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Loot the Common Heritage

From ICH - “In 1941, Edward Dowling, editor and priest, commented: ‘The two greatest obstacles to democracy in the United States are, first, the widespread delusion among the poor that we have a democracy, and second, the chronic terror among the rich, lest we get it.’”

“The development of the oil economy and free market capitalism in the Nineteenth Century was an evolutionary misstep that will cause our extinction if we don’t correct it. The entire Human Culture continues to be characterized by the self destructive greed of the puerile parasites who dominate US. We are where we allow ourselves to be led. We’re like foolish children, who follow a loud mouth bully that wants all the candy for itself.” - Democratus.

June 15, 2008
      They smirk smugly confident that it will get over. Or is that smile wicked delight in the clever malevolence of their greed - or just reflective of the hubris induced by the in the know glow, which comes from vicarious connection to their masters. They say that gas will go to ten dollars per gallon. Every rise cycle they’ve said the same. They’re repeating the words of their handlers, who’re a little higher up in the party. The originator of the exaggeration wants US to feel relieved when the price only reaches $5.00 or whatever. I’ve noted this at the turn of the century when the gas went from $1.00 to $1.50. Two dollars were predicted by the puppets on the street. It’s happened that way twice more before this latest surge of investors’ profits. The evil grin seen on the face of the minion is probably just unconscious mimicry of its masters. Whatever, it’s weakening. People are finally catching on.
      Of course the Republicans are still saying it’s all about supply and demand. They call for more drilling in America, though most [65% according to one source] of the 10k plus leases let by Bush are stockpiled by the oil companies. No development has taken place. [House Select Committee on Energy and Global Warming - C-SPAN3 6/11/08] That’s the Giga Oil’s insider futures market method. Then there are the speculators who never see the oil and the outsourcers who drive down the dollar and the oil exported from the West Coast and Alaska to Japan et al. All these things conspire to make supply and demand the smallest factor in the latest round of fleecing of the American sheeple. By the way, the price of beef in America is not only jacked up by its export to the Pacific Rim but by the conversion of feed lot corn into fuel. Supply is not the issue. The most damaging and unnecessary part of cost is the exorbitant CEO compensation and profit of investors, whether directly in energy or in the speculative futures market or other derivatives. They don’t care what happens to America when they loot US.
      All the investor parasites care about is getting the highest price for the products, whether they produce them here or more likely import them from China, driving down the dollar in addition to decreasing the incomes of US consumers and then raising the price anyway, in order to increase profits. Any real oil supply problem is due to the treachery of futures hoarding and Giga oil exporting of what we need at home. The free market doesn’t work for ninety percent of US. Oil, every other commodity, wholesale and retail product we need is used to bind US to the service of the masters and the production of wealth for them. Those traitors to the Human Race must be tried, convicted, executed and their property and money confiscated. Treat them like any other terrorist who threatens our lives. We cannot tolerate their maleficence, if we are to command the resources we need to live. The market is our criminal enemy. It’s perpetrators must be stripped of their power as a preemptive act of self defense.

      It is evil to me. It threatens my life. I know you think it’s righteous. Many people, perhaps most, would agree with you. I will not argue the moral issue. It is evil to me because the loss of income threatens my life. That’s especially true in this time of runaway prices due to runaway greed of rich investors. There is no objective standard we may reference that will change the effect this has on me. It is evil to me and nothing that you or anyone can say will ever change my honest perception.
      I see by the look on your face that you cannot compute what I’ve said. The arrogance of your anger is not overlooked by me, as it is by you. The encouragement you take from common wisdom is evidence to me of the futility of trying to explain to you, who knows only what feelings are induced in yourself by some subset of the mass mind that you entertain. How this or any thing affects me, you cannot comprehend. You feel. But the process of induction that makes it so is not part of your consciousness. It’s as if the reality that is your environment does not exist. You are alone in the universe.
      I might be talking about the profit of investors, predicated on low wages and high prices, that, with the debt they’ve made inevitable, have inflated the currency, devalued the dollar in foreign exchange, looted America and impoverished or weakened 90% of our population. The failure to tax the profits on investment, especially the non productive investments in money lending and derivatives, has exacerbated the problem. If we make no products we have nothing to trade. Investment in investment makes only money and increases its supply without a corresponding increase in the goods and property it represents. It doesn’t understand the differences between price and value or money and wealth. It’s an attempt at perpetual motion. An 80% service economy is a bloated pyramid scam and only one fifth of a real economy. It is a looming disaster. The collapse has begun and no amount of stimulus or FED injected liquidity can do anything but grow the problem and delay the comprehension of reality. You can’t make something from nothing. The economists don’t know what an economy is.
      But then it may be micro economics. I might be talking about the garnishment of half of an $886/month social security check to service the arrears of child support that are growing by more than $640/month in interest and accumulated when the dead beat dad had no income and his ex had $50k or more per annum.
      Neither situation evidences comprehension of economy - or are evidence of intelligence at all. One misunderstands on the level of national community and the other is personally and individually stupid. Most of US are subsumed under both headings, which share predication on puerile greed, the foremost warning sign of abomination of Human Nature that sets US on the evolutionary dead end course, which precedes extinction. Neither the community nor individuals can make something from nothing. Whether the class of investors or individual parasites, none can live in the absence of a healthy host. The surest way to kill an economy is to have all of the Human Race be investors and none of US work to make real goods. We can’t all live or have our lives improved by the work of others. We can’t all have others work for US. Not even a few can profit for long by destroying the livelihoods of those who’ve worked to buy the products, whose sale has made the elite parasites rich. Imagine gaining the energy to walk tall across the land by eating your legs.

