow him to voice his perspective on finance in general.

      "Money insinuated onto the price of a product, between producer and consumer and that adds no substantive value or performs no necessary distributive service, is purely imaginary. Imaginary money includes all usury, the profits of finance. Finance includes all of banking, insurance and the stock and bond market. Like any fraudulent scheme, finance creates only imaginary money. It has no value because it is not part of the actual production or distribution of goods. Finance is a superfluous structure appended to the economy. Itís only purpose is to perpetuate systematic larceny by aristocrats or plutocrats of the goods produced by the sweat of our brows. Con is central to modern economy. Neo-cons didnít put the con in conservative and economy but theyíre desperate to keep it there.
      "Einstein said the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. Iíve listened to politicians and economists quote that recently. Itís almost become a Ďtalking point.í Whatís obvious is that itís repeated verbatim and lacks a clue to Eís facetiousness and sense of irony. They think itís a literal truth and a positive optimistic comment that indicates we can all be wealthy if we all invest wisely. Yeah! And perpetual motion will be the next big breakthrough that will save US from our stupidity. And yet there is reason to hope for a general enlightenment.
      "The whole great fraud seems to be unraveling at last. The Enron trial and lobbying scandal, questions about white house lies and fear mongering are under scrutiny. The distractions are losing their power to hide the looting of the future treasury by government contractors today. All are acting together to precipitate a growing anger in the victimized human community. After 5000 years or more in some places, itís about fucking time. As it must, it will finally come down. When it does an opportunity for substantive change will present. My conversations of the past couple of weeks have been taking on new character. Many are starting to recognize that the whole debt structure, abstract endeavors like banking and insurance, in short all of finance, are a burden on the production of real goods in the community. The load increases, as in the fullness of time finance comes to dominate all real economic activity from its abstract height. It creates only money by its usuries but dominates the community by controlling the production of real wealth through the financial/economic tyranny of debt. The only way to free ourselves from the despotism of finance is to perform the service it purports to render, if itís needed, on a non profit basis for and by ourselves. If the service is necessary and useful it is still a burden on real production. That burden must be minimized to minimize the harm to the economy. Those who claim to serve but really abuse the community must have their ill gotten gains confiscated for the public good. They must be made to work for their living, as the majority has worked for them, since they invented the great fraud we call an economy. The community exists for the good of all. The rich think we exist for the good of themselves. Iím tired of their bullshit!"

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