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"A good slave works for food alone."

Week one:

No money for foreigners who perform or counsel abortion. I remember we were to be less arrogant and more humble in our dealings around the world. If they want our patronage they must do as we say.

Would it be too cynical to suggest that pro-life leaders' hidden agenda is to promote a large population of cheap, service industry labor. Who but the rich want and can afford servants?

I predict accountability through testing will some how be twisted to yielding more money from the poor to the rich instead of pinpointing weaknesses in the education process to be fixed. Conservatives are so predictable. Insert your thoughts here.

There are so many government scams to tax the poor to give to the rich that this is hardly necessary. The conservatives are saying that 5% of the people pay 50% of the tax. They are getting off cheap. See the tables at:
The charts show they aren't paying their share, based on their share of the wealth. Check out the Census Bureau to see that the disparity of income is even greater. The numbers, no matter how deceptively presented, are probably reliable.
Who's side do you think Bush is on?

Social Security Reform?
Give the bulk of the money to the rich and their demimonde to build up their retirement investments. The remainder of us, 40% at least, will starve but who needs us.

Bush's response to California's energy crisis is: "it's their own fault". George is great at fixing the blame. Can he fix real problems? Cheney said on Meet the Press 1/28 the problem is: deregulation was not thorough enough. Presumably that means the problem should be fixed by multiplying the price six-fold to the consumers. 1.3 trillion dollars would buy enough independent solar power installations to provide free power for 120 million families. The $10,000 dollars required up front for good solar electric system for a single family dwelling is probably less than you would pay for twenty years of electric bills at the old prices.

Foreign Policy:
About missile defense: see taxing the poor to give to the rich. If you aren't familiar with the abuses of military contractors you don't need this because you aren't from this planet. By the way George, how many times have you spent or given away that 1.3 trillion by now? What if the projection falls short?

1.3 trillion dollars divided by 40 million families without adequate health care equals $32,500.00 per family.

Editorial Column:
On Thursday January 25, 2001 FED chairman Alan Greenspan testified before the US Senate Budget Committee. Though he included what everyone wanted to hear, I believe the weight of his double talk opposed a large tax cut at this time and supported elimination of the deficit. You can count his multiple conflicting votes by reading his address.
You might also see that he paid homage to the one true religion by chanting the sacred litany: Capital Investment, Production [labor] and Demand [consumption]. He gave due respect to the effect of debt, government debt, taxes and spending. Isn't it surprising he didn't dwell on the relationship between private debt and demand?

All is comprehensible to a careful reader. Only one question, which I've had for thirty-five years, was not satisfied. Where did Capital originate?

The faithful always approve of rituals well performed. Careless readers will find support for whatever position they chose. George II claimed Greenspan's words favored his 1.3 trillion tax cut for the rich. That clears it up for me. Capital is originally gathered as taxes or some violent means from the people, by the wealthy.

At 8PM MST on January 26, 2001 I viewed a Microsoft advertisement on CBS. Empty stools by a bank of Web Servers supported a voice over which enthusiastically informed us that dependable MS products can make money for us without human intervention.

Will FED floated banks loan jobless people the money necessary to consume the products available on the web and other consumption required to sustain the life of a healthy ECONOMY [Amen]? What a great formula for survival: less employees, lower wages, bigger profits, loan the taxpayers their own money to bolster demand. What happens when most corporations approach total automation? Will they loan us the money they won't have made, because there is no demand, so that we may continue to live?

But George will save us! He'll find a way to funnel more of our money to Capitalists, the wealthy priests of the true religion. Then they can more quickly finance our displacement by reducing their payrolls. (The jobs created by the production of robotics, automation etc. are temporary. Once a working system is entirely in place these workers won't be needed.) But not to worry, Wall Street will be flourishing and the labor problem will be solved forever. The economy will be totally abstract. Dip shit and eat it! Bush will give us nothing but deluding words to consume. If we give him enough time to test his agenda we'll be lucky to survive at all.

Typically, conservatives respond to warnings about the direction we are moving in by labeling them alarmist; the democratic process of compromise will diffuse the danger. Since 1970 our standard of living has decreased for most of us due to the erosion of the buying power of our wages. Remember, loans aren't earnings, at least not for us. Two wage earners can now buy 80% of what one could purchase with his or her earnings thirty years ago. Our ability to consume and keep the economy going can afford no more compromise. The pyramid is too top heavy already. We can't support any more Bushshit!
Those who remember can try to spot the lies in the [probably] accurate statistics of the Commerce Department at the link above. Hint: compare your memory of average wages in 1970 to those today. Compare the prices of the two times. Based on your knowledge what do you think the tables are trying to hide?

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