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"Declaration of Independence of the Soul"

      It is 222 years since Jefferson's letter was adopted by the Continental Congress and dispatched to king George. The United States has made great strides towards freedom within the bounds of their conception. Freedom from original sin (see the document of that title by this author) is the next step in the journey. That is the truth. We hold it to be self evident. As is the following:
      Human culture and it's societies monopolize all land, means and resources necessary for human survival. Earth's human societies, which claim all authority, imply claim to responsibility for the survival of all people. Society has no sustainable, suitable or sufficient employment for many of us. It withholds by that omission, the means of survival from us. Society has failed in the responsibility of its presumptuous and pretentious undertaking.
      Therefore we declare our desire for independence from the failed society. In recompense for your failure, we demand a minimum of aid to initialize the culture we'll found. We demand at least 1000 square miles of land, containing all of mountainous, forest, pasture and arable lowlands, clean running water, fish, game and wild plant foods. We further require of you tools, implements, supplies, and seed for necessary and sufficient production of food, clothing, housing, education and the second generation tools we will use as our society becomes increasingly self sufficient.
      The Earth naturally provides most of what we need. It is incumbent upon the Earth's usurpers to return to us our fair share of the resources of survival as well as the human artifacts we and our ancestors helped to create and which we will need to continue to use until we can devise more appropriate means.
      The basic startup resources may take the form of foreign aid or a government grant for the purpose of forming an experimental community of freedom loving people. In striving to make ourselves an independent and self sufficient culture we will unburden your society from the obviously grudged and ineffective programs you have heretofore, in your collective un-wisdom, deemed to be in (y)our best interest. At least the money would go to good people instead of corporate or local government administrators for their pork barrels.

Summons to Serious, Sober and Committed People:

      There is little hope that any government will actually cede US land or assistance to do these things. That doesn't mean we can't try to do them any way. We will have to find a way to raise the money, buy the land and resources we need, and to find out what we're made of. If you are interested in being a part of a secular, self sufficient community, guided by the principle of freedom from original sin (as defined in that title) contact me using the form below.
      The foregoing is not based on any special or esoteric knowledge. It is information that any one can know, if they so choose. All who answer the summons will be free and encouraged to pursue and seek knowledge of any sort that interests them. To remain in good standing with the community they will need only to contribute their share of the common labor of survival and refrain from controlling or harming anyone but themselves. Spiritual or supernatural knowledge is a private affair. It may be shared with willing listeners but not compelled. Claims to such knowledge should be demonstrable but that is seldom possible. Nothing of the sort will be forbidden. However, continued survival, which is our common instinct, and freedom from coercion is sufficient motivation to attempt this community.
      Come and help to make an experimental community, ruled by consensus and common goals; with deference to experience and wisdom. Dedication and the willingness to labor to build an independent, original sin free lifestyle, extended family and society, is the necessary qualification of applicants.
      Those who can provide one or more of the following skills in addition to their sincerity and share of common work, are also needed.
      Farmers and gardeners to plant and nurture vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, grasses and fibrous plants for various food and non-food uses. We need to cultivate plots, fields, pastures, orchards, groves and vineyards or any other means you can imagine, proven or experimental, to produce the plants needed for survival.
      Botanists, herbalists, biologists, healers.
      Animal Husbanders to nurture and care for food animals.
      Hunters, fisherpersons and gatherers of wild plants.
      Harvesters, millers, bakers, cooks to process preserve and store foods. Experience and inventiveness with drying, canning smoking and imagining will be helpful.
      Miners, smelters and smiths.
      Spinners, weavers, tailors and shoemakers.
      Carpenters, cabinet makers, masons, machinists, mechanics, engineers, alternative energy specialists.
      Any skill you can gently talk us into cherishing. (Businessmen, lawyers, politicians and most judiciary will need to undergo mental decontamination and retraining; as will sociologists, political scientists, cultural anthropologists and especially psychologists. Not that any are likely to apply!)
      I envision a dedicated community, employing anyone who will contribute something useful to survival and share in the common welfare with the entire nation. For we will be a nation of people. We will be independent and self sufficient but not isolated. We will trade with other communities at the national level. All within will be held in common, except for house, household and personal belongings. I see ecologically sound power production and modern technology including robotics. Not to displace us but to give us leisure. The means of this and all production will belong to all. Money will not be used within the community. It will not be possible to live off the labor of others. If all is not to your liking, do not apply for admittance.


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