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Dnews - January 20, 2006
Rove On!

   Karl Rove, speaking at the winter meeting of the Republican National Committee, said, "It’s in our national interest to know who they’re calling and why." This on the heel of comments by himself, Cheney and others that the most recent Osama tape is a reminder of the danger we all face from terrorists and other support for the administration’s trashing of the constitution.
   Dnews asked cultural critic A. G. Kaiser for his thoughts on the weeks talking points and other defenses of the Bush Administration’s attacks on freedom in America, which coordinate recent remarks by neo-cons. He jumped into the breech without hesitation.
   "Raving Karl doesn’t get it! He and all the neo-cons are being played by Osama. Bin Laden must trick the neo-con artists into destroying freedom in America, because the task is beyond the ability of terrorists working on their own. Of course there’s an alternative explanation for the betrayal and treason by the Bush Administration. That the statement by the renegade Saudi plutocrat bolsters the Bushco regime, like so many words and deeds before, indicates it may have been made with the support and collaboration of the usurpers in the White House. This possibility must begin to wear thin the veil that hides the truth from even the most obtuse Babbitts among Wall Street Sheep and perhaps some of the Christo-Fascist idiots of conservatism too.
   "We don’t want to think that any American would betray his country for any reason. But profit is a powerful motive. In the past, the pursuit of food processing, mining, manufacturing and other profits have led unscrupulous or negligent business people to endanger and even kill their employees and the general public. Regulations of industries by the USDA/FDA and others, that came into existence starting in the early 20th century, were implemented because capitalists couldn’t be trusted to limit their greed by adhering to safe and wholesome practices. Recent deregulation has been cited as a cause for the increasing number of coal mine disasters. Hobbling of government meat inspectors in stock yards may be responsible for many of the millions of food poisonings each year. [Search the CDC website for statistics.] Whether 100 years ago or today, those who would gain by misery and death deny that any causal relationship exists between their profits on the produce of the community and the carnage that follows. The corporate clones’ desire, expressed through their lobbyists, to pass laws to limit lawsuit damages and liability is a tacit admission of the causal relationship between profit and death. Their obtuse spin and misdirections sound just like those of the Bush administration, who defend the profits of Haliburton, while denying that obvious real reason for the war in Iraq and the deaths that result. The denial of global warming is another example of Bushco’s collaboration with industry. That's certain truth, as is the harm to the community that results. How does Osama Bin Laden fit in to the culture of corruption?
   "If the administration was having a difficult time convincing the public to give up the treasury to Haliburton and the rest in 2001, they might have been motivated by the desire for profit to assist Al Qaeda in acts of terrorism or even perpetrate the deeds and blame Osama, while secretly funding his continued cooperation with the scam. The whole terrorist network could be a fiction. The problem is: our government lies to US, just like the corporate empire that controls it. We have no way of knowing what’s true and what’s not. All that we know for certain is that the government is owned by corporations that will do or say anything to ensure profit. They have no respect for or loyalty to America and Americans. Neither the politicians nor their handlers can be trusted in any matter, except that we can always be sure they will act in what they believe is their own self interest. No evil, from 9/11 to the kidnaping of Jill Carroll, is beyond them, if it promotes profit either directly or indirectly by diverting our attention from the damage to the community that’s done in its advancement. The only limitation on their evil is that the blame must be laid on others. They will stop at nothing they think they can get away with, if it supports profit on the productivity of any of the world’s people."
   DNews felt compelled to interrupt Mr. Kaiser’s rant at this point. "Are you seriously suggesting that the Bush administration might be responsible for the Carroll kidnaping!?"
   "With these morons, like with Hitler, anything’s possible! But what I’m saying is that, as with the 9/11 attack, our unpopular president, now as then, has the most to gain from this despicable act. Jill is an honest and popular non-mainstream journalist who has spoken out often against the war and for the Iraqi people. Even many militant Muslims and Islamic leaders and groups around the world are condemning this action and calling for her release. This is a typical choice of victim for the idiot usurper to attack. If this is our covert action, perpetrated for its propaganda value, Rove and Cheney would no doubt privately gloat over their cleverness in creating pro active spin.
   "Perhaps the worst aspect of the latest round of spin and misdirection, that has been spewed forth from Karl et al. is the appeal to the most craven and cowardly portion of the American population . . . those who would give up liberty for security and protection by a paternal ‘unitary executive.’ Ironically, Dubya the Dictator is in reality merely a puppet of the corporate clones who have made fools of US [and themselves] for profit, most of which goes to rich investors and ambitious CEOs.
   "They steal the benefit of our work and are destroying the middle class and good paying jobs to reduce costs and increase profits. They are thereby denying US the money to buy the products on which the profit is made. They are idiots! The CEOs and major investor puppeteers command the pinnacle of a pyramid of fools and use their power and position to demolish their base in order to raise the point. This is obviously a futile, pumped up with hot air, totally imaginary erection that dissipates the economy and menaces our survival. The betrayal, by this administration and its owners, is the greatest threat America and the human race have ever faced. Our hope is that their treason is not unnoted by all, no matter how completely they delude themselves!"

   On April 4, 1967, Martin Luther King quoted John F. Kennedy. "‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.’" He [King] went on to say that the profits of [overseas] investors made peaceful revolution impossible.
   Carlos Marques says, "The same people who have attempted to use slander and lies to defame heroes like MLK, JFK, RFK, Malcolm X and are attacking Representative Murtha today, will never allow a peaceful revolution ‘on their watch.’ They will never negotiate or speak sincerely on any matter that is a threat to their profits, which are at our expense. They will speak of freedom and democracy in America but they will mean their freedom to destroy the community of real people for the profit of corporations, paper people. They will mean their liberty to own all and have US work for their profit, as if we were slaves. There is no truth, sincerity or honesty in them. There is no way to reach them with words. Like the feudal lords and royal aristocrats they imagine themselves to be [in the throes of their delusions of grandeur] there‘re few ways to communicate with the owner’s of the human race. And they’re nonverbal.
   "Alexander Hamilton said, ‘The power over a man’s support is the power over his will!’ That’s how they control US. We can throw off our bonds [of dependency] and place them where they belong, on our masters. We can eliminate the bond of income tax for all who earn less than $200,000 / year. We can regain the needed funds for the government and common good, from those who get the most benefit from fed spending. We can levy appropriate usury, corporate, capital gains, estate and net worth taxes, progressively on those with more than $200k. No violent revolution is necessary. The constitution need not be amended. And that’s the real reason Dubya is attacking the freedom promised by our founding document, the guarantee of human rights and power to control our lives. He knows that free people can do away with the great fraud, which has been perpetrated by his class for thousands of years. His greatest fear springs from the certain knowledge that we can do it whenever we choose to do so."

   As usual, our contributors comments are there own. D-News is not responsible for corrosion of mental facilities or any other damage or liability that may be caused or incurred by vitriolic truth speakers.

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