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September 11, 2006
It’s Medicare or Nothing

   The profit driven medical industry is increasingly available only to the rich and the elderly. According to Adam Smith VIII, "corporate profitability, subsidized by downsizing, outsourcing, pension and employee health care rationing, has reduced the working middle class to negligible numbers. That in turn must result in a loss of vitality to the economy.
   "The bankruptcies, which were employed to allow the pension and health care cuts that bolster profits, have increased at an exponential rate in the past year. The successful return of some airlines to profitability is suspected of starting the craze. It’s not clear how it’s possible for all corporations to reduce all employee/consumer incomes and benefits to increase profits and yet maintain the level of sales that are the source of the profit. What is obvious is that the retired seniors, who were vested before the dissipative economic practices became common, are the only ones who can afford health care."
   Conservative spokesmen insist the economy is strong. They point to the strong growth of the traditional hegemony of banking, finance and credit industries and the powerful post modern suzerainty of Giga Oil. The latter is credited to President and Vice President Oil and their cabinet. The Oil twins have given US apparent stock market stability and steady investor profits. Syndicated Columnist, Moaning Charlatan said, "Let the lazy slugs who want to live off the state get a job. If we give them fish they can eat today. If we teach them to fish they can live off fishing. It’s the same with health care. There are plenty of opportunities for investors in today’s market. If the masses handle their money well there’ll be no shortages of any kind! To ask the successful to share our wealth for the good of all, through taxation or any involuntary means, is un-American and unnatural. It can only result, like socialism, in shortages for all."

   DNews frequent contributor, Carlos Marques had this to say, "The failure to provide health care to the American’s who are currently working as employees for the profit of the industries whose profitability is protected by the general disenfranchisement, defies reason. It is an obvious abuse of power by economic and political leaders, whose only desire is to hoard the wealth produced even if it destroys the community that produces it. Ms. Charlatan’s protests ignore fundamental reality on so many levels that I despair of the possibility that persons of her persuasion will ever be cured of delusion. It doesn’t matter whether they speak their own true belief or cynically try to assure a critical mass of voters, in order to protect the flim flam that provides their wealth and privilege. Hopeless or not though, it amuses me to attempt their moral salvation and that of their thralls. Ironically, they’re so short sighted they don’t know that the dissipative economic system that serves only their greed is self destructive. Their potent delusions of grandeur have them intoxicated. I’ll start with the corruption of power.
   "How do you avoid predations by whatever management has the power? We limit their power!
   "In the case of capitalists we limit their money to a safe amount by employing an estate tax. Services like banking, insurance, finance, credit, medicine, energy, communications etc. that the communities want and need are distributed among them and done by and for ourselves on a non-profit basis. That which we must cooperate and work together to have we will cooperate and work together to have and it will belong to US. That which we can create for our individual selves without the help of others, by our own work, will be our private property.
   "The way to avoid corruption of management is to limit their power by law and to ban private stock corporations that masquerade as public entities and must concentrate all wealth in the end because they are immortal paper people. When the immortals are de-unionized and disbanded and the rich made to shoulder their share of life’s burden for wages, the il-rationing of health care and all other shortages caused by the hoarding of wealth by the elite economic classes will disappear as if by magic. The reactionary projection of shortages onto socialism by Ms. Charlatan is a typical defense by misdirection of the kind that’s been perpetrated by the criminal elites of the past hundred centuries. These people, if you are so generous as to think of such abominations of human nature as people, are those who put the ‘con’ in conservative."
   As always, we thank Carlos Marques for his frank and honest statement of reality. Of course, his words are his own. As not many have the courage to claim them, there’s little danger of intellectual property piracy here.

   A. G. Kaiser has been pestering us for months to spout off on intellectual property rights. We’ve decided to give him his head for a little space and see where he goes.
   "The US Constitution specifically addresses patent and copyrights for the benefit of inventors and authors.

"Section. 8. Clause 1: The Congress shall have Power . . . Clause 8: To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;"

   "Over the past two hundred years those ‘limited Times’ have grown from twenty or twenty-five years, in America and most western nations, to include authors, if not inventors, for their lifetimes. Recently, due to coercion by the immortal corporations, much intellectual property is withheld from the public domain for a hundred years or more, if not in perpetuity. Even more abusive, by taking work from the public domain, that was often developed at taxpayer expense, large corporations are actually being allowed and even encouraged to loot our common property by making small changes and declaring it proprietary. For example, Microsoft’s and Apple’s use of MIT’s public domain ‘X-Windows’ as the basis of their computer operating systems. Then one had the chutzpah to sue the other for copyright infringement.
   "Corporations will snivel about taxes that are for the welfare of the people of America (and spend millions in advertising to convince you to support them in their whining) while accepting the subsidization implied by appropriating the product of publicly funded research and calling it their private property. Hypocrite doesn’t begin to describe this kind of piracy. And remember this you engineers, writers and artists under contract to the immortal corporate suzerains. They own your thoughts before you think them!"
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