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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:How does the Bush plan compare with Reagan's trickle down theory?
A:The only thing that ever trickles down to us is the flushed contents of their toilets.

Week twenty:

"The Stone Truth"

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Politics: Ideology/Religion: Education:
I learned many years ago that Americans are less expensive to maintain as homeless than having them work for the employers who hire the bulk of illegal immigrants. The bosses claim we won't work for them. If you ask for the job, you'll be discouraged. Typically one is told, patronizingly, "you don't want this job." If persistent, you will be firmly turned away. Why?

I'm concerned about much that happens in the world of humanity. I'm particularly concerned about the way homeless and jobless Americans are played against illegal aliens for the sport and profit of our less scrupulous employers.

The best of the businesses who hire refugees take advantage of the illegal status of their employees to demand unreasonable effort in poor working conditions. Exceptions may exist but they are not the rule. Typically businessmen and their lackey politicians point to the least innocuous situation whenever any uncomfortable subject arises. Most employers of "wetbacks" pay less than minimum wage. They ignore child labor laws. they pay no taxes, social security or workmen's compensation.

In the not uncommon worst case, the scum call the Border Patrol to rid themselves of unwanted employees to whom money is owed. Even the normal practices would lead to legal sanctions if perpetrated on citizens. So Americans need not apply. If we become homeless and die, the slavers claim no fault. They call it economic necessity. The conservative whine of the lowlife American business machine offends my ear.

But if you think it's impossible to compete against alien slaves, try do get the job being done by a prisoner. The work that might keep a family from homelessness is performed by inmates who cost the taxpayers $30,000/year plus to maintain. Many homeless people, by desparate efforts, end up in these positions. It would cost half as much and reduce crime to give them $15,000/year before they despair.

The next time someone tells you that anyone who wants a job can get it, think about how that lie is constructed with false labor statistics. Remember, when one's unemployment runs out and one isn't working or in prison, one becomes an unperson. I know. I've been to school.

Formula for fleecing the American flock. Phase One:
Follow in the footsteps of successful scoundrels. Reagan led off with tax cut that took money paid mostly by the poorer majority and gave the greatest part of it to the rich ten percent of the population. The rest of us received a token reduction to keep us quiet. "Hush, Puppy!"

Thirty-three percent of the Bush tax cut goes to 1% of the population. Another 33% is earmarked for the next 9%. A total of 71% goes to the top 20%, who pay 40% or less of taxes. We receive token tax relief and encouraging words. Their protestations of compassion for the American people and the claim to be fueling consumption fly in face of reality. The rich get the money!

Phase Two:
Reagan borrowed the money that was robbed from the poor and given to the rich to pay for Star Wars [no successful systems implemented] and otherwise build up the military. That gave even more of the tax money we pay to the elite in the interest we pay on the loans, not to mention the defense contractor scam. Anyone who objects to the rip off is accused of unAmerican disloyalty.

Bush has already promised a missile defense and general upgrade of the military that his budget with tax cut can't afford. Will he, in the name of nationalism, borrow the money back from the elite who have conquered us and pay them tribute in the form of usery (interest which our tax money must pay) for the privelege of being screwed by them?

When will we ever learn?

Law and order:
IF we make economic tyranny a capital crime we could rid our selves of most of the parasites who feed on us. That group of criminals include the 1% who are the eilte, all the politicians who are their puppets, most of the lawyers, bankers and CEOs. The latter overseers are also guilty of treason to their fellow slaves by working for the aid and comfort of the enemy. As such they may be tried as traitors under current laws.

The hoarded wealth we confiscate as evidence can be used to heal the Planet, including ourselves, of the harm their system has done.

The rolling blackouts are now being predicted for many more States than California. I suspect that the power tyrants, through their wholly owned Federal Government, will try to extort more money out of us using any threat that opportunity offers or greed can contrive. Up to a point, the more we complain the worse they will make it sound. It's called negative reinforcement. Don't cave!

To say that they will take advantage of any crisis, real or imaginary, to increase profits and reinforce our meek acceptance of their larceny, is not to say that the power catastrophy is not real. But it does suggest the possibility that it may have been planned by conservative pigs. The more politicians point away from the energy rich Texas tyrants the more I believe that problems may be engineered for profit.

Foreign Policy:
Global warming and the oxides of carbon emissions that are causing it qualify as foreign policy fraud on two counts. Unfortunately the Law and Order and Energy headings are already taken this week. What I hope to get around to saying soon would also fit well under Distractions [/Delusions] which I've decided to omit for the current issue. But how will I justify this usage?

For one, Carbon dioxide emissions are a matter of the negotiated and signed Treaty of Kioto, that Bush has megalomanically abrogated, with the support of the conservative privy council. [Will drawing and quartering of political opponents be brought back by the old boys?] The second justification for the displacement to this column is: the attack on Life alienates us from the Planet itself. This self destructiveness may not be foreign to George but it's very strange to me.

What caused the issue to re-emerge this week was the report of a council of scientists that global warming was real and a serious threat. Duh-uh! I guess the administration couldn't find anyone foolish enough to say what they wanted to hear. [Ed. note: see "good science" week ten of "The Volunteer"; Bush press conference, 3/29/01] Of course spokesmen rush to voice their concern, while simultaneously digging the ditches for the next line of defense in the selfish war against life waged by the wealthy elite through their conservative minions.

Now that the report is in, a new committee is to be appointed to study the issue. They commissioned experts and were disappointed; I assume the new committee is more predictable. If this were merely seeking a second opinion, it might be considered prudent. The third or fourth or hundreth time around it is childish stubborness in the support of selfishness.

Their idea of proof is to be caught with their hands in the cookie jar. That may have worked on their parents but mine new better. Whatever! The consequences of Bush's ignorance, whether disingenuous or natural, is too serious a threat to Life on the Planet Earth to allow his immature greed to contiue to grow.

Support Life! Abort Bush's illegitimate administration.

Editorial Column:
The members of both major political parties in America are the wholly owned subsidiaries of corporations which are mostly owned in turn, like almost everything else, by the elite 1% of the population. The politicians serve their masters best by quelling unrest among the populace they oversee. To this end they will say whatever it is they think we want to hear.

The acts of politicians will always serve the real rulers but will be described as if we will be the beneficiaries. We must let them know that words and token relief from the economic tyranny of the elite will not serve any longer. These people are weak and stupid. That is why they were chosen to "lead". But they are trainable.

We can extinguish the unwanted behaviors exhibited by our politicians if we present a united front and refuse to give in to the onslaught of lies. The day after Labor Day, 2001, can be the first National Sickout Day. If we give sufficient advance notice to our overseers it can send an unmistakable message. They may at least throw off their sheep's clothing and we will better understand the challenge to life with which we are faced.

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