      To allow the oil companies to continue to profit is suicide. If we “can’t repeal the law of supply and demand,” we’d better break it. The profit of investors and CEOs and the rest of the parasites cashing in on our misery is the most unnecessary part of the cost of every product. If we try to circumvent or disobey the “law” of supply and demand, especially by taxing the rich speculators who’ve driven up prices, motivated by profit, God knows what disaster will befall US. Certainly no conservative politician knows anything but the greed of their [wannabee?] class. .
      "The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy: that is the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness." - John Kenneth Galbraith.
      We must criminalize such greed by confiscating the profits and property of the rich. Start by communitizing all of energy and banking.

How To Reduce Oil and Food Prices “. . .So. How do you fix this? As with many problems the world and the US has, it isn't a problem we don't pretty much know how to solve, we just don't have the willpower to wring speculative excess out of the system. - By: Ian Welsh Saturday May 24, 2008 4:00 pm
“1) You put the major banks and Wall Street Brokerage, which are insolvent, into receivership. You sue for the return of all bonuses. You let the investors, who took the profits, take a full 100% loss on their stock holdings. You start, slowly, unraveling the swaps, CDOs and so on, and you force people to take their losses.
“2) You have the government, in effect, take over the mortgage market.
“3) Don't allow leverage beyond 10X max. Don't allow already leveraged money to be leveraged again.
“4) Implement a Tobin tax, that is a tax on every single transaction. Tobin originally suggested it just for foreign currency transactions but at this point putting it on anything but plain vanilla bond and stock transactions would be wise. This will raise hundreds of billions very quickly, will make speculation less profitable and will take money out of the hands of the rich.
“5) Implement a strong progressive tax which taxes income, all income, over 1 million dollars, at at least a 90% rate. This must include taxing unearned income at the same rate as earned income. Again, the idea is to get money out of the hands of the rich who have no productive use for it. . . .”

      Who are the shadow government? I’ll bet most people who mention the “shadow” are trying to set up a dupe to be perceived as a paranoid conspiracy theorist. The corporatist bourgeois do so to protect themselves from the truth of their complicity with the transfer of power to the corporations. I hope the next time I experience one of those sellouts that I have the presence of mind to, in honest Socratic Irony, ask who they think make up the shadow government. No matter what they answer, I can ask if they mean Blackwater, Dyncorp and Wackenhut, as well as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and Raytheon. I wonder what kind of reaction that will get? Few will see that privatization is a scam.
      Blackwater’s Private Spies - By Jeremy Scahill.

      What’s happening in the world? With the economy, it should be obvious. So why do most people continue to swallow shit? Profit motive dictates the parasites, who own everything including the mortgage on your house, will invest where they can get the greatest increase. Today that’s investment in investment. That is: credit cards, mortgages and other loans - all of finance - that produce the highest yields but no real goods. Everyone should see that an economy that’s mostly service and especially financial service is an attempt to produce perpetual motion of money. It fails to produce the real goods on which life sustaining economy, and money itself, is ultimately based.
      Apparently most of US don’t see that obvious flaw in free market capitalism. The goods we actually need to live are produced in China et al. We must borrow our money back or print more to keep the debt kite flying. The debt service and FED handouts to the banks which are loaned to US at a profit can only inflate prices and devalue the dollar. That “investment” by rich parasites is dissipative to our economy. They are not real investments. The only growth they produce is in the money supply. We must make goods at home if we wish to sustain our lives. To hell with competition in the global market. If we don’t make goods to first consume, we can have no goods to trade. And if we did make enough to have trade goods, why must a few elites appropriate them and the profit they produce, driving up prices at home and creating more profit without making more goods. The lie of global market competition - and the right of a small percentage of the population to own almost all the property - has undermined our livelihood for the benefit of less than one in ten of US. Economy is the things we do to provide ourselves with what we need to survive. We do that by working together. Those who play the economy for individual gain are a threat to our survival. That’s more true on the scale their fraud has grown to today.
      We no longer have a real economy. No one but morons, charlatans, frauds and thieves like Friedman and Reagan could have predicted anything else for the free market theories that work for the few and impoverish most of US. Their lies support the concentration of wealth with their [wannabee?] class. Their possession of wealth is the evil they do to the rest of US. If they believe their own shit they do evil because they’re foolish. If they are deliberate frauds they do evil because of malicious, destructive greed. The evil they do is the same either way.

“The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!”

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