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"Setting Aside Religion"

      Victor knows the purpose of life is to survive and breed. Other than that it’s only what you choose to make it. If you don't survive long enough you can't breed, or having bred, you can't nurture and protect your young to maturity. Survival is primal. To live, we require food and shelter. (Medicine, education, armaments, etc. are subsumed under those two main headings.) Group formation aids in securing and maintaining food and shelter.
      Conquest of other groups secures additional land, on which to carry on the process of life. It may allow growth of the group, by increased breeding activity and/or assimilation of the conquered population. Peoples may be eliminated to free up land and resources. The vanquished may also be enslaved. If your group already consists of masters and slaves, conquest may result in an increase of wealth for the masters. More slaves equals more producers.
      The armies required to expand, or to prevent being expanded upon, always consist of trained slaves. They are controlled by specially trained overseers. (The word has been corrupted to officers.) Officers, like CEOs, politicians, judges and managers, are highly trained slaves, who are entrusted with the care of common slaves and rewarded with a comfortable livelihood.
      Another way to achieve comfort is to start one's own business. The difficulty encountered, when starting a business, is complicated by resistance from existing masters. Directly or indirectly, the use of slaves will be required for your business to succeed. Masters are jealous of their slaves.
      Slaves are not directly provided with the means they need to survive. They are instead provided with tokens which they exchange for the necessities of life. Slaves produce these things themselves but the goods are gathered and held by the masters who claim they are private property. A claim that is backed up by police and armies as necessary, who are themselves slaves owned by the masters. Even though your business may not employ slave labor, you [presumably] profit in the tokens which symbolically represent the produce of slaves. The masters, as a group, want all the tokens returned to themselves. They cultivated the system for their own benefit and resent any upstarts use of their world! It's not impossible to become a master by starting your own business. It's not impossible to win the lottery or become a superstar. Assign probabilities to those possibilities and compare them.
      Perhaps you think the system is unfair? Remember your training! If everyone tried to jump off the bridge at the same time there would be no where to stand on the bridge. Besides, the pile of bodies would soon make the jump inefficient. Those merely crippled would be a burden to society. If we were all masters there would be no one to produce anything and we'd all starve. Granted, over the centuries the number of masters has increased (and some have been replaced).The number of rapists and murderers has also increased, like the masters, in proportion to the size of the population.
      There must be a ratio of maximum efficiency. Currently, there are about 5% masters and 95% slaves. Between one in twenty and one in a hundred ratio of excessively aggressive and manipulative to passive and dependent personalities seems to work pretty well so don't rock the boat! And, if you must assert yourself, certainly don't attack the system! Simply incorporate enough evil into your existence to scare the masters (be careful not to get caught breaking laws). Then they will allow you to be like them. You may turn on your own and become a parasite. Thus the system will be preserved and the notion that everyone gets what they deserve will be reinforced. A truly rebellions example could be disastrous.
      You needn't concern yourself too much about the possibility of a successful rebellion against exploitation of the majority by the minority. The textbook example of how the system defends itself occurred 2000 years ago. Jesus Christ suggested giving away all property and emulating his way of life. Apparently He was building quite a power base and the authorities had to use force and guile to suppress Him and His ideas. Many of His followers were also executed before the empire could coopt the rest and return to normal business. It's seldom necessary to go to such extremes today, though violent repression always lurks in the background. Threats to the system are ordinarily dealt with by withholding rewards. The system rarely resorts to physical abuse even when large segments of a population are involved. If changing technology and growing numbers of people make many of us unnecessary to profitable production for the masters, the expendable slaves are starved to death or die of nutrition related diseases, lack of medical attention or exposure. Who needs crosses and lions when we have joblessness and welfare reform?

      I once asked Victor, "What chance do think there is that you'll do any good?"
      "Virtually none!"
      "Then why do you bother?"
      "It amuses me... what else do I have to do?"
      Snickering,"the probability that what anyone has written, will go to the common heart and the people will rise up and throw off the 6000+ year oppression of wealth and create a heavenly utopia is almost nonexistent. It would be except for Schrödinger and Heisenberg who tell us that no chance is theoretically impossible and may not be asserted with certainty! It's that small; but still greater than my chance of getting a job in MBA ridden, living standard avalanching, service economy...And anyway, what else do I have to do?"


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