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DNews - January 30, 2006
Report on Survivability in America

   DNews editors have noted that more and more people seem to be rejecting the optimistic economic forecasts of the Bush-ites. Words like naive, simplistic, foolish and childish are being used to describe administration hype and even heard on mainstream media news programs. We asked frequent contributor Carlos Marques to tell our readers what he thinks the president will say in SOTU concerning the economy and what can really be done to boost it?

   "The Idiot in Chief will use his constitutionally mandated address as he has each year. It will be a pep rally for the morons who still support him. There will be no trustworthy or useful information forthcoming. He will call for liability protection for insurance company profits as the way to reduce medical costs. Anyone with half a brain knows that protecting and increasing profits will not reduce the price or increase the value and quality of anything. But there is a way to make health care more affordable and less rationed. At the present only the rich and the vested can afford a ration. Ten percent of the population gets at least three-fourths of the health care in America. Hereís how it could be less ill rationed.
   "Remove the profit from insurance, pharmaceuticals and corporate medical providers, in other words, take the CEOs and investors out of the loop, then health care can be affordable. It is the unnecessary load of profit overhead that causes 46 million people to be without health care. Two hundred million more barely make ends meet by going deeper in debt each year, adding interest, more investor profit, into the loathsome burden capitalism places on the populations it afflicts. In all, our economic system is dysfunctional for 5/6 of the people in America.
   "The existence of very rich, who are less than 1% of the population, and a middle class of 16% or less and shrinking, with more of them joining the five-sixths [plus] each day, is evidence that indicates the failure of free market capitalism. It is the profit of CEOs and investors, in every case, that adds to the cost of maintenance of life and denies living incomes, health insurance and pensions to most Americans. When were told employers canít afford benefits and the taxpayers canít afford them either it is the unnecessary CEO and investor profit, the useless burden of support of the rich 1% of the population, that is being protected. They own our politicians and they own US. If they canít afford to care for their property then the economic system theyíve imposed on US is a fraud. It doesnít work. It is an impossible pyramid scheme that has a probability of success thatís equal to that of a perpetual motion machine.
   "The owners of America are blind to the cumulative effect of their greed. They are threatening the survival of the consumers who buy the products on which the profits are made. Theyíre pretentious fools who are unaware that their economic schemes are self destructive. Or they want to get theirs and donít care what happens to the community they loot to get it. [The latter are also ignorant and short sighted but in a less obvious way. If cornered in their folly they take refuge in childish obstinacy by saying, 'Not on my watch!' to any remedy that might alleviate the ills visited on humanity by the excessive amount of the communityís production that they hoard for themselves.] Whatís important is not what they intend or why they do it or the moral implications but the amount of damage to the community and the pain and suffering to individuals that results. I donít care why they do it. I care THAT they do it. Damn the moral and economic theories. This paradigm is failed and it must change. Five-sixths of the population will not be kept enthralled forever. Youíre more stupid than we must seem to you, if you think so.
   "The direction in which weíre being driven is intolerable. Weíre led by the perfidious corporate empire and the politicians of both parties, that corporations control. I will not see my children and grandchildren more completely impoverished and debt enslaved. We must reverse the course set by leaders who are treacherous to the communities they pretend to serve. We must, because the greed of elite economic class threatens our survival. This is becoming more apparent every day. The possibility of unnatural human extinction exists and is growing because of the childish selfishness of aristocrat [royal] like pretenders to natural superiority. However you describe or explain it, itís objectionable. One way or the other the dominion of the greedy, childish fools of the elite economic class must be brought to an end. This evil abomination of human nature shall be stopped. God help the fool who finds itself on the wrong side when the day of reckoning comes.
   "We shall have a fair share of the profits. We shall have what we need to live, one way or the other. We want no more of your bandit aids. We want no more pretend solutions that exacerbate the problem by perpetuating the imbalance. Medicare, Medicaid, tax credits, corporate charity . . . all such protect corporate profits and the economic paradigm of looting the community for individual gain that are the ultimate cause of the problem. We shall have the profits, one way or the other. The investors, their lawyers and CEOs can go to sea in leaky boats for all I care. When we bring an end to their fraudulent reign, they may find deliberate suicide a less painful option. 'This storyís got to end!' One way or the other!
   "George and the Republicans are the worst offenders. But the Democrats also give their first loyalty to their corporate patrons. A few on both sides see that people can only be pushed so far. Some even see that by taking too much profit the system fails because consumers canít buy the products on which the profit is made. But there are too few with common sense or conscience enough to see that the greed paradigm, profit motive and competition, are destructive to the community, abomination of natural social instinct and morally reprehensible.
   "Letís recap. If, as weíre told, corporations canít pay sufficient wages, salaries and benefits to support their employees and the consumption of their products, while remaining profitable, then the system is broken. If CEOs can get 50 million dollar packages for bankrupting a business and offloading pension and health benefits to the government, and thereby gaining subsidized profit, then the CEOís loot and the investors booty is what we must take to care for the employees who must have money to continue to make purchases if weíre to have any economy at all. A basic [real] economy consists of the production and consumption of goods. All usury, monetary profit and compensated service are a burden on the real economy. To have anything that approaches economic equilibrium, the overhead load of workless profit must be minimized. Deprivatization [communitization] of banking, insurance, (in short, all of finance) medicine, pharmaceuticals, communications, energy and possibly transportation must be achieved to have a chance of balance and stability. Decentralization of the economy by breaking up the corporations is essential to counter the dissipative effects of concentration of wealth and power by the economic tyranny that is destroying the national livelihood."

   Of all the appropriate adjectives, like greedy, selfish, rapacious, parasitic, dissipative, corrupt and many more that are descriptive of criminally selfish intent and the harm done to the community by the rich, DNews editorial staff consensus has it that childishly stupid and immature are key to comprehension of the whole dysfunctional (for most of US) economic paradigm of capitalism in decline, that clings desperately to its strangle hold on America.

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